Monday, 24 July 2006

I am not going to the UK

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And so life got a whole lot simpler. It was just not working, everything was happening at the wrong time. When I am ready I will go though, if I don't I shall be very cross with myself.

At work today I had this starving guy ask for the thrown out pies and donuts, so I gave them to him and he was really grateful. He kept telling me I was a very beautiful person and how good it was of me to help out someone who would have gone to sleep hungry, then he said to Tony and I that he would bring us both a present.

That part I did not like. I am not that good a person. I am not good like those people who do spend every day of their life helping them. He promised Tony some marijuana. Well, how thoughtful of him. He probably wasn't at all that starving, he probably just had the munchies.

I felt really positive about life and then saw Harry and am now really depressed with it. I need a licence before I get another job. So, that is annoying. Especially because I really do need to get a manual. Boo. But I am going to learn how to cook, so that is one thing.

Oh, and I must enter the Quota Eisteddfod. I'll have to talk to Jo on Wednesday about backing tracks for some songs I need to audition for either The Pajama Game or Bugsy Malone, I should ask Jai what he is auditioning for. Oh, and I must call that lady from the Actor's Playhouse. I am going to audition for NIDA and WAAPA this year, how exciting.

My hobby part of life is all planned out and looking positive, my obligatory part is looking bleak and lifeless...maybe that is how I feel about it.

I actually like the movie Wedding Crashers. I watched it once and thought it was OK. I watched it on my PSP today and it was good. Oh yeah, in anger of the Panic! at the Disco tickets being all sold out, and annoyed that I saved all year for the UK and was now not going, I bought myself a PSP and it is really lovely. Quite swell, yes, indeed.

Anywhoo, it is 3am and in 12 hours I have to be at work again. Woah, that is an annoying feeling.

Love Always and Latro The Pineapple Donut and The Smokey Star Sign

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