Monday, 7 January 2008

Another Online Identity

I am sitting here at 1:25am eating Carrots with Dip.

I lead an extraordinary life.

Not only do I have dinner in the wee hours of the New Morning, but I eat Carrots with bloody dip. It is good, but as I eat my Stomach is saying:

Where the f@#$ is the Chicken, Bitch?

I am awake because I have not done much today. When I work hard I either work through the night or at least go to bed very early due to exhaustion. Today, Yesterday, Sunday, was the day for gearing up to Monday. So I was getting everything ready....and somewhere between searching for food and planning to wash Towels, I found my Mac and everything changed.

Computers have a habit for changing my life and altering my plans.

I started to blog using MSN's various blog sites and then found Buzznet. I was still at Blockbuster and 7/11 when I used those sites.

One day, I fell in love with Zach Braff after watching Garden State, as have many Young Adult's trying to make sense of the world, and I was devouring his website when I saw he had posted a video... I am fairly sure that it led me to the early version of what is now YouTube.

I then found Emma Watson "being naughty" and then I found Brookers and I thought she was retarded. I was like, who would ever post a video of themselves doing such a thing as singing to their web, my, I certainly had a lot to learn about myself.

Then I discovered LonelyGirl15 and wanted to be her best friend, I posted a video and all "she" said was: How did you become a Director so quickly? (Back then most people signed up with a Normal account and then waited for weeks to have it upgraded to Director - back when YT cared...but I was clever, I clicked on Director, made up a company and began)

Needless to say, I was a little hurt, and even though I thought she was Awesome, I decided to discover more of YouTube.

I found Rickyste and his Rap about how He is Better than Her, I thought it was cool and responded with my own cheesy rap.


Especially back in those days...

It was featured, gained hundreds of thousands of hits in days and then the media started calling.

Long story short, I now eat carrots with dip and have Best Internet Friends like Courtney who tell me to make Blogs. :P

I have a lot to tell and lot of secrets about what I'm doing now...and I'll reveal all in good time.

...This is going to be fun...


courtney said...

Your chicken is over here with me. I never saw this Emma Watson "being naughty," now I'm curious. And, you just said the most repulsing thing to me, but somehow, I'm kinda turned on .. no .. not really .. well, actually. I <3 you BIF [best internet friend].

-BLOGSISTERS4LIFE. Okay, that was enough lame for one comment.

babyporridge. said...




hi, i like your wit & your humour & i'm sure you're tastier than carrots & dip although i can't say for sure cos i don't indulge in cannibalistic whims.


Simon said...

Following you around the web is like reading the DaVinci code - lots of seemingly disconnected events, locations and symbols slowly revealed. It's excellent to see a blog that makes some sense of it all perhaps.

Chris in the Studio said...

Its certainly nice to be one of the first over here. I'm shuffling back and forth between weather or not I'm
bored or if I'm just concerned and checking in to see what your up to.
Some thoughts came to mind regarding
creating online persona's,I Think I'll
start a blog here to as I don't want to jam up your comment section. I'm really curious what your working on
and hope you tell us soon. You dat girl, gurl. lol

SuperJV said...

nice to see you here...

sdddlt said...

Nice blog! This is much better than MySpace. And I can't wait for you to reveal your secrets. So please hurry up ;)

Anonymous said...

For what its worth, Ive been following your various blog posts, videos, etc for a long time now. I had lofty goals of a trip to Australia, where I would finally get to meet you in person. Unhealthy? Maybe, unrealistic? definately. But after all of this, you have indeed made a fan out of me. You can be quite intelligent, thoughtful and insightful, at times. You turned out to be far more than just some cute girl, or a funny source of bad response rap video comedy. I will continue to follow your various ventures, from a safe, and healthy distance. An internet fan (or friend).

Nicholas Meyer said...

Lovely little bloggies Caitlin :) I’ve always hoped you’d do more of these ever since I read the two from England in the way back long time ago. So this is most welcomed stuff! Gotta feed that writer side too once in awhile yeah? It’s a most yummy thing indeed. Hope all is well man! Hey I like the title to your pic on here too. Cheers.

Is real? said...


Welcome to this world :P


CC said...

Hey! I'd just like to thank you for allowing me to reference your blog when I was making mine. I know you have nooo idea who I am (just another one of your YT fans you could say) but I really didn't know how to start a blog or anything and I love yours..sooo, THANKS! :D

I hope it doesn't seem too creepy... :/

Thanks again! I really love your blog!