Friday, 19 February 2010

Internet Infancy OR The @Reply Asshats

Don't read this if you don't know me. You might not get it and might get angry. P.S. This was my first accident with Spoilers AND it was not spoiling the END of a movie.

Do you remember back in the good ol' days when you didn't know anyone on the internet? And you weren't known by anyone on the internet? And you could tell people when they were being a fucking douche and not give a shit if anyone saw that you were using bad language or were almost cyber-bullying a 14 year old girl? *sigh* Yeah, those were the days. Back in the "day", if I received a comment like this:

From a comment like this:

And then when I tried to let people know that I didn't know it would be a big deal (I mean, ONE: if you watch the fucking film, you'll see how inevitable his death is else it wont move the plot along, I knew it, we all knew it... Watch the film and tell me that the death still doesn't shock you and that you don't already feel it coming by the way they pace the movie... I mean, the guy I was watching the movie with was already making "blowing-up" gestures with his hands WAY before the death... Is that another fucking spoiler? Deal with it, its called THE HURT LOCKER. Someone's gonna die. And shit, people told me that Dumbledore died in my most beloved book EVER and I still read the fucking book and was moved... If its done well, it doesn't fucking matter....anyway...) and then I said it wasn't like I tweeted the Mr. Big and Carrie got married at the end of Sex and the City, which would be way worse, WHICH for one, was a joke, because HOW is that oh-so-crucial bit of information important to your life and TWO, how did you not see them getting married, no matter where you are in the series, and THREE, grow the fuck up, I'm not giving you a spoiler its SEX AND THE FUCKING CITY... and I got this reply...

Which you know what, only makes me realize how many male Australians I just DID NOT get along with. I mean, not only is this guy a douche and fucking tightly wound, but he's an Australian male. Now a lot of Aussie males are actually relaxed and super down-to-earth and real and then there are the others... the one's I seem to come across the most... I bet he claims that he's totally relaxed and chilled and multicultural and also not a racist and yet, he's probably one of the first people to get fucking angry when people try to immigrate illegally into Australia or he's probably one of the first Australians to not like it when an American displays their ignorance towards our country, when most our fucking television is letting people with fucking "black-face" on television and creating ads where white people "tame" West-Indies people with fucking fried chicken, I mean come the fuck on....

Anyway... so I said,

to that guy, who, by the way, blogs about learning guitar, so be sure to follow that little slice of originality on the internet. I'm not saying that a 21 year old girl bitching at people on a blog is original... but I think the reason I'm so mad is that...


Oh, thank you for sending me that long-ass message about your life that doesn't even make any sense... Oh, thank you for calling me a whore, I'm sorry you feel that way... Oh thank you for watching and touching your dick, I appreciate it... and yet, I still have to put up with people telling me they are unfollowing me with asterisks to demonstrate that they are doing it now and putting up with whimsy fucking Hello Kitty fanatics, like fan-fucking-Francesca telling me that I'm boring as fuck and not worth following, while SHE tweets about how she needs to "get back on track and study" and how her "goal for tomorrow is 30 mins of cardio," I mean how rude.

I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER tweet to someone, almost-out-of-the-blue, just because they "spoiled" a movie (grow a fucking pair and pay $12.50 for the fucking oscar-nominated film), that they were boring and not "worth" something. I'd be called a monster if I did that. People would be outraged by my inconsiderate behaviour...

Ok, I've typed enough now to be over it.

The point to this blog is to delight in the fact that, hey, we all make mistakes and I'm going to revel in the long-lost stages of my old internet anonymity and send fan-fucking-Francesca this harmless little message. One for the ages. Totally mature...

I'll feel like a better person already.

P.S: Also, if you're reading this and coming to a realization that maybe wittle-Caitlin isn't as nice and sweet and innocent as you (or your dick) thought she was, then you need to stop being a child and realize that Nice is different than Good. If you all saw Into The Woods you would already know that e.g. The Wolf is nice but he wants to fucking eat the little girl... Whereas I am a good person but wont tweet mean things to someone if its not deserved. I mean, come the fuck on... its not like I ruined the end of anything... like Avatar or Star Wars Episode 5... You have a full 2 hours to recover. You whiny bitches.

