Monday, 28 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Lets get straight into Time we're looking at Thursday the 17th of March til 12am the 21st of come on, lets get to it! Strike a pose theres nothing to it. Vogue. Sorry, got caught in the moment...wait! Shout Outs! Today I'd like to make a special mention of these wonderful people: Becky (reply my email), Kristina Bruen (I shall hang out with you soon Krisitina!), Emily (Thanks for the bbq & sleep over at ur house, it was awesome. This movie will be done soon! We've nearly got it all!), Grant (thanks for letting us hang at ur shindig and for tonight), Frog (for educating and advising and encouraging me and helping and stuff - you rock!), Matt (heehee...) and all the theatre people I hanged with at Emily's place, especially Tenielle - may tonight be awesome!

Thursday the 17th of March to 12am the 21st of March:

Well I failed that exam on Thursday with flying colours of gold and green - it was beautiful. The weird thing was that I over-studied! I didnt concentrate completely on one thing, but another section on Maths as well. So Im sure I failed. I mean, I dont know if I did. But Im pretty darn sure that I did. The next one is money, and Im good at money I got an A last year on Tax, so I can understand it pretty well.

On Friday I handed in some money for Shave For A Cure, its such a good cause. I wouldve like to of done more, and coloured my hair for money and stuff, but the idea just came too late. Our school did the whole Cure thing one week after it was finished so yeah, I was a bit late. But next year, Im fully going for it. I want to help. But at least I donated some money unlike some of the slackers at our school. Our school aimed for $10000 and only raised like $2500 or something like that...I feel so ashamed of our school, and yet its my fault as well that we didnt raise more!

I thought Friday night was going to be awesome as pie, and it wasnt really. Unfortunately, it was as awesome as a thats still pretty awesome. I really liked seeing Emma and Vicki and Beck and all that, but hardly anyone came and I got there at like 10pm or something, which kind of sucked. Darn Andy, Frog and Scott, but at least they picked me up and took me there. Beck comes up to me and asks the usual question: Do you like Matt? Dont lie to me. And as always I say no...We might of watched a movie or something, but they were all watching the footy. I was going to sleep over and everything and all and only spent like 2hrs there. I probably was supposed to go to the Lucky Grills thing with Sarah. Lucky Grills is an elderly comedian and he was putting on a comedy night, to entertain and inform. I really wanted to go, but wanted to go to Emmas more, but oh well. At least Grandma taped me the 1st half (her battery ran out for the 2nd half).

To get to AAA on Saturday I caught the train as always and I, I think his name is Matt or something but everyone calls him Sherman, like the guy from American Pie. He appears Goth-like, but I've always been nice to him, because I know he's outnumbered by all the stupid, up-tight fake homie gees and red necks that go to our school. And he's a nice guy too. So I consider him my friend. I also saw Adam. Adams gone from a friend of James' kind of hippy looking and stuff to a hard looking Punk with a half a metre long mohawk! It was funky. And I met this cool kind of tom boy girl punk. I cant remember her name, but she was really nice. I like the fact that Im not closed off to these people, and I can have conversations with them, even though I dont believe in half the things they do. EDIT 09/20/10: You don't believe? Such an ignorant way of thinking. I appreciate that they believe in them, EDIT 09/20/10: What? You're an asshole. Stop saying "believe!" ...and just as long as they dont do anything stupid they are cool. I can thank my brother James for this.

Anyway, so to get to South Brisbane, I had to get off at Marooka and catch a bus because they were doing rail works...I saw Bonnie from AAA and we caught the stupid bus together. Bonnie told me that last week when I had balled my eyes out in character and ran out of the improvisation in character because i had to leave early and Bryn told me to work it in - that Bryn said i had done very well. Which is awesome! I really love AAA - I put my all into those classes. But yeah, the Bus took ages and we were late to AAA, which sucked. I didnt do a very original Space Jump...but I did a good improvisation of some one waiting for plastic surgery in What Are You Doing? And they clapped heaps for my definition of Snoggly-Woggly. Then we did an Open Script and we went different from everyone else and worked it into Cat Walkin and we got lots of good feedback and advice, which was really good. Oh and we did Bus Stop and that was really fun.

After the class and all the Bus riding back I got on a train to the Coast at 2:15pm! Im usually back by then! But being late to Go Noah! rehearsals was good, because I was in control and kept calm and didnt have to scream my head off or get stressed.

I also did some Fairy Angel Tarot and I got: Romantic Partner, Be Honest With Yourself and Letting Go...which was very interesting.

I havent quite reached Monday...but thats all i can fit in for now. Im getting ready for Tenielle to come over and hang for a while, then we're going to Grants and having a BBQ - it should be fully excellent! Cant Wait! See you! Mwah xoxox.




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