Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cups Of Tea and Empty Pockets

One's Cup of Tea...
  • black sequins (I know, I finally fell for the tricksy trendsetters)
  • chunky silver and yellow bracelets together (it looks surprisingly good)
  • oversize white cardigans (I'm spying on pieces designed by Inhabit, which mainly consists of sweaters and cardigans and the dreams of stay at home mum's, librarians and lonely window sills
I don't have any of these things, just so you know. I just like them.

I have $2.75 and I enjoy acting like the first person in the world to ever be low of money.

Honestly, dramatics aside, I don't find it depressing. I've been through this many times this year and at the end of last year for some time and I only found it frustrating when bills or bank fees or automatic payments came along, other than that, I enjoy searching for ways to stretch a dollar.

  • The .99 cent 'eggs, toast and potato' meal and one of the Gray's Papaya (hot dog) places are really not worth it. I recommend spending a little extra and going to The Great Bagel Shop/Place where they have a dollar coffee and $2 egg on a roll or a bagel for .92 cents.
  • My ideal cheapy dinner is my Shrimp-Flavoured Ramen Omelet. OH. EM. GEE. It's amazing. I'll post a picture of it later, but here's what you do!
  • Break up your Ramen, cover in water, and put in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  • Break 2 or 3 eggs into a cup, mix with a fork, add Shrimp flavouring (or any flavouring), mix and stir in pepper if you like.
  • Oil a frying pan well and set the heat to high, pour in the mix so that it fills the pan then...
  • Pour out the water using a colander (strainer) and toss around your noodles for a bit, then pour them onto one side of the omelet
  • Make sure you've nudged the sides of the omelet to keep it neat!
  • Then use the spatula to fold the omelet over the noodles and let heat for a little longer
  • And then wah-lah, whenever you think its cooked or your stomach grumbles louder, means it time to slide it on to a plate.
  • Add veges if you have them and then munch!
Sweet, ramen-y goodness!


raindrop said...

could you add cheese? or would that just be gross?

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Interesting recipe :)

Oh, the lack of money problem. I need a job so I can take my girlfriend out to a resturaunt next month. With that in mind your stretching the dollar seems like a bigger task which you succeeding at is much better than my achievement. Woot. Good that you don't find it depressing :)

Have a nice day