Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dr. Horrible Is Amazing


It has Felicia Day from and Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother and the awesome Nathan Fillion, who was in Firefly, Serenity and quite recently, Waitress.

It's fun to watch and I like the songs... mainly because Dr. Horrible sings, "I'll hand her the keys to a shiny brand new Australia!"

Kick ass.


You can buy the series on iTunes!


Chris in the Studio said...

The first act was great!
Will check the rest out later.
Thanks for posting.

Claytonian said...

or watch a couple, free, here:

Jarra said...

I totally Love Dr. Horrible. Sucks it's free to watch online for 1 more day. And that Aussies can't buy it on itunes. Lucky you being in the US.

Chris in the Studio said...

Caught the act 2 and 3 this morning.
yeah.... I like the songs to and thats saying a lot because I usually hate the music in musicals and even more so in drama/ musicals. The production of the music was cheap but the songs distracted from that enough. Good songs. Production of the film was excellent. . Amazing sets, great lighting and costumes and the camera work(cinimatography)? was
very unique and interesting.

Anna Rose said...

What kind of philistine are you! He was and always will be Doogie Howser.. hehe.

a y s said...

ACT III broke my heart.

Joss Whedon is evil.

james said...

Caitlin must be too young to remember Doogie Howser, M.D. Poor Doogie grew up too fast and became evil as a result.

Dr. Horrible is certainly fun to watch, but I can't sing-a-long without the words bouncing across the screen. It's false advertising I say.

GeminiDragon said...

Wow, that had a lot more depth and polish to it than I was expecting. It was pretty darn good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to its "exclusiveness", I cannot watch it here in Germany -.-". %&§!"?)=>.<