Sunday, 18 December 2005

Santa Is Coming To Town...

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

Finally I feel like Christmas is here,
finally I feel full of holiday cheer,
I can smell the food and the love in the air,
I can feel Christmas,
it is everywhere!

When I started the first sentence I did not intend for it to turn into a cheesy Hallmark like poem, it's not really up to Hallmark standards but let's just pretend, okay?

But maybe I guess that's what is going on, sentences aren't just sentences anymore, they are poems and songs and full of love...because that is how I do feel, full of the need to give.
Why? Well it may seem odd, well, not really odd, more wrong. Not correct. Walking around stores and thinking about presents and buying presents shouldn't be what gets you in the mood for Christmas, it really shouldnt be.

It should be the fact that Christmas is here, that Santa Claus is coming to town, that the tree is up, the lights are sparkling and we are all nearly on holidays and can relax and enjoy ourselves.
For some people that is what makes them happy at Christmas, and that was once all I needed as well...but now, it's the idea of presents; buying and recieving (but mainly buying, which means I still have my heart in the right place) gifts - it's just so exhilerating. You feel so good about yourself.

I have bought a gift for someone else. That was nice. I am nice.

And therefore, for once, you don't see yourself as a bad and selfish person and it feels so good, that you can't help but smile and be happy and welcome Christmas with open arms.

For some people buying gifts is what they hate the most about Christmas, they find it stressful and tiresome...but you have just got to be relaxed about it. All that matters is your closest family...Mother, Father, Brother, Sister and children...the cousins and grandma's and pa's don't really have to be stressed over that much. I never have.

One thing I miss about our Christmas's at my house is that nobody really puts in the effort for the Christmas Day lunch like they use to, when I was little. These days it is just a roast and some salad and bread, and always pudding. That, to some people is enough, and yes, I agree, it is! Too much sometimes...but the feast of Christmas just looks so spectacular and lasts for days afterwards that I don't know why we don't go to the trouble of it anymore.

I remember as a child sitting at that huge table and looking around the chicken, and the cold ham and the warm meat and the salads of different types and the breads, sometimes that is more exciting than the presents.

Maybe it is because I value my stomach a little bit more than my possessions, and that is why I so desire the Christmas feast.

It is not just that, it is the fact that these days the roast is on Christmas Eve, and all you have for the Christmas Day lunch is the left overs...that makes it relaxed, yes, but also boring!!! Where is the excitement!? The presentation of the turkey and all the lovely things that you make.

I know it is hard for parents and the adults to cook these things on such a hot summer day, but, GOSH, it is so worth it.

I have been thinking a lot lately on what I will do for my children when I finally have them, which hopefully will not be within 5 years...or maybe even 10...but man, I am not going to spoil them at all! I've been too spoilt as a child, but I am most grateful for it, BUT, I will make holidays, and not just Christmas but all holidays Easter and all that, BIG. I will out do myself every holiday.

EDIT 10/07/10: I had a habit as a child, and, I guess, as teenager, of planning perfect scenarios. This weird obsession is one of the reasons why I took to the Sims so well... Thankfully, that part of me is much more relaxed now and I no longer waste days away on Sims. I can't afford to.

The Christmas tree will be decorated by everyone and everyone must be in the same room while it is happening. The Christmas Eve will be nice and quiet but exciting, full of drives to see lights and games and music and stories, the Day will be grand! The lunch will be huge, the presents will be good, and useful but also just fun (when they are younger) and will just be so exciting so that you can get excited when Christmas comes around.

Not like this year, which was just like, oh my gosh, is it Christmas next week? Damn, I haven't even got any presents yet! Boy, that went quick.

It should be countdowned and celebrated and rejoiced!

Today the little baby Jesus was born harray, who would eventually save us all harray! EDIT 10/07/10: Oh, Caitlin, what a strange phase you were in. Thank goodness you don't really give a shit anymore. My past three Christmases have been thrifty and mainly about people. Eric, Johnny, Mum and Darryl...

Anyway, thats my rant done...gosh, I hope one day not to soon, I live up to my plans.
For the meanwhile, though I am sure I will check in again...
Merry Christmas!
I hope it is a happy time for you all. Even if you don't believe.
Latro & Love Always The Peppermint Slug and The Rejoicing Bunny Rabbit!

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111_Court_111 - 19 Dec., 2005 - Delete
hehehe... I agree with ALL MERRY CHRISTMAS caitlin...btw WHAT IS YOUR OP!!?!?!?!
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Emily - 21 Dec., 2005 - Delete
hey caity babe, Em checking in.. again.. How are you? I'm fan-freaking-tastic. got a job, amazing boyfriend and get this: i got into Extension! Yay! What have you been up to? We have to meet up. still. Oh we are so slack.. Love your guts, Em xx.

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