Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Paper Tells Me To Set It On Fire

new posts that were initially written a while ago...
My To Do list tells me to do this, even though it is from September 23rd. I want to cross off everything. So here, I dive.

The September Issue

Watching the film with Molly and Luke
In the Landmark Sunshine Theatre,
Fashion comes together as if by a fluke
In clothes I am a naught but an amateur.

Grace Coddington shines with wit and bite,
Anne Wintour commands my respect,
Shaping the world with little respite,
It is truly amazing; the world they affect.

Haha, yes! My To Do List told me that instead of just saying a film was nice or awesome, I must try to review the films with poetry. My knowledge of poetry is strictly limited, thus this shapeless verse. Hopefully my poems about films can only get better... or at least hilariously worse?

But wait, it's not safe! There's more!

Paper Heart
Charlyne Yi almost purposefully awkward and stubborn
Stumbles about on screen
With little affect on my heart strings and
a burning desire to shout,
you fool, love is nothing, it's there!

Diggity done. It's going to feel so good when I slash my pen against the crisp beige paper!

P.S: Also, after seeing Paper Heart, Molly and Sam departed and Felicia and I headed home to play Rock Band, while Brooke, fairly gloomy, craved adventure.

Well, she got it. We had only just seen Butterflies and Ester, the lovely filmmaker and gone out on the town for buttery nipples and then wine at the KGB bar, where two Australians were actually nice for a change...

That's just the backstory, Ester calls us up on Saturday night mentioning the fabulous words, you don't have to pay for anything. This of course, excites us, alcohol and good times out usually being excited. As tired as I was, I decided we should brave it.

A few hours later, two bottles of Belvedere and out table is a little empty, Brooke is well, indisposed and being taken home and I'm wonderfully drunk of my two part vodka drinks and shots and talking to everyone. Felicia, taking on the Mum role hands me a water, and I gladly drink it down.

Watching Brooke err, do her thing, made me feel, well, a little ill myself, and so, out back by the service entrance, I bent neatly down behind the recycables and began to throw up, once, twice, thrice, each time squirting my bottle and the brownish water, washing it away.

I smell a little of puke but the cab is full and I am to stay and party on. I clean myself up, dance, drunk text Jake, and dance and dance, all the while Ester's boyfriend is taking photo after photo of us. "When do I get to see my blackmail pictures?" I joked.

Felicia came back and we continued to dance and laugh and have a merry old time, and then it was getting late and Felicia decided we should go home. I got a reasonable way in the taxi but the stop-starts made me feel sick, so I asked to walk. We walked, I got into bed, death-rattled for a bit and woke up in the morning feeling rather positive about it all.



JoMiMo555 said...

Heh, after a night like that it's always better to walk. Fresh air and exercise help sober you up.

I liked the movie reviews through poetry, you should keep it up!

David said...

I'd heartily recommend Emily Dickinson if you've never read her before.

Dizzknee said...

I hope the hangover wasn't too bad.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Nice rhyming verse :)

"People measure how good things are by how much they mess you up. We need things that are bad for us. You wake up from a party and go 'that was a great night... I can't see... you should've come you would've at least lost an ear!'" - Dylan Moran (something like that)

Have a nice day :)

thatgirlonline said...

David, I must read Emily Dickinson! I am ashamed I haven't yet.

Bilby - *insert my smile and laughter in my head* That's actually really funny, even though my comment sounds sarcastic, I'm being sincere.

JohnnyBeGood said...

Haha, good times. I have a feeling tonight is going to involve outrageous amounts of alcohol and ridiculous amounts of outrageous costumes.

Gotta love Halloween :)