Friday, 26 August 2005

Song, Movie, Word of the Day!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

I'm very confused @ the moment - if I like someone, or am I liking them for the sake of liking know? Its darn who I like is an odd choice...and then theres the fact that I might not actually like them...oh well, only time will tell ay?

Here is my song, movie and word for the day...the day being Thursday...and what a great day it is...

I got a B+ on my Maths Assignment and I did my English presentation today, so that was cool...and rehearsals tonight - its so odd, to be so excited about something so silly...well its not silly, but its just a senior show...oh, I cant wait. We're gonna have so much fun. Matt will be there tonight, man I havent seen him ages...I dont even know him anymore, who is he? I cant believe we used to go out, we're so was such an odd match...

Oh and I'm deciding whether to go to Grant and Emmas house warming party...I guess it depends if anyone can take me there...I wonder if Ayeshah is invited? And I also wonder if anything will happen between Emma and Grant? After all, one Johnson has already taken an interest in one of the Winters'...why not the other Johnson take interest in the other one...LoL...thatd be funny. I'd take a picture of it so I could laugh at it when I'm sad...hahahaha! And they got married Scott and Vicky will be like brother and sister in law...and we all know how funny that would be! EDIT 10/05/10: Wow, Caitlin. You're clearly hung up on a certain Johnson here. Way to be a bitch. Hahaha, oh, I must be bored...but yeah, that would be interesting to see if that ever panned out, ay? Oh and I hope ths doesnt offend anyone, I'm just having a joke. And besides this is a private, internet, public blog! How dare you read it!!! That was a joke too...cuz I mean, I'm the stupid one for having a public blog...but what if I made it private? Then nobody could read my in jokes and all my stupidness? would you ever live without it??? That was sarcasm.

Night Night Nat Nat! I'll put the song, movie and word on a different blog! Peace out!
The Knitted Sweater and The Burgundy Flavoured Burgundy!

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