Thursday, 26 November 2009

Almost Forgotten Days: Thursday 19th & Sunday 22nd

Lately I've been trying to post a thing a day to my Tumblr. I could never remember to ever log in to a site and post something every day, so I've used Tumblr's Queue option and now have a little over 20 images lined up to post.
Tumblr should then automatically publish one picture a day, usually around 11am, but on Thursday 19th and Sunday 22nd, nothing was posted. I don't know why since there were enough images in the queue.
Strangely enough I found it a little frustrating. I know, silly, isn't it? To get upset at a website not doing what it should.
It's just that after writing the words, 'Be Consistent' over and over again throughout many journals and note pads and then to see interruptions in my endeavor made me unhappy.

I do not know why I aspire for so many aspects of my life, insignificant or otherwise to work like clock-work, when clocks serve electricity or some kind of mechanical rhythm, and electricity and rhythm are oft interrupted.
Nevertheless, I feel it is important for me to record Thursday 19th and Sunday 22nd.

Thursday 19th

For some reason, my brain really wants me to record that sometime this week, maybe it was Tuesday night, Molly came over while Felicia and Luke and I were watching films and since it had been a week since we all hung out, it was nice to see everyone hanging out and smiling.

On Thursday, I really don't know what happened. I remember it being stressful, that whole week was, but after the lost work day, I remember feeling very tired. So I took a nap before I had to get dressed and meet the mister who did my taxes and his lawyer friend for dinner.
I showed up on time at the restaurant, Pylos, which served Greek cuisine. I've been reading The Iliad, and though the dishes are obviously advanced from those times, The Iliad has a way of making a shank of some meat simply cooked on a fire sound so delectable, so I was excited to be eating food from the same land that all the terrible deeds and triumphs took place.
The dinner was nice, I found myself talking a lot, straining my voice and not having much to eat... yes, that's right, because I actually wasn't that hungry; My Boss ordered us Chinese food that day. To keep us working and to keep morale up, I suppose. It certainly helped, I love Chinese. Two countries in one day. My tongue is a jet-setter.

Afterwards, I left quickly and found myself texting Molly to see what she was up to and she happened to be walking home at the same time, I then thought, because (for only 5 more days) we live amusingly close to each other, that it would be fun to surprise her and be creepy and, ahem, (this is going to make me look like a creep-something I acknowledge I try hard to do but never want to actually be), stalk her.
I must have been on the phone when she past or maybe she was already home when I was looking for her because after a while I gave up and she flashed her lights on and off and it was funny. It was! Shut up.
So I tottered over there and we talked, which was nice, because I'm usually just gyrating her hip at parties (not exactly and EXACTLY. It's what I do to everyone. You could be dead and I'd probably give you a quick hip bump before calling the cops).
Then we became 14 on a Friday Night and went and got movies at BlockBuster and candy at Duane Reade and we tried to watch Role Models but, alas! it was not that exciting to watch! It's Paul Rudd and David Wayne and we still couldn't sit through it. Instead, we let our minds get a little fucked over by Phoebe in Wonderland.
Watching this little angel of a girl beat herself up was pretty agonizing, but I still really enjoyed it. Elle Fanning truly is a little wonder. Her and her sister will hopefully continue to do some nice movies.
Then Luke came over a little intoxicated from Next New Networks parties and other shenanigans and we went back to our place together and then mucked around and then fell asleep because it was so late. There was a thunderstorm that night and everything felt really peaceful and nice.

