Friday, 2 December 2005

It's All Over...Hopefully Something Will Begin

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

Well, it's all over.

The formal was really really good. More fun than Schoolies. Everyone said they liked my dress, so that was cool. But I look really unattractive and fat in some of the photos which is disappointing, because I don't feel unattractive and fat... wah ...

I was pretty stressed getting ready, but tell me one girl who wasnt, well there was probably a lot, but not many.

The photo session at Vanessa's house was wicked, and my lovely Harry got me this beautiful corsage and looked really suave! I can't wait to get the pro copies of the photos...better ring Vanessa soon. EDIT 10/07/10: I never got those photos... Sigh.

We went to the formal in this really tacky party bus, but it was really fun and we really got noticed when we arrived which was cool.

The dinner was good, and I won the female Oscar award, the good old Brailey won the male one, we rock! Remember don't use the prize til we win Gold! GOLD!!! But the best part of the night wasnt the socialising or anything, but all the dancing we did. We all just went ker-azy, it was so fun. But the DJ didn't play Busta Move so that really sucked.

The after party was quite interesting too, a certain English man who probably had a bit too much to drink and found my face pretty in dark - but we all know what I really look like - made my night quite amusing. I have seriously not been that amused by a guy trying to get a girls attention in ages, but because it was interesting, I found him mildly cool...that's right Ashton - I do in fact think you rock! And I couldnt not escape his charm at the end, sigh, but it was rather hot...but anyway - that is the most I have revealed on this space! So no more talky, talky for Caitlin about that.

At the end of the night, which was early early morning, we were all kicked out and Harry darling made us walk for ages so we'd be closer for a taxi, but his brother picked us up anyway, and then we all slept with Harry at his house. Which was rather hot and awkward when I woke up, which was around 10.

The Grad was alright, I didnt get sad, just happy and crazy. All I cared about was the food. I wasn't there at that school long enough to get attached, and wasnt social enough to get too attached to the people either, which was sad.

Schoolies was piss poor. The first night was good, but too crowded. The rest of the week was okay. It had some good moments, seeing Corpse Bride, shopping with the Theatre people and then going and seeing Brothers Grimm with SarahBear, having my deep and meaningful convo with Grant, and floaty pool surfing with Alex, Tenielle and Sarah. I ran out of money, so I was really determined to come back on Friday, cuz I wasnt having any fun. I spent the whole time complaining to Harry on the phone practically. Wasted so much credit.

That night at my house by myself, I heard banging noises around the house and upstairs and I freaked out, I put on shoes and stuff and grabbed my mobile in case I had to run and call 000 at the same time, and then I walked through the house poking 2 knives into every single nook and cranny, it was so crap!

Anyway, got to the 2nd round of the QUT Acting course so that's cool. But that is also all. I didnt really wanna go there anyway, though it wouldve been cool.

This week was basically just preparing for The Wiz. We had our first show tonight, but it felt more like a full Dress and Tech rehearsal so thats what I'm going to call it...but it had an audience. I didnt feel that swell about my performance, or the shows...but anyway I better go cuz there is a storm coming over and might cut the computer off! Tata! aRGH!!!

love you
The Allergic-To-Straw-Scarecrow and The scary Lightning Flash!

Little_Miss_Silv - 2 Dec., 2005 - Delete
WOW wow WOW wow *slaps self* WOW Ok.. so i've finally seen all your formal photos.. or at least some.. DID YOU SEE MINE???? I have a few points to make.. first off.. WOW you looked hot and OMG we both wore pink :D :D :D And your mom looks totally hot too.. she looks.. something.. (if me saying your mom looked hot freaks you out.. sorry, but it's totally true.. tell her i said 'hi'... not in a suss way.. just straight out crazy HI!!) Who's the dude you were with? orange suit is something i never would have thought of.. oh.. and who's the girl in the green dress? that dress is hot.. tell her i said that dress HOT! *thinks* i think that's all i had to say on that subject.. did you cry at graduation? i didn't.. i made a big ass cheer hugged my friends told them i'd see them at pizza hut.. and left with my bubby's (that's Jai) hand in mine.. happy to be alive. teh end of school XD XD then.. there was schoolies.. one whole week of.. hanging with my bub? nah.. it was cool with my other friends too.. i got plastered twice.. after the second time, Jai made me promise never to drink AGAIN.. *sighs* never mind.. did you do anything? And now.. it's back to normal life.. bidding my time until i learn my fate.. some fateful day in late december *sigh* here's to the dream of university *makes toast* GO PSYCH AND CRIMINOLOGY!!! *must go change preference.. now* Well lots of love kiddo.. stay rad.. Silv

EDIT 10/07/10:

The lady commenting above was one of my dearest friends during Years 4 to 7, but we were probably at our closest in Year 7 and part of Year 8. We don't speak much anymore, but we did just find each other on Facebook, which was really exciting. I got so excited by her messages that I got all overwhelmed and couldn't reply back and haven't since... I better get on that.

I adore Silvia. She's gorgeous, funny and very smart. When we were younger we said that we'd live in Brisbane together in a flat, and I'd study Ballet at QUT and Silvia would study Interior Design. I loved that dream. It changed, but it was such a joyous plan, that I still hold it close to my heart - even though it didn't happen, and it's no longer what I want, I don't regret having it. It was sweet.

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