Sunday, 19 March 2006

Welcome to Wanderlust!

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Welcome All, to Wonderlust...
Wanderlust means: the desire to travel far away and to many different places - that's what I've got - Wanderlust!
Admitting it, and creating this site is making me nervous - because it's not just a dream anymore. It's a reality, it's going to happen - and I can't wait!
So, when I have finally added all my friends to my new address and msn, Ill delete my space (but copy my blogs before hand) and hopefully you'll all get used to the change...I'm not twinktoes anymore, so it had to change.
Today, I cleaned lots of Blockbuster, got real dirty and sore (thats what HE said, woo!) and rented out the Jurassic Park triology, Fight Club and Yoga & Pilates for beginners. Next week I'm working sooo many hours, and one shift is at Woodridge!
I cooked a steak, but it was a bit too raw.
We didn't have a Charlie Brown show tonight, which is sad. And we're not performing at Sanctuary Cove due to numbers, thats sad too. We are performing at the Home Base tomorrow, last night, hope it goes well.
Cheerio Chaps - Latro - The Big Basket and The Ugly Stocking.

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