Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Life Lists and Genius-I-Guess Recommendations #1

Oh my! I have about 9 drafts saved that I need to finish and post. I've been doing this thing, where I quickly jot down a few thoughts or quite a lot of thoughts, but haven't finished any of them. I'm glad that I'm not letting myself forget and leave the possible writings to the wind, but I definitely need to finish.

EDIT: I began doing the same thing with this blog, so I've broken it into pieces.

So here's something quick and easy that I, and you, can have fun with and can do from time to time... iTunes Genius, I do like how it works, but do you ever purchase anything they recommend? I rarely do.

Lately, I've taken to jotting down names of artists or songs that I think I should have in my err, Life Playlist, but shouldn't purchase just yet because they are really a frivolous expense.

Here's my list so far - and this isn't a "classic artists I should listen to" list, it's just a weird, random list of artists I jotted down whenever browsing iTunes, which isn't often.

Dolly Parton's 'Joelene' - when you get over any objection you have to country, or abuse of plastic surgery, Dolly Parton's Joelene truly is a little work of genius. How universal is this song in the world of women or even, men? "Please, don't take him just because you can!" Who has looked at a girlfriend or frenemy and thought this? I know I have, but maybe I'm more insecure than the next girl... or maybe I select my boyfriends or infatuations unwisely (YES! I DO and I'm thinking of my Australian boyfriends/infatuations just in case anyone is reading this and feeling weird) Luckily for me, it's always been for the best, since none of my infatuations or boyfriends have ever been right for me... but that's what makes this song a guilty pleasure, because infatuations are fun and this song dances sillily along with it... pouting.

Lightning Dust - a band I'd like to listen to more.

Kid Cudi's 'Day N Night', but which mix of the song? Whatever mix the AXE commercials use. Yes, yuck, AXE, but the music is what made their advertisements worth tuning in to. I need to research and find that mix. It's so much fun.

Phantogram - Courtney and then Brooke brought this band to my attention, and I'm not sure if I like all their songs yet, but they are on the list to investigate, and Brooke's video, if you haven't seen it, is rather spectacular. Just goes to show that its the editor not the software that makes a good video (Edited in iMovie09)

Firelight - I'm not sure if this band is good or not, but I always love a little delve in Christian Rock, it can be an uplifting time, even if you're not religious. Maybe this is just me because even without my faith, I still enjoy anything Michael W. Smith (HA!) but Firelight's song, "Fire in my eyes", which I've only heard 30 seconds of so far, may make it to my Life playlist because I often like to indulge in mindless, everything-is-better-now-it-use-to-be-bad-but-now-I-have-fire-in-my-eyes music.

Hot Chip - A friend shared the album that pushed them more prominently into the map, but I don't really know if I like it that much. I haven't yet connected to any of the songs yet, and its just background music at the moment, but it often takes a long time for music to win my heart, so maybe it willone day hit me how much I love Hot Chip... maybe while eating Hot Chips??? That'd be magical.

Their latest album, One Life Stand has a good single, Thieves in the Night, which I want to hear more of, but until I can determine whether I actually like Hot Chip or not, I can't waste my money on another album purchase just to keep up with the cool kids.

Lou Reed - I definitely need to "know" Lou Reed. I think he is an artist that one has to investigate at some stage of their live since he seems to have made such an impact on so many music artists and many other people who enjoy creative expression.

Smashing Pumpkins - the only song I really know by them is End is the Beginning is the End because of my (strange?) love for Batman Forever and it was played over and over again on Video Hits on Saturday mornings in Australia, but I think they are also a band that I should investigate... just because of his fabulous head?

Damien Rice - oh, Damien. All I own by him is the Blower's Daughter which is sweetly painful, I think I should explore his music more. I love a little ache coming out of my crappy mac speakers.

I probably should put together a list of classic artists that I haven't listened too, but maybe, if you're still engaged at this point, you can suggest some music you think I should listen to?


Kim S. (currently residing in Berlin, DE) said...

Some more ache: "Colourblind" by the Counting Crows.
Something that's meant to be uplifting but pulls you way down anyways: "La la lie" by Jack's Mannequin.
Something cool: "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies.
Something emotional: "Snuff" by Slipknot.
Something I smile at: "Lovecats" by The Cure.
Something nostalgic: "Lisztomania" by Phoenix.
Something dramatic: "Wire to Wire" by Razorlight. "America" by them is good, too.
Something pretty: "Books from Boxes" by Maximo Park.

