Sunday, 10 July 2005

Just Musing During This Late Hour

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Harry Potter is well on it's way now to being released, and I must say that I am ever so excited! It's going to be hard to read it though, for the first couple of days I mean, because on Saturday I've Australian Acting Academy and on Sunday I have Auditions for Phoenix's (like it would be any other theatre group!) Secret Garden: The Musical.
I'm singing Hold On, because Tracey wanted me to sing it, but I'm actually auditioning for the part of Mary. Even though she is meant to be, like 11...the character was opened to 9 to 16. And I'm 16, so I'm auditioning. Her part is really fun, and the songs she sings are really nice...and I can handle them, so that's good. EDIT 10/01/10: I really couldn't handle them. My voice was weak. The girl who played the part is a really good singer and does it professionally now, so yeah, Caitlin. You are delusional. I would really like the part...but If I don't get it...oh well...I'll be a bit upset, but I'll still come see the show and enjoy it and really concentrate on school. But that's a bit boring! I'd like to do Secret Garden to add some excitement and stuff to my life, but I can only go for Mary. It's an all or nothing thing.
So, back to Harry, it is going to be a bit difficult to read it next weekend, because I need to concentrate on other things.
I tried really hard this week at school. You should've seen me in Maths! Practically grasping on to every word, trying to let is sink all in...oh man, I looked desperate.
And tomorrow I have to study hard and complete sections 10.1 and 10.2 of Maths A...Finish my Modern History questions on The Industrial Revolution...and write a 400 word essay on the complications of Contemporary Society for English. I mean, none of it's hard...but, you know, it's school. And usually I wouldnt bother. But I want to do well this term, I'm trying to re-train myself. And that means discipline and completing all set work. It also means I wont be behind, but ahead! Which is a good place to be.
Today Rhylee started teaching Alex, Emily, Jaimi-Lee, Jacki and I a dance to Ease On Down The Road, which is the song the Scarecrow sings (originally sung by Michael Jackson) in The Wiz... It's a pretty awesome dance so far. And the idea for costumes is wicked! I get to wear yellow! It excites me because...I dont usually get to wear yellow, so it's a change! And change is good.
Seeing certain people with other certain people puts me in a bad mood, until I get over it. Which only takes a few minutes. Seeing Elf Ears with the Blonde and the Trusty Steed...I think it's a possessive thing. But I get over it quickly enough. It doesn't help that Elf Ears says: Are you in one of your bitchy moods like that other night? That just makes me even more annoyed. But dancing cheered me up.
I'll have to fix my ways. And read more of The Bible tomorrow. Why? Because I saw Michael W. Smith in concert and he rocked my socks! He was so good, and so inspiring. He made me cry at one point. I had so much fun, I bought myself a Michael W. Smith t-shirt and when I got home I went on his website and he's in a movie called The Second Chance which comes out in September and I am definitely going to see it! I can't wait...not really, I can. EDIT 10/01/10: You clearly can since you never saw it.
I also watched the Labyrinth movie tonight. Mum bought the's so amazing what they have to do to make it all look so real. Jim Henson is the bomb! And I appreciate Puppets so much more now. And my love of David Bowie is increased once more.
That is all for now though. I bid you adieu.
Heres some pictures of my Michael W. Smith tee, Me, tired after the last night of Sweet Charity, the Theatre People, Me all Crazy-Like, Something Or Rather, US Cover of HP 6th book and the Labyrinth Movie Poster! Enjoy!

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