No, seriously, I'm fine. Hearts. Penguins!


Chris in the Studio said...

lol, go fucking get em, NICE RANT!

J said...

Blimey! That was epic!

the fading smile of a cheshire cat said...

Bah, too little room to reply in twitter, so I'll have a shot at you here (wait, what?).

I say this with nothing but the best intentions: grow the fuck up.
Its twitter. Someone TWITTED you that your TWEETS aren't worth FOLLOWING. And you snapped at her! How SILLY is this? Think about it!

If some stranger walks by and shouts idiot as he's passing would you lose your senses and chase him down the street to beat him up? I hope not! Its really really really unbecoming.

I'm not really standing up for the dumbass who wrote that to you, I'm just saying that it shouldn't matter.
Honestly, the only person who came out looking bad in that situation is yourself. Your followers are the ones reading how you behave yourself and react (not to what she says), and to snap at something so meaningless as not worth following? Petty.

What IS worth following? I sure as hell am not. But who the hell is? Its twitter. Its mostly useless. Addictive, yet useless.

And you seem to have taken pretty harshly being unworthy of something. But hey, there are a bunch of things you wouldn't want to be worthy of (like being followed by someone like twitter_cesca, for fuck's sake :P).

But hey, don't listen to me, take Potter as example since you seem fond of the series. If Voldemort hadn't paid attention to that lousy prophesy he wouldn't have granted it any real power and Potter would have lead some sappy unimportant life with him as overlord. So I guess you're Voldemort. And. Well its 4:10 am, honestly I'm just rambling now. Did you manage to read down this far? If so, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! WHO CARES WHAT I HAVE TO SAY? Have you learnt nothing!? :P

wait, if I do have your attention, know what? Do something like that the producers video. That was a fuckload better than the most recent videos. I've seen that a gazillion times and still doesn't get boring! 4:13 am GOD I WANT TO SLEEP... *walks away still talking to himself*

- @catsdontsmile

Deous said...

All I can That this post was more Interesting than The Hurt Locker...

(Okay I really don't know that but I had no desire to see the movie...)

JohnnyBeGood said...

Some people are so fucking stupid, it amazes me. They just aren't worth your breath. Although, they may be worth your fingers, this blog seemed like a good vent.

I could see the steam rising from this one, lol.

Deous said...

And I posted my comment too now I look weird for posting two comments.

But...The Hurt Locker came out awhile ago...How Important could that movie be to the people complaining? Its not like you went to the sneak preview before anyone else had a chance to see it and blasted out the ending.

The Internet is a strange place...I see a ton of things I don't like, but I don't randomly send asshole messages to people...EVEN when i disagree...I usually ignore em...I tend to try to send nice messages to people, but anonymity breeds jerk asses

(I abuse ellipsis...which someone flamed me I just do it more.)

Anonymous said...

*thumbs up*


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

... :|

That was some serious rage venting. It's always good to have a medium for expelling unwanted emotions...

(Yay for being Aussie male who doesn't get angry...)

OK but really, you are seriously scary when you get aggressive... if you met haters face to face they would most likely cower and apologise.

...have a nice day? :|

jmarbas said...

NICE. the post...that is..not you.. because youre a cunt....=D... Im just kidding. I dont want to call you 'nice' because youll just slap me in the mouth with your Dick =O

Anways. your rant reminds me of how angry i used to get on irc in the 90s which I was addicted to for years. I thought it was so great back then, but i left in the 90's and never went back. Now I know that it was such a waste of time. I remember loosing my mind in anger with some of the rude and mean idiots on there.

You know what....i went back into one channel a few months ago just because i was curious ...some of those people who pissed me off 10 years ago are still there! =/

It looked like they havent moved on with their lives =/ it was strange.

Before i left the channel, they were telling me to go fuck myself blah blah blah hahah and you know what i said? I said something like "you people are pathetic. good riddence" and then left

I actually felt sorry for them, because I moved on, and they havent and I know that they remain the same shallow angry mean idiots...

