Saturday, 24 October 2009

Temper, Temper..

*I threw an umbrella at Luke's head because he annoyed me by walking fast out of the cinema and not basking in the cold glow of the Pandorum credits...

...I need to work on my temper...

Or I just need to hit him harder.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm fucking hungry.

*this was also written in late September


jmarbas said...

"IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm fucking hungry."

Im jealous. I wonder what hungry has that I dont =/...oh well...I hope youre not fucking hungry for only 15mins....because that would suck=D

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Wait, does this mean you really DID kick that old lady in the face for judding you? :\

Hitting harder always works too. *runs*

My parents always sit and watch the credits. They say "We payed for them, we're watching them!" So we sit... and watch them. I always wait for other people to get up first before I leave.

Dizzknee said...

It actually really really annoys me as well when people walk out of the theatre as soon as the end credits start. I always think to myself: "What, you have somewhere really important to be? Gotta run out of here as fast as you can??"

That's just one of my MANY pet peeves as a seasoned movie-goer. I usually sit and watch most, if not all of the credits, for a few reasons:

1. It's a good time to sit and let the film sink in a bit.

2. It's less crowded when you leave.

3. There's always a chance for something to be at the end of the extra scene, a blooper, a voice-over, etc.

4. I am genuinely interested in reading the credits, especially if the post was done at my facility, so I can recognize some of the names. But credits like "The Producers Would Like to Thank..." and stuff like that are always interesting. Oh, and I of course love to see that wonderful deluxe logo at the end of film...makes me proud. : )

So yes, in short, I also love to bask in the glow of end credits. :D

Holly said...

Is Pandorum good or is Pandorum good?

thatgirlonline said...

Pandorum is Good, dear Holly. Good fits. That doesn't mean you'll like it or that it's good, but it's good. : )

And Dizzzzydee! :P Awesome stuff man! Glad to see you doing well!

And Bilby - no old lady was harmed in the making of my life : )

mungchacha said...

I hate to tell you this, But I think that the pod people have gotten to you.
You used to be unpredictably funny and spontaneous and now you are blogging the same things that the rest of us are doing in our everyday struggle against our work taking over our lives. I used to eagerly await the next video from you (and Nat and Hugh...the terrific trio from down under) Your videos were one of the things that made life bearable...
Now, you have surrendered to the Work is consuming your life the same as it has taken many others....
Save yourself! Fight! It is too late for many of us, but you still have time to flee
Best of luck...

Edward said...

Hmm, "Temper, temper" eh?

Well lets just say that no matter how hard you hit Luke, always aim for both of his heads, its more effective that way. He'll constantly worry about which to protect first thus giving you the advantage. Muahahaha! *evil laugh but only in good way*

And of course when he's down for the count, take his food. Yeah, that way you won't be soooo hungry. Yes, that's it. ;)


Take care of u! :) xo