Sunday, 13 January 2008

Let Me Tell You A Story About A Little Town Called America

I have now realized that it was my computer stuffing up...oh deary me, Chortle Chortle.

*ALERT: Before I begin my blog: Is anyone else having trouble with the Twitter site??? What has happened to it??? People must know what I'm doing every 5 seconds or I will finally realize that I am well and truly ALONE! Don't let me reach the edge, man!!!*

No, but seriously. Twitter, what's up? You've got a Community to uphold - step up your game.

If anyone finds out why it went down or why it is down or why I am asking you questions, let me know...comment!


I would call 2007 the Year that was Going to America, mainly because I seemed to spend an extensive amount of time there.

I had been on YouTube for a few months and was keeping a steady job as a receptionist at the same time. One day I went and saw The Prestige and realized I was wasting my life and my time. Yes, yes, quite a weird movie to have a revelation with, but I walked out with a completely different mindset. I looked at my best friend Emma and said: I have to quit my job tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the year wasting time on the Internet, developing infatuations with almost everybody and then sometime in 2007, in January I saw Mr. Safety's video about the last YouTube meeting in Hollywood and how the next one would be at Pier 39. I immediately decided to go... I mainly went to meet one person, but my excuse to my Mother, Parents and all involved was that I needed to meet the people who were talking to me about helping my acting career. What career!?

It was surprisingly easy to convince my Relatives that I was worth there hard earned money and went over by myself to the L of the A and then over to San Francisco. I remember looking around at the Terminal, at all the miserable faces, and I couldn't believe how any of them could be so unhappy when they are lucky enough to fly in a airplane! Woo!
I now know their pain and misery personally.

Long Story Short:

I had a great time at San Francisco, thought it was beautiful.

Spent about 3 weeks in Los Angeles living off other peoples kindness, went to Alabama to follow an unhealthy infatuation and then, about a month later, returned to create Environmental Videos with people.

What a depressing experience. As lucky as I am to be offered such experiences, living in a room day after day with no friends for 3 months during the EVIL HORRIBLE DEATHLY San Francisco Summer, is not so much fun.

I got to go to England and meet Kate and Jonty and Roz, and Geriatric. I got to spend quality time with Brookers and get to know her as a real human being - or at least poke around at the very tip that is the Iceberg that is Brooke's Soul. She is epic - and I say this in the most loving way.

The best part about the 3 months of the isolation was the week full of people in a little city, I like to call, New York City.

It was Summer, it was humid, it was pure sex in a little steamy glass bottle and I adored every shiny second of it. I got to hang out with more YouTubers - even though 777 was and will always remain in my mind a Nightmare that I never want to revisit.

I learned that America is all about Confidence, but I seemed to forget the True American Values that One Special Person lives by.

Mr. Colbert.

I picked up I Am America (and so can you!) at one of those adventurous News Agents at a Terminal while waiting for a connecting flight, and I must tell you to buy this book - not the illegally produced Chinese versions* - because no other book has made me cry laughing from just reading the Introduction. It is nothing short of glorious.

* That is a key joke in the book, if you don't watch Colbert or you are not Intelligent and Perceptive of Sarcasm, then you will not understand until you gain said perception.

Not only is the book cleverly Interactive, the Narrative runs very smoothly in your mind and giggles brim to the surface at all times.

Apparently the man behind Stephen Colbert has been through some tough times and I'm sure he is constantly confronted by Proud Red Blooded Americans who can't take a step back, look at themselves, society and history and go: we made mistakes and we're golden for it...or you know, a murky mustard color... So, good on you Sir and the Writers who contributed - you are Upstanding Fellows!

You can purchase Stephen Colbert's I Am America (and so can you!) at $16. 95 or so from:



david santos said...

Hello, Caitlin.
tahnks for your posting and have a good weekend

Jonty said...

I like how you write, it's all whimsical and reminds me of bunnies frolicking in a field with some unicorns and a couple of Nargles. I made a blog... Am I cool yet?

Dizzknee said...

That was a great post. Firstly, Twitter has been up and down for me as well over the last little while. I'm kind of sick of seeing that little bird sitting in the tree, although it is kind of cute.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Stewart and Colbert, so I may pick up that book pretty soon (or at least check it out the next time I'm in a book store).

You write really well, Caitlin. Have a great Sunday. : )

P.S. I dreamt about Victoria, B.C. last night....I miss it.

GeminiDragon said...

Yes, I too have read it. Truly awesome book, but then I've been watching the Colbert Report since day one.

Seems like the Twitter site is up and running with no problem as of this writing.

Chris in the Studio said...

"you talkin ta me"
Robert Deniro in taxi driver.
Being on the edge is okay Caitlin.
Makes you feel alive,
If you could see yourself from others eyes you would understand this
past year has not been a waste. To the contrary you have built a very solid foundation for something. Now get your sorry ass back to New York if thats what makes you happy.

Pablo Kickasso said...

YouTube created a crazy 2007 for a lot of people.

I don't really believe in god, but if thre is one, he may well be Stephen Colbert.

I like pie.

Ron said...

I've been a "fan" of Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's since 2000 or so and they're definitely at the top of my list of "television personalities". Although I've yet the buy the book but i have browsed through it at Barnes and Noble :D

Anyways, i've always thought of him as a "proud, red-blooded" American in my own way. My perspective is that those, if any, who confront him about what he has to say are hardly proud. Those who acknowledge the mistakes we've made are the true ones with pride. To question everything and accept nothing as it is, is American pride imo. More or less what this country was founded on. Stephen Colbert is only a little piece of the whole treasure that this nation is. The more you seek; the more you'll find out. Hopefully you'll come back again for a whole new set of experiences xD...only much better. Although, in my opinion, i think it'll be hard to top meeting Brooke and all (sadly, i can only imagine what meeting her is like).

.....but yeah stay good, smiley and all that :D

apu000 said...

sup Catlin your a great writer. I know you can recover all the "lost" time couse your such a successful girl by the way when you talk of america you only refer to the us but you miss the best part of america as frank sinatra said "south of the border down mexico way" and he was right well in my opinion hahahah xD take care Catlin

BradWhitherspoon said...

I have blog too now, its always nice to try new cool stuff.
Check it out if you want!
But I have to warn you cuz its real boring...hehe...Cheers!...

The Author said...

Hey Caitlin, I tend to comment on old posts. But yeah, twitter was my journal during my holidays, I can now catch back at my posts and revisit the places and moments I've been through, and then write seriously about them. But I update through Gmail so I'm rarely at the site. I guess I can't answer your question then. Meh.

If you like Colbert, try some Greg Palast on your soul... The Best Money Democracy Can Buy is a book to begin with.


PS: your blog has some spiderwebs in that corner, over there, see it?

CC said...

OMG! I absolutely love Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart! They are the only news that I watch because they can offer a funny, sarcastic, and satirical views to the news. All the other news channels are biased or don't really show the news that is "real news" for everyday people.

Anyway, if you have not gotten the book "America: The book" by Jon Stewart or the CD of "I am America (and so can you!)" then tell me and I'll send them to you! I know you will love them!

Thanks! Have a good day! :D

Anonymous said...

i love you love you love love love you


the first time i ever saw you you where learning to knit like me

oxoxo I SWOON