Sunday, 30 July 2006

The Pajama Game is the game I'm in...

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Auditioned for The Pajama Game today and got the role I went after, chorus. Which, is good because I'll get to do lots of cool dancing and wear different costumes...and finally put into practise the whole professionalism thing that I've been going on about. It is very easy as a chorus member in a show, to get really laid back about it and treat it as nothing much and still do your part, but not give it your all. I don't want to do that for this show...I want to give 110% every rehearsal and just be good in my own right, even as the girl who just dances and says one line. As long as it's spectacular it doesn't matter.

I think the most important part of that day was talking to Trish, who knows Wendy, her sons girlfriend, and she works in Ashmore for ULA, which stands for something but I forget. They need a junior to take over her job, since she's been promoted...and if I'm lucky I might get the job...I'd be even luckier if I got Charlotte...then I wouldn't really have to worry for a, it'd be nice to take a break from stress. EDIT 09/16/10: I'm talking about the role of Charlotte in H20: Just Add Water Season Two. My audition was horrible, I was delusional.

So, I know what I want more...that's for sure.

Must go though, lots to do for tomorrow...have to get up sooo early...ugh, but yay! I'd get up at 3am and run down the highway for Charlotte...yes sirree!

Love Always & Latro The Boiled Kettle and The Clock-Wise Farm Cow.

Love from Charlotte. EDIT 09/16/10: Sigh. Oh Caitlin. Silly girl.

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