Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Intellectual Devotional: Modern Culture Checklist

If you want to read another new blog, I finished a blog that was meant to be posted in August. You can read it here, it's about adventures to Governor's Island and this one is about Halloween.

This new blog is lame on purpose. Be excited.

I recently finished my devotional on Modern Culture! I could not keep it to one page a day, the entries were too interesting. So I started reading 8 or more each time I could lay my hands on it, and so, have finally finished. I've owned the book for well over a year, I'm sure, but I'm still proud.

So here's a recap and a test of what I've learned from this devotional. I'm going to try to summarize one thing I've learnt about each entry without reading the page. Ready? Go!

Sigmund Freud - a psychologist. I currently own his The Interpretation of Dreams, which is his most popular work. Popular for making people realize they like their mothers more than they should and that they also like penises probably more than they should.

Crime and Pun--

THIS IS A STUPID IDEA. Why do I want to spend my time trying to summarize it? You could just read the book for yourself and I could read it whenever I needed to check up on something.

I'm really frustrated right now because I've been staring at pictures of YouTubers all day because I have to make this Keynote presentation, and I have spent sooo much time now summarizing these peoples lives and talents and adding up their view counts and all that stuff for years now, and it's actually really depressing because I'm so over it. I like and respect all these people but I don't want to spend anymore time writing about other people living there lives.

A little bit down today = smearing peanut butter on a cracker and then walking around the room in a circle while eating it until you get back to where the peanut butter jar is and repeating this action several times.

I keep telling myself things will get better.


Victoria said...

Ooh, cool! I'm reading "Sociology" by Anthony Giddens, which I think covers a lot of the same topics, but in a drier way. And, well, Freud seems like kind of an arse.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that caitlin. enjoying your blog posts - feel better!

EarleWidrich said...

They will.

Chris in the Studio said...

It doesn't get much better then peanut butter and crackers. Saltines or ritz. Doesn't matter. I think I lived off that shit last week, or sometime. :)

Chris in the Studio said...

Actually, I'm wrong, crackers and cheese does seem a little better, but only when you don't have it. I also find that jam on crackers can give the illusion of being better, but only when you are sick of peanut butter.

Anonymous said...

Cool and accomplished - that is what most people say about you.

taktin said...

Caitlin, why do you think Youtube blew up although there were other online video sites before it? I thought maybe you looked into this sort of thing at your old job.

And have things gotten better? Are you feeling better? Whichever is more important...