Thursday, 25 August 2005

It's All Over & It's All Beginning!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well, QCS was wasnt entirely stressful or difficult...I actually found it quite fun! and found my self giggling with excitement before the first exam...mainly because I could see how nervous people were and that was funny...

I also got the part of the Scarecrow in The Wiz! So thats pretty dandy, lets hope I dont suck @ it and get cut...and LoL this time if I get asked to wear a wig I'll do it...oh, that was so funny now when you look back on it. I dont know why I was so against it EDIT 10/05/10: It's because he gave you a white clown wing to wear at first, and you had a crush on Matt and had boyfriend and wanted to be pretty while playing a male part (silliness, but something that so many young women go through) but when you found the appropriate gray real wig, you loved it. ...ah, its fun to pretentious! WOO!

Anyway, I cant wait to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory...thats sure 2 be the bomb...AND...I have 2 hand out invitations for my bday...I should probably hand them out 2morrow...though I couldnt invite everyone...I did however invite most of the theatre people...

I went 2 maccas today to use my key card cuz my Gran said she had put money on it...but she hadnt, so a mate from school had 2 pay for me...I owe him like $2 now! Cuz I was able 2 give him $5, I just wanted 2 use my key card...but i dont know why I even bought food, when I had an awesome packed lunch already...eggs! I still havent eaten so they are probably rotting in my bag - how delightful!

Right now I'm listening to Evermore...cuz Emily lent me all these CDs for me to burn, so thats also rather these dudes are Aussies so thats pretty cool...I like their use of violins...and thats as far as my musical knoweledge goes...

I took so long blogging on this to get CERTAIN PEOPLES interest down...and I dont really want 2 be an EMO, i've read the definitions of them on the net...and they sound pretty pathetic, which therefore makes me pretty pathetic...which I know I kinda am...but i dont want 2 know its true!

Anyway must go...much to do...LoL not really. More like, rehearsing my English presentation and doing jack all and then going to bed...I need 2 go 2 skool 2morrow 2 um...go 2 Modern History - ugh and my english presentation...and then there is the 1st rehearsals for the WIZ! Boyashaka! Lol...I know I've said it wrong...and I dont care!

Anyways...I have to go press a button thats labeled: Incompetent People!

The Smelly Sock and The Oozing Fumes!

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