Sunday, 24 July 2005

The Secret Garden & All The Lovely Pansies!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

YO!!! Well, that week was a pretty big waste of time...apart from the Mortified, I kind of got in trouble for leaving the call backs for Secret Garden...people thought I was annoyed that I didnt get the part of Mary...and that's why I left the Call Backs...NO!!! And, if! I so could tell by my disgusting audition that I wasn't going to get the part...I didnt need a friggin crystal ball or anything...and when I did get to Call Backs, I just got scared and realised that I couldnt be in the show and ran away...I'm not full of myself! Nuh uh!

So, yeah...things at the theatre were quite tense for a while there...and I was really, really worried...that the rest of my time at theatre would be crap. But the launch of the BRAND NEW PHOENIX ENSEMBLE THEATRE COMPANY thing was on tonight, soon to be last night...and it was fun, but boring for us dancers, cuz we had to wait for ages til we go to dance! And I messed up my turn! ARGH!!! But afterwards The Tracey called me over and asked me what I was doing with Secret Garden...and I explained all the stuff to her, and she seemed to understand and she seemed not to hate me...I don't mind if she really does, just as long as she's friendly to my face... ...I don't really want to be on Tracey's bad side, I really hope that I will never again or never will...

But yeah, so that made things cool. AND, I decided I will audition for 2 shows next year...Charlie Brown and The Crucible! Oh man, the Charlie Brown musical would be so funny...and The Crucible would be such an enjoyable challenge! Oh, I'd really love a part that I could really throw myself into! Ohhh...honestly it gets me really excited!!! I would love to play either Mary or Abigail EDIT 10/04/10: I landed the part of Mary Warren, which I cherished. I enjoyed performing in that play so much. Mary Warren is a role I could see myself being comfortable with playing day in and day out but let's not get ahead of ourselves, Caitlin, hmm? ...and this time because I'm not in school or anything, I'll be happy to accept a role as chorus or whatever if I dont get the parts I want...oh, I hope that I get in and do well and a lot of friends do it with me so I can have fun.
Grants Party was good...though afterwards Frog now thinks I'm turning slightly lesbianish...I dont think I am...I just think its funny to freak people out...I do yearn for the male...well not now, but when the time comes I do...heehee...ah, comes...

Yeah, it was a great night...full of closeness...and though I felt kind of lonely, I had fun with everyone and had an overall good time so the loneliness didnt really upset me or get to thats, writing this with Moulin Rouge playing its sweet and upsetting songs doesn't really help the whole I dont mind feeling lonely thing...especially when it gets to the line....the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return...sigh...

Tomorrow Sarah, Emily and I are going to Alex's house to work on our sucks that Sarah has to leave early, but there you go...hopefully we'll still get a lot done...I do doubt it however...but either way it should be really fun!

I just changed the original title of this blog...just to avoid anyone with authority seeing it and taking what it said the wrong way...this new title is much more politically I don't know. (Said Homer Simpsons style)

Also, I found my hairstyle for the formal!!! I so dont really care, but do at the same time! It's the same hair style Sophie Monk has in Bardots video clip for Poison...and I cant believe I know Bardot so well, even NOW! And yeah, it's a really cool hairstyle...but I would have less spikes. EDIT 10/04/10: I did not have this hairstyle for the formal. Good Witch and Old Ma better get started making it or things are gonna start getting hectic... EDIT 10/04/10: Wow, Caitlin. I'm sure you're just being harmlessly flippant, but you still sound like an arrogant arsehole here. I guess it'll be up to me to come to and say: FITTING! NOW! ah, the woes of being me - please note...i AM being sarcastic...If i do have woes they're not even worth woe-ing about. EDIT 10/04/10: Oh, so you weren't being sarcastic at being a pushy bitch, but you were about having a really loving family you are paying for your formal dress. Wow. If I could hit you.

Anyway, tis late...and I need to do other things...also...I have really sensitive teeth at the mo' and it really sucks! Like eating is like a chore, a really painful chore! Not sure, if I'm appreciating the whole normal week of school coming up...quite depressing actually...but you know, I'll live...hopefully! lol...sigh...
Guten Tag and Adieu!

Love Always - The Crazy Catfish and Her Hippo-Nut Baby Eater!

P.S: I have to say it's weird not having anyone to like...liking people makes life so much easier! But then again, no. I leave you with the Ultimate Couple! And my future husband! Anybody out there who shares the same qualities of Seth from the O.C, Christian (Ewan McGregor) from Moulin Rouge, and Noah from The Notebook...then please let me know! You are my Ultimate Man! Well, at least for now!

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