Friday, 15 July 2005

Harry Potter Rocks!!!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Wassup! Harry Potter rocks my socks...and Ive decided to change my image as soon as i can get some changing so that what i wear matches who i am on the inside...and i finally kinda know who that is sure itll change soon though, im always changing, always growing...which is good...cuz if i didnt change and grow id be tiny and go goo goo ga ga...oh yeah, im sure to prosper with that vocabulary...the movie business might be interested
im quite some things...and i feel myself losing touch with people @ theatre...dearest one and i seem to be swapping places..which isnt a bad thing...i just feel very different to everybody...
i opened up a westpac account hope of getting a key card with a sig so i can go for my learners and so i can get a job and put money in, thatd be devine...
oh yeah, devine...
as soon as i sit on the computer, my back hurts and i dont know why, all i know is that it sucks balls..big, hairy balls...hahhaha
im going to a harry potter party tomorrow, celebrating the release and, im going as luna lovegood and im bringing cauldron cakes and cockroach clusters! baking them now...the clusters are good...and the cauldrons are cooling! hehehehhheheheh....
what else? i got nominated for a merit in Modern History!!! which is really good, cuz it means im with the top people in the class...i doubt ill get it, but at least i was reminds me of being up for student of the year in grade 7...i was the 4th top person in my class...i was rather proud. not that it was hard 2 be at the top, cuz that class were all pretty stupid. EDIT 10/01/10: Nice, Caitlin. You're so gracious.
im really enjoying school @ the moment. english is really interesting. and i like homework! I'm a complete nerd!! or maybe a geek...or a loser....i am wearing really daggy socks 2 skool...twice now...
formal dates bday today!!!! happy bday darlin! mwah mwah mwah!!!! u rock! enjoy sin city tonight. i wish i was going it looks good. ill still try and see it though.
im so into converse shoes...i mean i always was...but i want more colours! i want black, yellow, blue, green, red....and all the patterns!
anyway gotta run...magick is calling!
audition for secret garden this sunday!!! eeek...but ive got a while so its all good..

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