Friday, 26 May 2006

...Now, How Can I Beat Him?...And The Past Escapes From The Reaper...

I have been seriously thinking about getting a new job lately. I even gave my friend a resume for where he works; 7/11.

I would prefer a desk job. Not as a career, but just as a job that will pay me better than Blockbuster. Sitting at a desk all day answering phones and typing up memos might sound like hell to you - but not to me, it sounds like heaven. Blockbuster isn't even a hard job, I am just a bit bored with it. EDIT 10/17/10: I was a really big fan of The Office (UK) at the time, so I was a little deluded.

But I'm good at it now. Sometimes.

Last Friday Emily rang me up randomly and we went to her place in the Brisbane suburbs, where she now lives with her two cousins, and then we went to the city. I got Scott his birthday present and we spent a while in Scarab talking to these cuties; it was there closing night and the guys were all dressed up 70's style, quite nice. Emily and I were really sad about Scarab was such a relaxing store!

In the morning we went back into the city, that is where Emily works, and I bumped into AAA Emily, which was really cool. So I got the rest of Scott's present with her and talked to her a bit, but unfortunately I had to go to the train station to get home to get ready for a stupid workshop. But it was still cool seeing her, I've got to text her soon and say 'hi!'

The workshop was boring, I didn't learn anything I hadn't already learnt before. It was such a waste of money and time. I dislike them. Plus I had the suckiest script ever, very short and boring. Ugh, I'm getting mad just thinking about it.

Mum and Darryl came up to Grandma's and we hung out and had a little hurrah before they jetted off to Vanuatu for a well deserved holiday. I went to Scott's birthday party that night, and it wasn't too bad. Scott really liked his birthday present and for once we were able to talk without bringing up the past. I was going to leave early, but all these people left to go clubbing and though I really wanted to go and eat with Emma and Sarah, Scott looked so, I don't know, hurt and annoyed when I told him that I was going, so I felt massively guilty and stayed. I'm glad I did though, I got to spend some nice times with Grant and I got to see Courtney sobbing her guts out in the middle of the hallway over Nick (he broke up with her and they had been going out for...max six months? Not sure...) Supposably she was tearing her hair out and biting her arm, and Nick told me (through MSN the next day - where I helped him out with all the knowledge I've gained from watching other people's relationships (usually on screen)) that the only way he could get her to stop was to let her sleep over at his house, which is interesting. I also realized that the real Scott that I fell in love with in 2003 has vanished and turned into this "hot" Scott, who is obsessed with his hair, and his abs and how "hot" he is (which he is, absolutely). That's not the Scott I loved, sure he still has the same comedic timing and what not...and the same love of music, but it's different.

I also was glad that I stayed because I also found out why a certain couple have lasted so long (11 months! Or is it a year?)...because he can say the slightest not-really-annoyed-just-saying comment to her like "Geez where were you, I've been looking all over for you, holding your drink" and she will turn into a little puppy dog and get all small and be like, "You're not really mad at me are you?" When any one could see he was just joking. I would not of done that...if he is gonna have a whinge, bugger him, if you can both get over it - than there's a great relationship! I reckon that other than the really good parts of the friendship based relationship, I believe they have been together for so long because she let's him where the pants all the time and that the sex is probably good. I don't know now, I guess that isn't the worst thing in the sounded worse in my head than it does here typed out.

Anyway back to Scott. He was telling me to lick his abs because I said he looked hot, I fell asleep on the couch, Grant kissed me on the head, and I woke up to Beck telling me that she would take me home...where as we were driving home we got seriously freaked out when a hitchhiker seemed to loom out of nowhere on the highway with arm held out so far onto to the road that we had to swerve to maintain a safe distance at that speed...we got really spooked. I wondered for a while about if he was okay, why was he on the highway? Where is he now?

