Saturday, 9 February 2008

Why I Love Google

is any other reason needed?


Anonymous said...

roflmao. Too bad Chuck found Huckabee though.

sdddlt said...

What?! It doesn't do that on my computer...

JXtotheZ said...

Just change the url and its perfect ;)

Chris in the Studio said...

I saw your twitter earlier, so I checked it out and lmao. Almost as
funny is his actual website.
Thanks Hill, perfect start to a long work night ahead.
Then I googled me and laughed at
the fact that I was stalking

GeminiDragon said...

I heard that 7 days after performing that search, Chuck Norris comes to your house and roundhouse kicks your head off.

It's true, because it happened to my friend's dad's brothers cousin!

The Author said...

That's a fake page, but Google in Brazil does shit for real...

If you look for "calcinha" (underwear) on images, it suggests you also try "sem calcinha" (without underwear).

If you look for "barbeiragem" (slang for bad drivers) on images, it suggests "mulheres no volante" (women behind the wheel).

If you look for "crack" on images, it says "also try maconha" (weed).

(Ana, the idiot girl who can't use a different name to sign this shit because her blog isnt at blogger)

Dizzknee said...

Yeah, I tried that from your Twitter. My friends got a kick out of it. Goggle is the shiz, that's for sure. knee really hurts.

Alan said...

Hi Caitlin, Chuck here!
Not really... this is an old online pal of yours. I was surfing, and ran across your new blog (I've been with Blogger since way back when). I'm still kicking, and you can still find me at It's late, things have been so-so. Take care,