Thursday, 21 July 2005

I Am So Uncool...why aren't you suprised?

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

I am so not, I got teased today about my socks! My socks man, I've only ever seen someone at 13 get teased for their socks...I'm only wearing them because they keep my legs warm. But they do fall down and I look silly...and despite SO many people mocking my socks I still wear them. I think I like to outcast my socks and I...makes me feel a little bit different from everyone else. Why? Because I have lame socks. But I still really like them! I'm not really trying to make a daggy-sock statement, I'm trying to keep my feet warm. Honestly...that is my main motive when I reach for the sock drawer "I need socks that will keep my feet warm...I know! My long white ones." I dont go searching through socks thinking "Hmm, what sock will get me the most criticism today?" I'm not desperate for attention...well, not THAT desperate.
Anyway I finished the 6th Harry Potter book on Sunday and it was good, yet extremely sad. Heres to Dumbledore: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Your character will soar above the rest forever and ever...
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"
*Sigh* So I returned to school quite depressed and when my Good Witch texted me saying: Extra Work 4 Mortified TV Show 2morrow, I grew even more depressed because I thought I'd have to miss out for QCS practise...but Formal Date convinced me to go and do it, because it's what I want to do with my life.
And man, am I so glad I did! I spent all the day freezing from wearing summer clothes in a cold mall, BUT, I got to pretend to shop most of the day, eat fabulous food, watch the amazing tech people do their stuff - honestly, it's like magic watching them go to work. It definitely is some form of art...nah, it IS MAGIC!!! Yeah, it was just a fabulouS fun-filled day and I wouldnt mind in the slightest if I got to do it again and again and again...*sighing dreamily*
Anyway so I returned for QCS practise 2 today and did okay, and my socks got insulted and ate lovely pastries for lunch, and now I am home. I got my key card and so tomorrow I'll probably go for my LEARNERS!!! Woo, and about time too. And then one day I'll be able to drive all my home girls to cool places and be FREE and INDEPENDENT...and hopefully not arrested and killed...because that can happen, but Good Witch says: "As long as you're aware of what it can do, and know that you are in control the whole time, you'll be okay." Unless something really freaky happens and you cant help the worst...
Anyway I love all my dear ones, especially the Good Witch.
And I love the Film & Television Industry!!! Oh yes, indeedy!
Love Always,

BTW, here some pictures of me mainly making a fool of myself and appearing like a geek/nerd...and then there is my geek/nerd soul mate: Seth, who I realise I am slowly becoming, what with my love for layering and all, my lonerness, and my oddness of talking to 2 elderly men on the set of Mortified yesterday, while there were lots of kiddies still around, im slowly molding myself to my own suitability...this is a hazard, but an enjoyable one ...and then theres just more randomness that makes me more of a loser - and i'm dog gone proud of it! Darn tootin'...there is also famous ppl who played Losers (Who Were Still Cool!)

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__Alliwalli__ - 20 July, 2005 - Delete
Caity i think you're the coolest of cools, in fact i am going to go as far as stating that you even epitomise the meaning of cool. Really. You're awesome! Like you're the Happy in a Happy Meal! You're always ready to smile and make me smile in accordance; i find you to be a very postive person and you have so much going for you! You're so talented and beautiful and generous and dedicated, PLUS you're an amazing friend who i know would always be tehre if i ever needed you. Know that im so proud of you beautiful and that i believe in you always! Its great that you're taking school so seriously this semester too, keep it up coz you'll reap the rewards. But anyhoo, i just wanted to shout out that you're are super duper cool person, even if no one likes your socks, im sure they're not THAT bad, i mean come on, at least youd get to CHOOSE your socks for school! Not like crappy mc crap rivermount - we have SCHOOL socks! SO gay! But really, i think you're an awesome person and i value YOU and our friendship so so much. I love you Caity! Keep on smiling and reaching for those stars!! See ya 2moro nite! Alex Xoxo
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HYGS_Joker - 23 July, 2005 - Delete
cute pics.. only individual rnt ya?

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