Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BEDA - Day Three - VAEDA and BAEDA and VidCon

Wow, the last few days have been quite hectic. We are currently in the middle of a campaign here at Hitviews and it's really not a good time to be thinking about a video or a blog a day. So instead I find myself thinking of them at night... and then editing them in the early hours of the morning... and then falling asleep on the floor. This can't be healthy, but it's not like it's a dramatic change to my usual schedule.

I currently have my 11 minute long VidCon video exporting right now, and I'm sure it'll take even longer to upload. I like the video, it'll be good evidence of an enjoyable weekend I had. I wish it wasn't so long, but I didn't want to sacrifice what I had to say just to satisfy or attract a few extra people.

So, as the title suggests, I am participating in VAEDA and BAEDA. Vlog and Blog ALMOST every day August. A witty title, JimTheHermit came up with in my comment section. I don't plan on skipping the work, I plan on simply catching up. I need to have faith in myself, though I can already hear my BlogTV Crew groaning. Thanks guys.

Here are some notes I made while at VidCon.

Wednesday Night - wrock, hair, heat, going a little crazy, the first gray hair, exhaustion.

Thursday - inappropriate airport songs, in-and-out and the planes flying over, meeting Matan, nerves before arriving, constant loveliness of online people, Hank and John Green, reactions to new hair, nerimon, toby, nanalew, catrific, tessa, justine, alli, kevjumba, The VidCon Volunteers, general calmness that crossing out lines gives me, hanging around for no specific purpose, the room with John and Tom, beers. It was just so lovely.

Friday - "what is a brand? A brand is a promise,",

JOHN: I don't even know what's happening next because I'm so panicked."
The audience calls out names of who they want on next and Hank Green begins to trot on stage to help.
JOHN: Oh, yes I do.
Hank whips around and trots off.

SHANE: They like donations, and I always give them big donations and they let me run wild and don't ask any questions...
ANONYMOUS: That's very Catholic of them.
- On the Spanish Catholic Elementary School where Shane Dawson films his skits.

VIEWER: While you were growing up, losing weight and getting online...
- I found this opening line ridiculous and awesome at the same time.

Saturday - The YouTuber, CrabStickz.

I remember feeling so sad and lost at times. I think it was because I was not there with a group but by myself. I always felt like I was missing out on something because I was not with a fellow person involved in online video. I tried to shake it off, but it was hard to get over. I think that's sometimes why I felt so lost.

I remember spending a lot of time with Barats and Bereta who are just really lovely guys. It was the second time we had hung out and they are both so funny, it was nice to just sit and talk with them for a bit while all the crazy went down around us.

I felt uplifted by the positive energy that online video can create and the people seem to all be growing up wonderfully, and... I was thankful for every moment with these amazing people.

The East Coast is quite quiet now. I really only know a few comedy groups and then Mememolly and ISnoggedHarry, SupaDupaFlyGirl and... who else? There is the Next New Network and some Revision 3 people, who are some of my favourite people in the city, but it feels like everyone is up and moving to Los Angeles. I think that if I don't find myself on a plane back home in November, I would like to stay in Los Angeles or somewhere in California for the Winter. I really don't want to deal with another New York Winter.

That's the problem with New York City. Do you wait around to make more friends and better friends or do you just watch them all leave you behind?

***This was one of my Drafted posts, so I'm happy***


Chris in the Studio said...

Tuesday August 3rd. I see you've added time travel to your long list of talents. :)
Keep focused on the work, we're a patient bunch.

Joseph Birdsong said...

Don't forget meeEEEeEEEeeeeeEEE on the east coast, although I'm not in NYC. And I'm graduating next month and moving off as well.

I wish I'd been at vidcon. We would've hung out.

I can't do another northeast winter, either.

I'm struggling w/ the watching-your-friends-leave concept, too. No one seems to be settled these days, but I guess that's what kids in our age group do. I feel like I'm not going to have a permanent home while I'm in my 20s, and that's a little sad.

Those were my random thoughts.

JoMiMo555 said...
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davidlefool said...

Don't worry about how many vids/blogs you do. Don't stress yourself out trying to get things uploaded or typed out.

Paperlilies did an interesting blog about why she wasn't going to VidCon, giving reasons that are similar to why you felt sad and lost. Maybe you two could have met up if PL had gone. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do don't push yourself with these vids! Happy enough to see you post again at all, would hate to see you get sick of it too quickly.

OT: Could you please tell whomever is in charge of the copy at that they are missing an "is" in the following sentence which appears on the homepage in the "your brand" paragraph. "This NOT viral marketing." Thanks! -willphule

Anonymous said...

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