Sunday, 20 January 2008

How I Travel the Internet

I haven't posted in a while because I'm a little bit jet lagged from all the Traveling I've been doing lately...

...the travel I've been doing lately across the Internets!!!


You did not see that witty pun coming, did you?

Is it even a pun?

I'm not sure.

Is it witty?

Definitely not.

When Traveling the Internet, there is much turbulence and the occasional seedy flashing banner that will steal your wallet, passport and your back door dignity, so you have to be careful.

You also can't get all caught up in the hype and leave your family for days while you log in to various grotto's, cyborz with exotic women (that are actually Brooklyn men) and engage in extreme sports (the latest battle quest of your preferred magical fantasy-I need to learn how to live my own life-online game).


It's all about staying healthy. You have to think of the health of your eyes, your over-loaded Coke-preserved Brain, and your basic social needs as a Human.

So, the trick to the Internet is to get it done fast. You can get a surprisingly large amount of wholesome good times, large chunks of information and general satisfaction just by spending at MAXIMUM, 3 hours online.


I shall divulge...

*why does this blog have such a smug tone to it? Because I was just able to get my Internet time to under 3 hours and am now satisfied enough to venture into the Sun...please let me live in my moment of glory without insult*

Travel Items that will make the Journey more enjoyable...

Drink: Starbucks Coffee frappuccino Coffee Drink, "a Low fat Creamy Blend of Starbucks Coffee and Milk" in dark chocolate Peppermint Mocha with natural & artificial flavours.

Snack: Nothing yet, I run on empty until I feel like I may black out (only because I'm extremely lazy) However, Fruit Loops or last nights Pizza are probably somehow good for you in a This Is Really Not Good For You kind of way.

Clothing: Pajamas.

Preferred Time: 7am to 10am on a Saturday Morning.

Music: Steely Dan's 'Rikki Don't Lose That Number' and all the songs off the first Gossip Girl episode...shut up.

Depart: I have to give credit where it's due, Boh3m3 introduced me to this site, he is one that has his Travel Schedule down, though he does it for too long and into the wee hours of the morning, which can't be healthy, but then again, it's Boh3m3...and he shoots himself in Black and he is obviously crazy.

POP Url's is a great site because it has a great collection of sites, from to the latest Twitter updates and shows the most popular photos, videos from YouTube and other sites and the latest blogs from some of the best bloggers out there as well as great new news articles from The Onion and the latest vlog from Rocketboom.

If you use that site, you can be sure that you know nearly all that is important in the world for that second.

"But how do I sort through it all?"

With a little thing, I like to call Firefox and the CTRL+CLICK+OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB option. Then it's like you have your own little news paper of Interest, you can conquer it all in order or keep up the tabs that you want to bookmark for later or show to a friend - no fuss, no missed flights, no delays. It's all there.


I would recommend the lovely little countries of Facebook, Tumblr, IMDB, Apple - Movie Trailers,, MySpace...

There is a hilarious site that always puts me in the most fantastic mood, it's the place I love to travel to most...

The next stop is usually the great Shopping Destinations.

I like, fruitybeauty, the Girl with her bloody Satchel , Daily Candy and the Pop Candy Blog.

Sometimes the Turbulence can mess about with your cute little macsuitcase

(did that made-up word nearly make you want to puke, I did...why is it orange?), so I like to check out the sites that deal with technology or just the Internet in general while I wait for it to be fixed. The very smart Andrew Baron, introduced me recently to Techmeme and TechCrunch is good. Andrew Baron's own blog, Dembot is full of handy information to give you an edge against your other travelers.

Go see some great shows during your Travel!

Watch EpicFu and other great classics on YouTube, try The Meth Minute, you'll get a chuckle...or they will get you drunk - good lads.

Don't forget to visit your friends while you travel around the world!

Check around to see who out of your friends is traveling and blogging about it...they'll most likely be on Blogger, it's getting really hot right now especially that Google and Blogger are having sex and making babies.

Then I like to return home to Australia and start my day.

What did I get out of my most recent trip?

I learned that gamers are killing each other, I played some games and enjoyed being a consumer...

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to log off and see that scary monster that likes to eat giant Goddess heads.

Miss Caitlin.

Please note that by the time I finished writing this the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack was playing...


GeminiDragon said...

Congratulations on getting a nice internet schedule together. I should probably get one so I can quit spending all day on it.

Hope you enjoy the flick, I sure did!

Hema said...

haha i do that open in new tab thing.. i have about 10 of them open as soon as i start.. but i still end up speanding like hours on the interwebz. =[

Jonty said...

I don't think it would be possible to spend so little time on the net. I have to get up and spend at least 15 minutes checking everything, and another 5 hours randomly through the day. Aren't I just the worst?

Sunshine, Lollypops and rainbows to you.