Now, Im trying to remember when someone pissed me off on the net with comments but cant remember when...I think Ive left all those people behind.

JoMiMo555 said...

This post inspired me to have pizza for breakfast. Carpe diem motherfuckers!

JoMiMo555 said...

Shit, I think I just spoiled Dead Poet's Society for some people...

ShadyMF said...

Wow, your ego just took a massive dump all over the internets.

You're not Mother Theresa.
You're TheHill88.

What the fuck have you done for anybody? Let's keep things in fucking perspective here.

Brent said...

So refreshing to see another side of your fascinating personality, Caitlin.

And major kudos to you for keeping your fiery Scottish temper in check! ;)

Dizzknee said...

You roar well, Caitlin. : )

Beautiful!...and well said.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, thank you for sending me that long-ass message about your life that doesn't even make any sense..."

Wow, some poor kid who emailed you about her problems (because they look up to you so much) just got OWNED! :D

Greg said...

I've never understood the whole deal with "spoilers." If someone tweets about the end of a movie, I generally assume that there's at least a 50% chance that they're just screwing with my mind, and that the real ending will be something completely different. I am then free to enjoy the movie and still be "surprised" by the ending. And even if I'm sure that the "spoiler" is true... I agree with you... enjoying a movie, or a book, or whatever, is pretty much all about the journey rather than the destination.

Simon said...

Thanks for making Twitter interesting for us.

These Blog posts are pretty damn good too even when you are being a bitch :)


sdddlt said...

mad, but mostly cute! :P

aka k said...

any post with "fucking" or "fuck" 22 times get my vote, just makes me smile a silly smile :)

chris said...

Wow, good one -- hope you feel better! Hang in there, go have fun w/your real world (no, not the MTV idiots!) friends.

The trolls will be waiting under the Internet bridge... :)

MntlWard said...

I guess now I know which movie you were supposed to have spoiled.

I'm not a fan of spoilers, but The Hurt Locker has been out for some time now, and it's on DVD now, as well. If anyone wanted to see it, one would think they would have done so already. Plus, I'm kind of in agreement with you that a movie about a bomb disposal team is likely to include a death.

By the way, Soylent Green is people.

Jason D said...

"Ima let you finish, But.....Caitlin Hill has the best Blog of all Time!!!"....This was beyond awesome!!!Great blog!!!

Jamie said...

hi caitlin!!!

lol people feel so entitled to tell you they are unfollowing so that you'd feel remorse. it's the only way they could get back at ya.

twitter drama is stupid. i suggest you step out of it while it's still early. you don't have to be nice and prim and proper the whole time if it doesn't feel right anyway. it's just that sometimes you don't need to deal with petty things like this. ;P

if it makes you feel any better, i like your tumblr. you can go there instead and post stuff that makes you happy!!! most, if not all, of the people there reblog your stuff because they like your posts and not because they want to unfollow. ;P

kirsty aka seventysangel75 said...

u go girl u tell em lol

kirsty aka seventysangel75 said...

one more thing being different and unique like miss caitlin :)makes the world and if we were all the same we would be ROBOTS!! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed when people get angry on the internet. Its not real life.

I recommend taking some time out before clicking on the send button - failing that, just steal some babies.

Anonymous said...

Good post. *Good* post.

Do you think you could spoil Avatar? I'm pretty sure that, even if you read the screenplay, it's more about seeing it all take place than any suspense factor. This gives it quite a bit of re-watch-ability.

I think the kind of Nice you're not makes you the absolute must watch, kind of like Howard Stern. And Stern is Good by all counts.

penny. said...

haha! that made me snort. i do remember the days when no one was on the internet! good times.

although someone ruined fight club for me and i was really fucking bitter about it, so i'm quite touchy about finding out the ending prematurely to a movie.

Anonymous said...

best. blog post. ever.

Francis Xavier said...

holy shit is this awesome! Ive never commented here, but this is really good stuff. Rant on girl..

Bill Cammack said...