Sunday 19th

On Sunday I had trouble getting up and then I started to get really sick and I found out I had left my glasses over in Bedford and I just found myself wasting the day in feeling sick and getting grumpy, and Felicia stopped by because she was thinking of going, but the fact that it would be crowded turned off, which I could totally understand.
So finally, after I had donned some striped socks (hidden) in honor of Tim Burton, I headed over to meet Jake at the F on 2nd Ave at 3:45pm, I don't think I got there until 3:50 though.
I felt terrible on the train and felt bad that Jake had to deal with such a bummer of a companion.
We made our way past the Rockefeller Rockette's matinee crowd and through the courtyard 52nd St to the MOMA.
It was crowded and the lady at the counter informed us that no more people would be admitted to the Tim Burton exhibit due to large crowds and that paying $20 would get you in to screenings, but buying the screening ticket alone got you only that.
A little disheartened, we walked two doors down to the screening building and found that a pleasing amount of Tim Burton's sketches, doodles and large polaroids (something I really want to work out how to do) on display.
I rushed to the toilet, while Jake wandered around. I was probably in the toilet for about a half hour, too much information? Don't worry, nothing too disgusting was going on in there, it was mainly just feeling awful and after a while of just sitting there, the lights in the bathroom were accidentally turned off and nobody turned them on, and I felt very calm, like I was in my own little shell. It made me feel relaxed and I was able to gain enough composure to exit my 'locker' and venture out into the world.
Jake met me with exciting news, he found a way into the exhibit! I plan to one day become a member of the MOMA, so I don't really feel guilty about this. But he led me around a corner and there we were, past the security and in the museum.
We knew we wouldn't get into the Tim Burton exhibit, but I knew that Monet's Water Lilies were on display somewhere and we searched around a few corners until we found it. The art work was amazing, and almost becomes a visual illusion when you look at it from either side. The painting in person was a lot different to the print I had pinned to my wall. I actually thought that maybe I didn't own a print of the Water Lilies but something else, but no, that's it, it's colour has just been heightened.
Then we found some seats for the screening and watched Frankenweenie and Ed Wood and I used my sunglasses to see the films, because they were both in black and white, the polarized lenses actually made the film look cleaner.
I really love the film about Ed Wood. I remember when my Mum was watching it in 2005, I said, 'What are you watching? It looks stupid?' I immediately regretted it after I actually sat down and watched and then watched it again later. And now I know this man who knows one of the last living members of Ed Wood's team and who knows, if I'm lucky, might be a part of the new Plan 9 (I'm not holding my breath) and I felt very happy to be a part of the universe, even just a tiny inch of it.
Jake left Josh and I to wander the halls and then I was off home, where Luke threw my blanket on me and we both watched 3 episodes of Mad Men, while I dipped a spoon in a peanut butter and a strawberry jelly jar. We also had tea. It was a nice ending to a fairly painful day at first.

Ugh... I'm not proud of my writing but I wanted this recorded. I'll add some pictures later.


David said...

Maybe a video-posting frenzy will help the depression a bit. The winter is only just getting started though.

I suppose that Molly wouldn't mind being stalked by you, as opposed to certain "fans" of hers who tend to get a bit "obsessive."

Captcha is slaca. I dare you to do a video or ten. I just bloody dare you.

Chris in the Studio said...

Excitement. :)

Chris in the Studio said...

Actually I sort of feel guilty if I don't leave a comment for you and i did not think I could add much to this topic so I decided to go forth with the sarcasm. Yes the sarcasm! He he. Thanks for the reading though. It is enjoyable despite my sarcasm.

Simon said...

I wonder what being 'consistent' would do for you?

I always thought that it's OK not to be consistent and probably the only way to lead a creative existence.

These blog posts are consistently interesting.


Brent said...

I like how you write; honest, unedited, humourous and very telling without giving too much away.

And @David: Not all of Caitlin's fans & supporters are 'obsessive' - we all know that she is special and unique and that is refreshing to a lot of jaded souls out there on the Web. :)

Dizzknee said...

Ahh, Ed Wood. I think I could recite virtually every line from that masterpiece. It sits at number 6 on my all-time best movies ever list. I often utter the phrase "Let's shoot this #@$%-er" when I want to get moving on something. :P

I would have loved to see that Burton exhibit at MOMA. It's a great place that I haven't visited in years. I have very fond memories of the last time I was there. Perhaps I'll make it out there before April when the exhibit closes.

Thanks for the update, Caitlin. It's always appreciated!

-Earle : )
...oh, and you should be proud of your writing. It's exceptional.

...also, speaking of great films, you should go and see "The Road" which just came out. Fantastic book, and the movie is very faithful to McCarthy's vision.

jmarbas said...

Funny. I was lieing in bed a few weeks ago thinking about that movie. I remember seeing ed wood in the mid 90's with a buddy when it first came out in theatres. That was a lonely depressing time in my life and that move sort of reflected it during that time.

I have just one thing to tell you Caitlin....


Have a great holiday season.

Candy said...

I always tell myself to be consistent but usually I just end up procrastinating. [:

Captain Kundalini said...

We could sing a little song.
How about "Let's Gather Lilacs In An Old Brown Shoe"? :D

Doctor Catsburger said...

Going to Walmart, hope You like roses on Your floral arrangments lol, gotta take a bulb back too,daytime samsung cams stop working in the snow/rain sometimes means Snow Angels someday I guess . I had an account here by this name 5 yrs ago don't know where it went.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

p.ham said...

i personally think it's healthy to let technology drive you up the wall. a very humane thing.


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p.ham said...

sentimentality keeps us all sane.