Wednesday, 25 November 2009

You're A Good Man, Caitlin H-Wait, What!?

Good Memory Times!

Aw. Stumbled on photos of the school books we all created during our production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Guess which character owns which book? I was Linus.

Oh wait, that gave it away...

I adored performing with the people I admired most in the theatre group. These were the people I grew up watching and now I was acting along side them and learning a lot. I still wasn't a very strong singer, but I made up for it in doing a good character voice and enthusiasm.

It made me sad that the performance closed a day early because we were meant to perform at a different theatre but it didn't happen.

My favourite moment though will always be that simple poke (as in poking someone, a gesture, nothing else, gosh!)


HeyRadialMoon said...

From left to right, Linus (of course),Charlie Brown (the squiggly shirt design gives it away),Schroeder (Beethoven, duh!), Lucy (Idk, maybe that is a Rorchach inkblot?), Sally (because she is a girlie girl and likes flowers and butterflies and junk like that?). Where's Snoopy's?

thatgirlonline said...

Snoopy had a schoolbook? Getouttatown!

HeyRadialMoon said...

There is no doubt!

Chris in the Studio said...

Peppermint Patty was always my favorite. I liked the way she called him Chuck instead of Charlie. She was always off doing something fun to and confident which made her attractive.

Ahhh, good times.

Oh and I don't know why your always knocking your singing voice. It may not be powerful but you have excellent pitch and that is a lot more important. I think if you really wanted to and had some confidence while attempting it you could do it as good as anyone. ITs just a question of wanting to do it no?

Brent said...

You were quite adorable as Linus, Caitlin! :)

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Brent said...

Since I'm here; I will help out my good buddy Tim (HeyRadialMoon) and add some HTML to his link for easy clickability. :P