Monday, 11 July 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Some of the comments I've gotton from random people are really weirding me out! Like why would anyone see my space in the first place? I would've thought that only friends would really even bother to read my space...and even then not many do! But my Harry Potter comments have recieved lots of comments in return. One person has said I suck balls, big hairy balls - good for him, one girl has said that the guy wasn't very nice - thanks, and now I've got some random dude telling me how much they love me...even though they don't know me. How odd is that? Also kind of scary too. I tried to visit his space to see who the hell he...or then again she was...and it was restricted so I guess I'll never know who he/she is...unless I email him/her. But do you think that is safe? Nuh uh!!! No way. I'll save my curiosity. If our "love" LOL is really meant to be he'll/she'll contact me again. Ha Ha! Hopefully only through the internet though...I don't want no internet person to discover where I live exactly...that'd be just freaky! ARGH! Anyway, I'm home alone at the moment...though don't go getting any ideas!...anyway, my grandparents have gone to see the Tap Dogs and then they're going to the Phoenix meeting. Mum will be coming home tonight I think so that'll be good. School tomorrow - sigh.
So I have to make sure I finish all my homework. I'm sure I will. But I better get started. Um...the last episode of the O.C is Tuesday night! It's going to be sooo sad! I'll just have to put on last seasons episodes every Tuesday night at 8.30 til the 2nd Season comes out on DVD. Supposedly somebody dies. I think it's gone a wittle over board. I hope Season 3 is better. Not so ker-azy.
Anyway I'm in love with The Killers and My Chemical Romance at the moment - they rock my socks. And let me let out all my anger. Which is good. At the moment though I'm listening to the Trusty Steeds CD, which contains Summer Rain! But I wanted to start at a certain point at my playlist. And Steed's CD was Maroon 5 CD...awesome...and then I can get to all the good stuff.
Ah, a nice windy Sunday...all is well at the moment and go with God peoples! One Way! Jesus!
Love Caitlin!
All These Photos I Did Not Create. Let's Just Make That Clear. CLEAR!

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ÇhildĮmmaculate - 10 July, 2005 - Delete
Hmm... I like to think I'm different. I do love Harry Potter, and the really odd thing about your comment is that, my MSN name was (I just changed it) "Harry Potter be my friend", ahem. Weird? Yes. Yeah, I had no problem with what Justin said, to be quite honest. I just disliked the fact that he accused me of "luring" him, or anyone for that matter. That is one thing I will NOT stand for. I did NO such thing... I merely write, and if people read good on them. I did advise him to read it though, because he asked me why I was so pissed off. I do however always seek attention... especially bad attention... I thrive on such things, keeps me going to be able to argue. Oh- and yes, Harry Potter... YAY! I have it ordered, and paid for... ha ha, I'm so sad. Anyway... there will be nothing getting in my way from reading it, because unlike you, though I'm a MASTER at Drama (self-proclaimed, hehe), I have had to put it aside for other things... *sigh*. Yes... Qld (namely Brisbane) can be a shit hole... in fact most of the time, it seems that way. I've never seen so many rednecks in my life, and that's even compared to livinging in TOWNSVILLE, Townsville for Christ's sake (comparing directly to Brisbane that is). Anywhore. I like my swearing too, but a lot of people are put off by too much of it, so I try to refrain every now and then. Also, I don't listen to "angry" music... I listen to old school R'n'B stuff... like UB40, heh. Anyway, this comment is getting too long, and I have a touch game to get to. With Love, God
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HYGS_Joker - 10 July, 2005 - Delete
of corse im awesome.. did u expect anything else?? :P,, nice pic by the way...
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lawson - 10 July, 2005 - Delete
The concert was mad hey! I didnt get to see Michael Smith :( Did u go to JAM? Love Lawson :)
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StyleoverSubstance - 11 July, 2005 - Delete
What makes you think i am male? Was it my referral to the male genetalia? because im sure females talk about you sucking balls too.
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lawson - 11 July, 2005 - Delete
JAM is a Christian youth conference run by Hillsong! It was last week from tuesday to friday! I think about 4000 youth went! It was amazing! Love Lawson :)

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