It's tough, crossing over from nobody videomaker to internet celebrity. All of a sudden, people expect you to be some kind of role model as if you were groomed for stardom.

Meanwhile, they expect you not to have feelings about what they say about you, or if you do have feelings for it, who cares? You're a star. You're privileged. That's what you're there for.. The public's entertainment.

Muddy said...

You and your friend knew the death in Hurt Locker was inevitable. Kudos. But revealing it without saying "spoiler alert" is still disrespectful in my opinion.
The main thing I wanted to say was -
on the flip side of having the odd negative hateful comment directed your way, there is a group of fans so devoted, you can literally say anything - be it shocking, hateful, hurtful, mean spirited, disrespectful... - ANYTHING - and the response will be something to the effect of, "you go, girl!"
And all this because they think the way you crinkle your nose when you smile is just so super cute. It must feel good to have these loyal unconditional followers. But does it really mean anything?

JoMiMo555 said...

Actually muddy, her "fans" as you so call them are more along the lines of friends. I've met Caitlin several times and know for a fact that when she says stuff like this it is not with the intention to hurt and attack. She has a job which requires infinite patience and there many jerks out there that consistently take advantage of this fact. You should cut her some slack.

At heart,she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met, and I will happily fight anyone who says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Marry me.

Muddy said...

JoMiMo, I don't know about your personal relationship with Caitlin, but my idea of a "friend" is someone who you meet for coffee, and someone who invites you back to their place for boardgames, and someone who calls you occasionally to see how you're doing because they care about you.

Admiring someone online, exchanging a few messages, and then tracking them down at a Youtube convention, does not make the object of your affection a "friend".

Fans who fool themselves into thinking that they are friends will quickly come to realize that it's an extremely one-sided relationship, which will naturally lead to resentment.

My point was not to argue the difference between fans and friends.
Let's call *all* of her fans "friends". Whatever. My point was that Caitlin has far more devoted "friends" who are willing to defend her honor than you or I or anyone we personally know.
As such, Caitlin should consider herself very fortunate and accept the fact that, with so much internet exposure, a little negativity will inevitably seep in.

sdddlt said...

@Muddy: without disagreeing on the friends issue in general - if I remember correctly, JoMiMo's personal relationship with Caitlin started when she invited him to dinner and stuff...

Greg said...

@sdddlt I could be mistaken, but I always thought Caitlin and Josh met over a pipe in a Parisian opium den.

Simon said...

Actually Greg, I think Caitlin is an actress hired to lure us in to her soap opera life.

No one could be as interesting without writers and producers.

Sebastian is in on it and he is paid to keep seeding us with new clues as to her whereabouts..

Josh must be an actor too...

"Muddy" must be a plant because no-one normal would leave lengthy comments on someones blog like this...


JoMiMo555 said...

Dang it, Simon you know too much. A cleaning team will be at your whereabouts soon.

And Muddy, I don't quite disagree with you. However you're still making quite an ass outta u and me.

emilyw said...

Yeah, honestly Muddy don't come in here and assume things about anyone. You don't know any of us at all. Just like you don't know Caitlin at all.
And so what if she has people who have her back? If you had to deal with as much negativity as any of the people who are well known on the internet.. You'd want people to have your back like we have hers..

Oh and Simon, way to spill the secret to everyone, geez. :P haha

Muddy said...


By saying that I don't know anything about Caitlin or anyone here, you're doing a bit of assuming yourself.
I don't mind.
Perhaps JoMimo and Caitlin really are friends irl. Really I was just making a statement about the behavior of many fans that I've personally observed (just read some comments on this thread alone!). I've never been a fan of unconditional swooning and I'm sure Caitlin is smart enough to see empty ego stroking for what it is. If you weren't so eager to jump to Caitlin's defense, you might realize that I was actually agreeing with your point. As much as I think some comments are "empty", it IS great to have so many people who "have your back".
Even my BEST friends get pissed off at me if I spoil parts of a movie they haven't seen. Perhaps I'm just jealous.

Anna Rose said...

It's nice to see someone being real instead of all fake and 'nice' all the time.

オテモヤン said...