Sunday, I got up far too early for the amount of sleep that I had and took Mum and Darryl to the airport. I drove home, had a bit of a scare with a truck, but to no harm. It's not a driving day with Caitlin if there isn't at least one mildly life threatening moment. Then Mum rang and said the plane had mechanical faults and would be put back til tomorrow, and they were given a hotel and then she rang and said the plane was going to go at 1:30am that Monday morning...I had crappy rehearsals that day, and had a big game of Buzz the quiz at Courtney and Tenielle's new house - the house I was going to move into. I stayed up all night and morning until 5.30am - I drifted in an out but I had the lights on and the radio blaring...I felt like a mother. When I heard the news and knew they were safe I fell asleep.

Work has been good this week because Beck hasn't been here, and she's going to manage another store for a while so she won't be here more - harray! Found out I have to miss 4 shows of Hercules because of TGITRD, but they found an understudy - Rhiannon from Phoenix, and I was sooo glad it was her, but I am worried because she is really good and I'm going to have to try really super duper hard now. Will was being really pretend mean, being like, "I'm going to like the new Wanda more" and "The new Wanda is much better than you", but then he was hugging me and telling me he loves me (but in a cool way) and we got on really well, but he definitely knows now that I'm a dork. One Big Dork. One of the cool things about Hercules has been meeting Beth - she is 12 turning 13 and really cool. I had a first impression of her that said, this girl probably wont like you, so I maybe I was wrong with my impressions - which I hardly ever am - or maybe I did something...I remember I complimented her heaps and then we just started talking and she told her friends about me and to come see the show cuz of me, so that's really sweet. She is real mature for a 12 year old...she looks 14/15 to me. We get along really well though, and she came and sat on my lap for ages tonight, it made me feel accepted, which I have never felt when it comes to people younger than me, most these days are very superficial (and I'm talking about 8 year olds too) they can see all the faults you have in an instant and wont hesitate to let you know about them and will then treat you like a lesser human being. This has been my it's cool that I know someone like Beth - who seems like one of the girls that I would be afraid to speak too if we were in the same grade - likes me.

Oh, and I had rehearsals with Seb for his ...damn I can never think of the name when I'm thinking about it...I keep wanting to call it a loop tape...damn. But anyway we had rehearsals for It. And they went really well, Seb and I are really comfortable in rehearsal, we are an acting pair that really connects on screen or on stage, but off stage we can talk about basic things, like acting or ourselves, or him, but other than that I find him really hard to talk too. I find that he constantly talks about himself and gets way to serious for me during conversations about acting. I am serious about it too, but I don't feel like I'm showing off if I discuss it seriously in conversations but he is always doing that...he's making a point as he does it...but I don't care. I don't do that, I keep that for the camera, rehearsal time or theatre...not for a casual conversation about it. I told him something I have never told anyone else before, including my Mother. I told him about how in year 9 and 10, I use to see what I thought was the Grim Reaper and I use to physically run away from it in my house until it would go away...I don't what I saw back then, or if it was anything at all, but to make me run away from it - it was pretty darn powerful. Sometimes I think I still see it sometimes...but I'm older now and try to be more mature about these things and mentally stronger...I just say "no". That way it doesn't get the better of your fear and turn it into something more, something you would run away from.

Anyway the script for this thing, is so cute and by Bryn, so it was cool to spend more time with him. I adore him basically...he is just brilliant. The one person out there that I look up to without thinking, now how can I beat him?

We film this Saturday and I don't have rehearsals for TGITRD so that is great, because I can hang around at my Grandma's birthday for a while and then go off and film - lovely! I'm so excited because we have to kiss! Woo! I just hope that I do brilliantly. It is pretty much a short film that I didn't have to audition for, I have to make it great for Bryn...he seemed really happy with it during rehearsals........ohh, I'm so in love with it! I want it to be a feature film.

I'm gonna go now, too excited and sleepy to spend more time on a computer.

Love Always & Latro The Guinea Pigged Hamster and The Imaginary Lover!

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