Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Thus Ends The Awards Night & The Last Lesson!!!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

Well Awards Night went okay, but I was so nervous about my dance I nearly gave myself a heart attack, again! LoL...I should stop joking about it else it'll actually happen and then let's see if I'm laughing... EDIT 10/07/10: I guess I was still having minor anxiety attacks.

I won't be laughing if I'm DEAD!!!

Anyways, the performance went really well, my turns did well, and lots of people cheered - thanks guys - so yeah, it was pretty good. I kind of went crazy after that night and said the School Captains name, Bep, over and over again, because it was fun to say...Bep-pa, Bep-pa, Bep-pa...yeah, I probably annoyed the entire nation, but at least my mouth had fun. Right? And thats all that counts.

So yeah, lots of photos of that. Emily had one of her dreaded headaches again, so we weren't able to have as much fun as we did on the way down to rehearsals - ah yes, the crazy "I'm-On-A-Bus Dance". I shall never forget it. I wish I could go in her head and kill her headaches so she could be one big bag of fun all the time, because when she gets her headaches it's like: Grr! Which is understandable, thus the reason why I want to kill her headaches and bury them...or at least have some kind of panadol on tap...yes, tap. In my ass. EDIT 10/07/10: Err, okay??

Was quite sad though on the way home, did really well for once and nobody who matters to me (family) was there to see it, but I still love them. And I know they love me, I was just a bit soppy...and so, so, so tired.

The next day was hard to wake up too, because I was tired and a bit yeah. I eventually arrived @ School, and got everything cleared so I can pass nicely and then...we had graduation rehearsals and it was really sad, and the rest of the day was quite sad actually...and then I went shopping for Boobies! and a bag...cute clutch! And I'm hopefully all set and OH MY GAWSH the formal is tomorrow, need beauty sleep my Grandma says...bah, what is beauty anyway but giant sacks of straw hoping to be sat on by hillbillies??? Huh? Huh!

That's right, walk away...

So much is happening!!! Film, ppl asking me out, schoolies, buying stuff, formal, grad...ARGH!!!!

Love Always The Dingy Bat and The Formally Dressed Pixie!

Swollenballbagboi - 25 Nov., 2005 - Delete
hello caity my love. ive missed you....well ill see you soon darling Ashton

EDIT 10/07/10: This comment from Ashton is funny because we kissed at the formal - I don't even know why. I guess he just wanted to kiss someone. It was quite rude of me, I should have been with Harry.

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