Friday, 1 July 2005

A New Beginning

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Ugh. This blog post frustrates me because these silly feelings were the reasons I'd drifted more and more into Internet Land. I didn't take enough action and try to make things happened for me, I let myself just lie around waiting for things to happen to me.

If any friends see this, please, understand that I too think I'm a jerk here, and I totally get it. You didn't know I didn't know and if you did know but didn't care, that's completely fair too because I was being lame. Blargh.

Hello seems that once again I have decided to post on the 1st day of the month, which is what I did last peculiar!

Anyway so the Hobbit and I ended our was a nice way to end, very nice. It started nicely, it ended nicely...its a shame its had to end...but we can all blame the Hobbit for that...and me too for not being more patient with everyone.
The most annnoying thing is that people think I'm actually feeling really sad about the Hobbits and mine breakup...NO, IM NOT! Because I havent been out very much these holidays people think I'm sulking around @ home, going oh poor me, why cant the Hobbit take me back...AS IF! I'm not that pathetic! The Hobbit is my friend now and that is that!
As for the truth of my whereabouts...I have been @ home. Sick for most of my days, hanging out with the Good Witch and myself up in this little fortress of solitude on the hill - its been rather dandy actually...and only felt lonely when Pocahontas rang me and told me that I wasnt there @ Blondie's party last night (Wednesday). I hadnt realised it was on...but why o why didnt anyone ring me and say Alex's BIRTHDAY party is on tonight! Are you going? Can I get you a lift? C'mon guys...I had no idea! And no transport! So everyone was there but me...and I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO left out, it sucked so bad. And nobody bothered to see where I was that sucked even more.
But I did get a good viewing of House and the Late Shift that night, so you cant say that it wasnt an entertaining evening for me...yes, I'm just using a teeny weeny bit of sarcasm.
So yes, that was a low point definitely.
But I'm going to visit Angela, my old friend that should be pretty cool, I'm rather excited about it because I havent seen her in sooooooooo long which is sad because we use to be best friends in primary school...and oh the wonderful fights we'd have...ah, good times.
So yes, a new soon - I'm gonna have to try really hard in all my subjects if I want to do well in them at all...I was a bit of a B student last that sucks...I want a few more A's puh-lease.
I dont know how Ill cope....I feel like an outsider at that Valley, I really do....
Oh and yes, Elf Ears did call, but she said it was just a party...she said nothing of bday EDIT 10/01/10: It's not her responsibility to remind you of friends birthdays, you should know! i said Id call her back when I got home, she wasnt home...but its been a whole day now and she couldve called me back! EH? WHAT DO YOU RECKON!?!?!??!?! So she got to go to the party...and Im sitting on the phone saying, call me back Elf me back...well I mean call me back now too....
By the way I dont care if Elf Ears reads this...I love her, but I have a lot built up from past experiences...the whole Hobbit incident during the PP days, the sound for Blurred and how I felt like they put in less effort than Formal Date and I ...and though I still love you Elf Ears...I suppose I was angry and jealous, since your show looked friggin fantastic and our show looked like shit.
If you're angry with me now....fine. But Im just letting it out. Do you want me to keep it in for 5 years and then suddenly murder you one night from all this built up anger? EDIT 10/01/10: Err, Caitlin, you're scaring me. I know you're joking, but please stop.
No. So please deal with it. little rant is over...hugs and kisses to Elf Ears...
Hobbit and I are over...and I cant be bothered getting in any more petty relationships...from now on...if you dont make my grade, youll never get a shot, not even a flirt, you know? Well maybe a flirt...but yeah. Im kinda over boys at the moment....who really needs them? I dont. Not yet anyway. I have to concentrate on year 12 and my future and not some bloody boy.
Seth Cohen will keep me warm @ really, but thats all the man I need...and its like a weekly relationship where we have a date every Tuesday night at 8:30pm on Channel get it? Well duh!!!
So adios men, I wont see you in a while.
May the independent girl stage begin...

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