Monday, 16 November 2009

Tumblr Summary #1

For the last few days I've been uploading a picture and then later adding a summary of the day and its highlights. Due to tumblr having awesome features, this is something that I am confident will continue for a while - unlike my infrequent and often dissatisfying bursts on here, dailybooth, blogtv and youtube.

One thing that may not happen frequently is me creating a summary of these tumblr posts for you and also me... but here's hoping!

I'll upload larger images next time. You can read the text if you have super-human strength eyes OR by right clicking and opening a New Tab.

Saturday November 14th
Friday November 13th
Thursday November 12th
Wednesday November 11th

I just remember Tuesday being stressful but I had a training session afterwards which made me feel good about myself.

Monday November 9th

My plans for this week are to:
  1. Go to work early every day
  2. Go to gym twice
  3. Successfully complete my Creative Writing and Beginner's Painting Classes
  4. Divide any spare time into reading, writing, listening to music, editing photos, editing videos, maybe a blogtv chat to thank a certain special someone and organizing my work life AND being more proactive about School, Theatre, Dance, and my Show Ideas/Scripts etc.
I'm trying to not let this year be a total waste of time.

Good luck everyone xo


JoMiMo555 said...

Sounds like a nice, busy week. Hope it's a good one, if not MAKE IT :P

JoMiMo555 said...

Oh also, I've been trying to get back into business writing my own scripts and stories as well, but I'm severely out of practice. So if you ever need someone to proofread, it would be mutually beneficial :P

Chris in the Studio said...

I thought the daily journal was an excellent idea. Keeps you in a routine of writing that could stimulate your creative impulses on a regular basis. I thought I might steal the ideal actually but then I thought my impulses are to be controlled so as to save the humans from utter and total calamity.:D

Thoughts: I want to party with your dad!
Highlights: Partying with your mom!
(via natalie)

Jill said...

I like how you say you are an internet enthusiast. I finally have a label for myself!

JohnnyBeGood said...

That's a great idea to summarize what goes on in your day, I have a really hard time remembering what I have done.

It's funny how the highlights in our day can be something so small (eating an omelet) My highlight!


Dizzknee said...

Always nice to hear updates from you, Caitlin. The more the merrier, I say!

If you have a blogtv chat, I hope I'll be able to make it...would have to be later in the week, like Thursday or Friday. I'm sure you'll re-arrange your schedule to accommodate me right away...LOL.

Earle : )

Brent said...

Busy, busy Caitlin!

I follow your Tumblr on Google Reader and read it there on the page. When I click on your Tumblr page; the light gray font on the white background, strains my eyes.

It could be that I am losing my eyesight or that I, infrequently, clean my eyeglasses...

Anonymous said...

Hey Caitlin.

What do you do (for work)?
I'm sad that you seem to often be depressed - because I really admire you - or at least the part of you, you show to the puplic through video/blog...


Swtxwishes said...

Aww...moving to Tumblr?

I am skeptic about switching. I don't know.

Why why why??!! All these 493438742389743247 networking sites are everywhere. I just can't keep up with them! LOL

taktin said...

May I book you for lunch sometime in 2012? Before Armageddon if possible.