Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Napoleon Dynamite & Ramblings

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

EDIT 10/05/10: It took me a while to get use to that sort of humour.

The movie napoleon dynamite is really weird and random.
I have 2 start realising that some movies just tell stories, they dont necessarily mean anything.
I guess napoleon meant something...but they told it differently and well, its just weird.

I have emmas bday present.

I have a new friend - Peggy Sue, she's a Pegasus and has pretty hair and wings and wears a crown.

I also bought the o.c mix 4 and ordered mix 2 and mix thats awesome, having money is awesome.

I also bought meg cabots book - princess diaries. Her books are often written like diary entries and these diaries sound like my diaries, which i call Caitlin Chronicles...i will finish my 5th caitlin chronicle soon, maybe by the end of next month.

School starts soon.

I am going 2 see a movie tomorrow with mitch, jai, leena, anna...and i dont kno who else. ive never really hung out with those people before so thats interesting.

I'll have to transfer money tomorrow.

I got paid for work. so thats pretty neat. I do enjoy money.

I watched a series of unfortunate events again... I wish the movie was funnier though. I still dont think its great, but the special features are pretty awesome. I love watching Jim Carey improvise. A lot of people dont like him, but I really do. He has so much energy, I need to tap into that and bring that to my workshops and stuff, I think I act too laid back sometimes...but there is a fine line 2 having energy and over acting...ah well, it just takes practise. I can't wait to devote my life to all starts next year. oh yeh.

Anywayz I have much 2 do, and by that i mean i dont...but i can do stuff if I want to, gosh! lol...

The Hidden Banana and The Twelve Hungry Piranas

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