Sunday, 13 January 2008

"But I Don't Want To Go Around Mad People"

...Alice remarked. `Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: `we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'

That Cat was on to something; Mad people are awesome.

I love the way they stare.

I love the way they mumble.

I especially love it when they single you out from a crowd and try to strike up some kind of Trash-Can friendship and you awkwardly have to hop, skip and run away while still trying to remain a decent citizen.

Yes, Mad People do make things delightfully awkward, however, if they were more like the Mad Hatter and the Hare and the little Whiskery Dude, Life would be - as the Californians say: Hella Good.

One thing the Mad Hatter would nod his Mad Hat at would be Frankie Magazine's new Afternoon Tea Cookbook. I can't wait to get my grubby little cookie dough hands on this gorgeous little wonder. I would tell you more about it but unfortunately the Magazine got wet somehow in the Bath and is now lying on the Hotel Veranda drying out... Tear.

It's $19.95 and I LOVE Afternoon Tea so much so, that when I was younger - around 15 - I invited Harry, Nathan and my Primary School Best Friend (who I now no longer share any contact with) Silvia to a Tea Party.

There was no Tea. There was Strawberry Milk in beautiful Tea Kettles or whatever they are called...Beautiful Painted China Creations for Pouring Tea? And I think the Afternoon part, Afternoon meaning Food...shutup, it makes sense if you look at it vertically...consisted of lollies and probably party pies.

I was the Hostest with the Mostest.


I will never be the Hostest with the Mostest. However, I shall let you know when I have ripped open a Frankie Cookbook filled Envelope and you will receive an Invitation shortly...

Hmm...that gets me thinking... what do the people say about an Online Afternoon Tea Party? Now that would be weird...but it gives us an awesome reason to eat Tea Cakes and get crumbs in the keyboard...



Simon said...

Your thoughts on 'mad' people makes me think of this Beatles song:

I have found that conversations with these folks are rarely coherent or boring!

Dizzknee said...

Online afternoon tea sounds delightful. I can bring the virtual crumpets.

I find mad people a little intimidating. Once, not too long ago on my way to work, a homeless guy started throwing pennies at me when I didn't give him change.
Apart from the obvious irony of that situation, I was a little put off, so to speak. Although when the mad folk keep it strictly verbal and not necessarily intimidating, it can be quite entertaining. : )

SLOHS said...

Afternoon tea, you say? You're on. I make some amazing pixilated scones, I have to say.