Sunday, 18 September 2005

Caitlin is 17 and a Blockblisterer!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

I turned 17 Thursday the 8th of September at 3:10pm! So yeah, I'v been around for 17 years of my life - isnt that crazy? Good, but crazy.

I also spent practically the first few days of my holidays doing work experience and Blockbuster and then became a Blockblisterer! Harray! Its a wish come true. Thank You! Thank You!
So thats pretty awesome.

I've got to get my spirit up for the Wiz. Rehearsals have barely started and I'm kinda over it. But I'm sure its cuz of all the singing and we all know that I dont like that very much. I'll get over it.

The Beenleigh Show was pretty lame, so small, no ferris wheel and strong winds. Kinda sucky. I was asked to babysit one day for Amanda's kids - I thought thatd be pretty cool. I hope it happens.

Umm...I'm still obsessed with the O.C. And to me, the second season is now just as good as the 1st season. I really like it.

I have some pictures to put up on my site, from my bday and stuff. Theres alot! So it should be interesting to view...AND...hopefully everyone will get a copy of the bday dvd...kind of like a late goodie bag! LoL.

All I went on at the Beenleigh Show was the Haunted House and I went on that with Melissa and Kimberly. They're pretty cool for young kids so thats cool. Also it has been discovered that Carnies are a type of Rat people... EDIT 10/05/10: That's a terrible thing to say, but there were certain regulars at the Beenleigh Show Grounds who just happened to kind of look like rats, with the way their face was shaped and their teeth... We were also ignorant arseholes, so that helped. thats what Scott discovered and I thought it was amusing. So yeah. But I noticed that alot of them werent as Ratty as they usually are!
The kids this year had teeth and nice clothes...the parents were still kinda ratty though. I cant believe how different we all are. It's good, but its like...woah. A thought like that could break your brain. LoL. Anyways...I decided to set the balloons from my party free instead of waiting for them to die or popping them.

So I did. And I have pictures of it. Most just headed south down the road...but i do intend on going South so thats cool. I was setting my 16 year old self free, but also sending out my balloons for some kind of positive spiritual thingy. I dunno, it was cool at the time. AND STILL IS! LOL.

Anyways, so here are the pics.

I hope the holidays are good and groovy...and then school is sooo short!!! WOW! We have to get schoolies organised...its rather annoying. Id rather go overseas. Bah humbag. But other than that, things are pretty swell.

Oh and a shout out to Courtney and Nick for the lovely bday present and all the trouble they went to get it! Thanks guys. Thanks to everyone for all your lovely prezzies, you are all so very sweet! MWAH to you ALL!

Love The Bobbing Discus and The Penniless Sitar Player!

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