Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Checkup By Photos...Digital Photos...woo...

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

Wow! I finished my last piece of assessment on Monday - Modern History - now everythings over. All I have to do is go to awards night, formal and graduation and I'm done. Grade/Year 12 of my schooling life is over, and real life can finally begin! Can you believe it??? It's just super-duper crazy!

We have to create a dance to Fame for a Pac-Man themed awards night, which is just really out of place...kind of...and it was a bit dramatic at first, nobody wanted to do it, and it really hurt my feelings, but then we added some moves on today, and people seem happier so hopefully it will be good!

We are making paper mache masks for Drama, random.

And Harry and I are getting really snarky at each other, which is really annoying.

I got my hair cut yesterday, it looks to me like a lion's mane, which reminds me of Jai, who plays the Lion in The Wiz's line: "it's my mane, I had it touched up this morning." Now, if you havent heard Jai say that line, that you wont understand the comedy value of it all, the way he says it is classic, he goes all high on

Anywayz...I still haven't recieved my letter from QUT, which makes me nervous, 800 people are auditioning and only 15 people are accepted - how scary is that? So many people want acting to be there life, it's so scary. Gone are the days when everyone was afraid of the stage, apart from those fair few. It's so annoying, lol.

@ Blockblister tonight the power went out, so we had to serve customers with paper and then shut the store. I was meant to close at 11, I got home by 8:45! Harray, it was great. But the air con went off too, so while shelving I felt really light headed, and felt like I was going to faint every time I looked up. I suppose it didnt help that I didnt get my subway, but instead had a belly full of M&Ms, mmm, that's quality food for a growing girl.

Frog's bday party was last Saturday, and I drank 3 cups of punch, and the punch was full of alcohol, lots of alcohol, so after the first sip of it, I couldn't move my mouth properly, it freaked me out. And I think I nearly past out, because at one stage everything started to slide, like the lights started to become blurry and grow long, but I jumped up and shook it off. So I wasn't wasted, I was very uninhibited, yet, in control. Well, barely.

Everyone thought it was really weird, which annoyed me, because when they get drunk I dont go and make them feel like a weirdo, and I wasn't even drunk, just tipsy.

So yeah, that's basically it...I'm leaving some things out but I dont want to talk for too long...

Here are some photos, lots of photos!

Firstly heres my dear Ayeshah and I dressed up for Emma's Pirate party - we are pirate whores, beware the ugliness!

The others are from my visit to Grad...

The others are from b4 frogs bday party...i try to capture every part of my delightful costume!


Love The Itchy Eye and The Exhausted DVD!

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