These are the songs I feel like tonight. I have a pretty conventional, mainstream (*wrinkles nose*)taste, but they're good songs. I don't know whether you'd like them, but all of the above is worth listening to, in my opinion.

I do the same thing: write lists of songs I should consider purchasing on iTunes, or of artists whose work I should be familiar with. Write them, and never look at them again, haha.

I hope you have a wonderful week followed by a weekend full of magical, musical discoveries.

P.S. I enjoy your blog, I feel like I know you're being honest, or something like that :)

Keshara said...

Lou Reed is definitely some of the best music you could possibly listen to, I think.
As for my suggestions: T Rex, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Brendan Benson, Rilo Kiley, and The Brobecks, to name a few.

├črutal¦Honey© said...

I really enjoy reading your musings here and I really enjoyed reading your recent iTunes lists.

Definitely check out Damien Rice's other stuff.
"9 Crimes"
"Rootless Tree"
"Unplayed Piano"

All really good tracks and some of my personal favorites.

Sara said...

disarm is a really good song by smashing pumpkins if you want to listen to some more of them :)

Psycho_mafia said...

I saw that you already mention Lisa Says by the velvet underground on your other post so you already know about them. But the best albums are of theirs are “the velvet underground & nico” and “White Light/White Heat”. I recommend all of the songs on those albums; I’m Waiting for the man, Venus In Furs, Heroin, Here She Comes Now, Lady Godiva’s Operation, Sister Ray etc. But the two other albums are also of course worth checking out. If you’re curious about the other two albums (The Velvet Underground and Loaded) then try and start listening to “What Goes On”, “Some Kinda Love”, “Sweet Jane” and “Rock N Roll”. And the “VU” album, which features Lisa Says, you should listen to “I Can’t Stand It”. When it comes to solo Lou Reed then start with his second album “Transformer”; produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson. “Walk on the wild side” is on there and “Perfect Day” which you can hear on the Trainspotting soundtrack. But there’s also songs like “Vicious”, “Make Up”, “Satellite of Love” etc. “Berlin” is a bit depressing but great. Check out “The Bed”, “Caroline Says II”, The Kids.

Hope you like it :)

Simon said...

"Six Feet Under" is very likely your cup of tea if you have not seen it already.


Psycho_mafia said...
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Psycho_mafia said...

And here comes another suggestion :D and they're called Joy Division. They are (or you should say "they were") influenced, to some degree, by the velvet underground and lou reed; they did a cover of sister ray. Anyway, here are some song suggestions: Love will tear us apart, Disorder, Digital, Transmission, She's Lost Control, Athmosphere.

Bach said...

Such a good start to the year musically. Spoon, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beach House, Yeasayer and Hot Chip. If you're on the fence about Hot Chip at least listen to the song "I Feel Better"

David the Camel said...

Galaxie 500 - my favourite is their cover of "Listen The Snow Is Falling", on This Is Our Music

Autechre - Amber

Nina Nastasia

Vince said...

the day n night remix is the crookers remix.

though, axe did their own remixing to the song in their commercial

bruce said...

"The Gift" is indeed a gift from The Velvet Underground. Enjoy it on their 1968 album White Light/White Heat.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Well if you have a sudden passion for classical cello music... Yo-Yo Ma is selling an awesome box-set of 88 albums and 2 bonus discs along with a 312 page booklet all inside a velvet lined box commerating recording with Sony for 30 years for only $789...

That's pretty good value... I wouldn't buy it I never have listened to Yo-Yo Ma but if you did it'd be good value.

I'm not obsessed with Cellos, what makes you think this? They ARE pretty instruments though...

On something that isn't related to Celloes in someway, Gregorian and their albums Masters of Chant (I to VII). Gregorian chant styled music that covers pop/rock songs. I just love their cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day it's just somewhat hilarious to hear it sung like that :P In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins is also awesome. I haven't heard the original of even half the things they sing what with being too concerned trying to find music that involves cellos instead of listening to the radio, but you probably have heard a lot of them so could appreciate the differences in the two songs more. Go "haha this is so cool!" instead "They sing well" which my reaction when I don't get what song their singing.

So that was my suggestion. Always giving the suggestion that no one else would've thought of/known of :)

Have a nice day.