Thursday, 28 July 2005

I Have Awesome Photos!!!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

I am sure I am the only one who has these photos so far!!!
What does that mean?
It means I rock!!!
Right On!!!
Here are the awesomest photos of the little olde theatre!!!
(BTW, Where are you Emily? I hope you are feeling better! Come back to school soon! I need you here for choreo and all that! Oh and Alex, thanks for the, I know it...but yeah, did you go to school on Monday? I didn't. I just couldnt get out of bed! LOL...gotta love it! I am also really worried about our play...and everything! We're going to have to get cracking on the weekend! Latro!)
The Pictures!
Ah, Peter Pan - those were the days when we were young...(argh! Horrible Human Nature flash back! But I love HN - Who doesnt? LoL) These photos make the show look awesome!
And X-Stacy...ah, other good times. That was a great show wasnt it?
Anyway, I got all these photos from Phoenix Ensembles new website! I'll post the addy another time! But it's kind of awesome!
Anyway, Love to You All!
Love The Incredible Itch and The Great Pink Vest.

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HYGS_Joker - 28 July, 2005 - Delete
umm,, drugs?? not recently,, y? and yes u r
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HYGS_Joker - 29 July, 2005 - Delete
thats y i sed not recently...but nehow.. wens ur nxt blog cumin along?
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HYGS_Joker - 30 July, 2005 - Delete
thats the longest blog sumone wrote on my site...ur a very strange lil girl...:P

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