Wednesday, 15 March 2006

WiggawiggaWaa - Bebo

I have been working at blockbuster for a while now.
I am quite rich and have enough money for my plane ticket to England. Trying to decide whether to go at the end of the year of the beginning of 2007.
Performing in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown and rehearsing as Mary Warren in The Crucible.
Haven't danced for's like I've completely given up...but I still dance heaps.
Obsessed with Buzznet - better than Bebo, no offence Bebo...
The Astonishing Antelope and the Zany Zebra!

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Anonymous said...

Early summer 2007 is a good time to go to England. That's when the posh proto-lesbic totty come out to play.

The Gargantuan Curly-Whirlies and The Original Flamingo.