Dizzknee said...

As MLG once wrote: "Let me take you on a trip. Around the world and back. And you won't have to move, you just sit still."

That's a nice tight schedule and I appreciate being taken through it. I also use Firefox and I always use the new tab button so I can flip through everything without losing any pages that are already open. I love that you read The Onion...some of the funniest/sharpest writing out there. You know who else has sharp/witty writing? You do. You're a natural.

You impress me, Miss Caitlin. You truly do.

Have fun at the movie and let me know what you think about it.


courtnay said...

hahaha caitlin, you're such a weirdo ;) i love it

Simon said...

A GREAT site is 'LifeHacker - Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done"

Written by actual people who test everything they recommend. I use their archives to figure out the easiest/free way to deal with things in life and computers.

Anonymous said...

"back door dignity", best quote from any blog ever. That was the first time i've ever laughed so hard i shot pepsi out my nose. A painful experience that I would not care to repeat. This means no more pepsi when reading your blog. I am also impressed with the rounds you make when traveling the interwebz. You are quite on top of whats hot and new, so it seems i will be taking my place in the long line of those that follow in your footsteps.

sdddlt said...

For some major E-Stalking...
I use a rss-reader that does all the work for me. It notifies me of any updates on the sites I'm interested in, so I don't feel the constant urge to check everywhere dozens of times a day.
Talking about sites I'm interested in: I have 20 rss-feeds in my "Caitlin Hill" folder...

For everything that isn't covered by rss, like "last login time" on your profiles, I use Firefox Add-ons which automatically scan the pages and notify me as well.
Another Add-on that comes in handy these days, is a timezone converter for keeping track of your "internet travels". ;)

Yet sometimes I still feel like I'm missing something... then I click on "open all in tabs" and everything pops up instantly, all your YT Channels, several preformatted google searches and all your blogs... that usually makes me feel relaxed again :)

Hehe, that sounds creepy, doesn't it?! ;P

Agincourtdb said...

Never apologize for what you're listening to. Especially when it's Steely Dan. It's not your fault that most people don't have any taste in music.

apu000 said...


AnImoL said...

You all type too much so I will just stay here with my mouth open and wait for flies to come, like a carnivore plant.

JohnnyBeGood said...

"There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are filled with shit and the vermon of the world inhabit it."

Hah, Sweeney Todd is awesome.

Nice guide, you have such creativity!!!

Wolfie said...

uNRElaTed but most post here!

Hello Caitlin

I saw your rob schneider video on youtube and had to laugh. I can't believe anyone would make a video about meeting rob in the first place, so I could really relate to it, as I just saw him tonight. Unlike you I didnt say much, I wasnt that presentable so I just watched him for a while. He was with this raggedy looking fellow, they bought a lot of stuff, and no matter how far I got from him, I kept running into him, then I put my pincode in wrong because he was right there at the check out, then I left and started to walk home, and there he was rounding the bend with his friend and a shopping cart! I thought, how ironic, although I wasnt that surprised. I noted that he wasnt particularly goofy acting or even friendly, HE seemed really quiet and serious. Now Im wondering if he's gay because hes shopping with a guy LMAO! seriously, his films always touch my heart and I look forward to anything he's in, but seeing him in person I just felt bummed that I had no idea how to approach him and I wasnt looking that great that day anyway. I also wondered if it was annoying to be approached. I walked away in silence and then I remembered that this psychic had told me a few years ago that I would meet someone whos last name was schneider and he would be someone to know. I had to laugh then, at the irony of it.

Anyway I think you are the only one on the internet talking about meeting Rob Schneider and I only found you because it just happened to me! lol! I wonder if this guy knows how tongue tied and nervous people are around him, even cute women like us? and isnt that sad because maybe he would really like to know us. What is it about celebrity that makes some of us act this way? THIS REALLY SUCKS!!! Missed opportunities abound this way.

Anyway I thought Id just tell you about this soul sistah!

So you know, because we had the identical experience, we are bonded for all time and space, into infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sew us a Rob peace quilt why don't cha.




Chris in the Studio said...

I'm enjoying your writing very much Caitlin. Seems you have some talent ater all (lol). You write in a very similiar fashion to the way your vlogs are done. Its hard to describe but I will say that its incorporative of the reader. You make everyone feel like there involved and a part of it somehow. Like your talking right to them. Its all about me, me me me, ha ha.J.k. I checked out that site overheard in nyc, I like it, random and funny.

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I enjoyed this :)

SuperJV said...

Caitlin, hope you keep blogging here regularly. Your blog is well written, interesting and entertaining.


Ria! said...

Hee hee. Granted, I'm not too bright, but that pun there delighted me.

Sweeney Todd! Oh-mah-gawz, you are god, Caitlin!

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