Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Youth In Revolt Soundtrack

A quick insight into my Valentines gift and day, my guilt over my Amazon Wishlist and my review of the Youth In Revolt soundtrack...

For Valentines Day I received a most surprising and well wrapped set of gifts from... hmm... an "Online Guy." That's what I'll call him until further notice from said "gifter."

I was so surprised and grateful and I liked the gifts too much to feel too selfish and guilty for accepting gifts that I don't deserve on any level... which is how I usually feel when nice internet folk send me stuff...

...but at least I can eventually send this person something in return to show my thanks... Even though there are some people I still have yet to get back to yet (ONE DAY!) and others who don't provide an address to send a thank you note to.

If you ever, for some crazy, absurd (awesome :P haha, I'm terrible,) reason want to send me something from my Amazon Wishlist (haha, I linked to it... I'm going to bad places...), please leave your address so I can return the favour (AGAIN, ONE DAY! Give me a year or so... I'll get faster at it eventually.) :D Promise.

As you know, I made one video promoting the film, Youth In Revolt and one video just exploring my love for it (I was inspired by the movie website's section on How To Be Bad), so when I unwrapped one of the gifts and discovered it was the Youth In Revolt soundtrack, I grinned from ear to ear, and listened to it all weekend!

As I continually wrote in my daily To Do lists, to send a thank you note or at least a thank you over the internet to the "Gifter", and was writing it down again, a package from Amazon was delivered to me.

I opened it up, confused and a little excited, and it was from a Mr. Shore (who I twittered my surprise too as I wrote this.) He sent me some of the books on my wishlist by C.D. Payne, Frisco Pigeon Mambo and Queen of America, A Royal Comedy. I'm quite excited to read them, but will have to set them aside until I finish reading the magazines I splurged on stupidly a few weeks ago. One must make partake in such punishments :P

Ah me... I'm very lucky to be a part of this world and to know such kind people, but please, think of yourself and others before you think of me. I need to learn to think of others before myself too.

So here's my review, which you can comment on here:

4.0 out of 5 stars Great upbeat yet relaxing tunes all about love!, February 17, 2010
I was very excited to receive this in the mail from a kind person for Valentines Day! What a perfect soundtrack for such a day! The album flows from one song to the other, so it feels like one of those great moments in radio where they've gotten the programming just right.

Things start to get sweetly sad by the time you're listening to Michael Cera's instrumental "I Have A Boyfriend" but bounces back to upbeat with "What's Up Fatlip?" by Fatlip :)

"Popular Mechanics For Lovers" is a song I know fairly well from The O.C. Soundtracks (I wouldn't admit it, but they are great soundtracks) and I was so happy to hear, 'Taint What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama and I love the cross-fade into My Romance by Jo Stafford.

Some people may be disappointed to know that some of the tracks featured on the trailers, 'Rebel Rebel' by David Bowie (not exactly a surprise), "Mr Pitiful" by Matt Costa and OK Go's "WTF?" don't feature on the soundtrack... which is quite common, but were so fun to hear on the trailers.

It's a nice soundtrack, the music is fresh and the graphic design work on the inside of the booklet and CD case is funny.

That's it. Can you tell I know next to nothing about music? I know some of you can : )

Thank you again Mr. W (there, a last name initial!), I really appreciate the thought and effort!

I hope you all had a good Valentines Day! I went ice-skating with a four-year-old, celebrated Chinese New Year with some loud bangs, received another Valentines Gift from a Mr. B which was kind of funny, went to the New Museum for the last remainders of the Urs Fischer exhibition and then spent the evening with the young ladies of the house.

Here's to a great year for us all!

P.S: And of course there was the sweet Valentines Card from the always thoughtful, darling Kate. What a lady! A class act! I've never known her to miss her an occasion, I owe her so much lovin'! :D


emilyw said...

Technically in telling people to think of others before thinking of you, they are doing just that. You are someone other than them and they are thinking of you. Thusly they are thinking of others. haha :P
I love technicalities.

Chris in the Studio said...

I think your review of the music is just fine. You could probably hold my interest even talking about something mundane like how to stop cheese from going moldy or why its better to buy organic rather than processed food. :)
The review prompted me to check out some of the tunes. I don't own the soundtrack so I searched for it on the nets. The "Popular Mechanics For Lovers song did not grab me and I moved on after about 20 secs. I liked Fat Lip, but I'm biased as I worked with him with his group the Pharcyde many years ago. Surprisingly, not many individual songs came up in my search so perhaps in the future you could include more individual titles for a more thorough review. That is if you plan on doing more of this type of thing. The other thing I could say constructively is that your a very good writer who manages to interject a good amount of your character in your writing. I used the moldy cheese/processed food ref. purposely because I like when you make obscure metaphorical references in your own writing. You could have a nice time of it as well as your readers when putting a little of that flare into your music reviews.
I tried to leave my comment on your review at amazon but I did not feel like buying anything today. :)Cheers

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I once when skating and there was this 4/5 year old that was really good... and I was trying to learn how to move forward. There also was a 40-something year old man who would go as fast as possible while singing loudly to himself. He was weird.

Amazon wishlist? I should get one of those... :P

Have a great year too Caitlin :)