Monday, 17 October 2005

Checkup...Grad...and ALL!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

I'm still a Blockblisterer, I now enjoy rehearsals, I've lost my wallet a few times, my Mum recently became engaged - congratz Mumma, I've cried during a car crash demo video, I've missed a lot of skool and been late to skool, this girl Karla isn't being very nice to me, though I do intend to get over it, I'm still single, I recieved a care bear for my bday from Sarah today, I went to her party and had a good time, I wore hooves and poked Scoot in the eye...haha! I hope to be a better student for the rest of term, and listen to people and ask them questions because I realise now that I hardly know any of them, like really, truly, yeah.

I also have to don some ballet pointe shoes and audition for a ballet role in our AAA groups presentation, so that should be pretty nerveracking and exciting. I'm sure Bonnie will get the lead, and I dont mind because she created it, its perfectly fair. I just wanna have fun, thats all. It rained a lot today, which is good, except I think I might be getting a cold, which is not good. I have to send away some QUT stuff and get more stuff done to my formal dress. I also may have a chance of being involved in a short film at Williams Talent, which will be very exciting! I enjoy being single, mostly. The song of the moment is:

Into The Ocean (Calling You) Evermore

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Akuma_W - 17 Oct., 2005 - Delete
hi caitlin, well, when ever you want, i have kinda grown to u not talkin to me lol, over that year you werent there, it sadly enough grew on me, i love all you guys all my friends. your all so great an cool towards me and i thank u all for it, i want ot be able to tell my story, but its impossible, we would have to sit down as u said at night with dirnks cos it would take way to long, i would have to recall everything for u to understand anything, you know and realise that you were the start of me writing, and thanx, i am slowly gettin better lol, not yet good enough but some of my stuff is actualy quite nice, though im not sure what stuff lol :S im wierd, u know that much, love ya caitlin, ladaz

I fall into the ocean,
I fly into the sky
All my broken emotion is slowly drifting by
The further I go into myself
The more I find, then I find,
I need someone else
I am falling
I am calling you
I am falling
I am calling you, calling you, I am
Awake in my bedroom,
my head and my heart
You are above and within me,
and I know we'll never part

But I'm also pretty happy so...

Don't Stop Movin' by S Club 7 fits the bill! Woo!

I have piccies of the QDSE Grad ppl, that I saw on Friday @ their graduation - congratz guys!

They all rocked, and I was so very proud of them. They all screamed and jumped on me when I arrived which was nice...and they had two pics of me in their slideshow, which was so showed that I wasnt forgotten, and I always thought I would be. Take off guys, be stars! SHINE!!!

Anyways, I wanna do well in school so I better get to bed, ugh, sore throat! Peace out all!

Love from The Calculating Pinata (pin-ya-ta) and The Bubbling Wax Heart.

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