Thursday, 17 March 2011

Read 2010

Read 2010: The beginning of my journey back into the joy of reading again. The list for 2011 is probably going to much, much longer. I can hear you all saying, "yay, tell us more!" Ok... settle down.

Also, I think this Amazon feature is convenient and cool, please don't take this as a massive ad, because it's not. I don't even know how the program actually works, I just like the idea of easily linking books for you to add to your wishlist!

Schott's Original Miscellany, I was amused to see recently that Jenny in Gossip Girl is reading this book the morning after she is attacked by Chuck in the first episode. If it was on Gossip Girl, then you know it's quality. That sounds sarcastic, but I'm totally guilty of loving so much stuff that is featured on Gossip Girl. Though I'm glad I owned this book before seeing it on Gossip Girl. It's a great little read too. I read it cover to cover instead of just flipping through randomly, and I found it quite delightful, full of facts that don't really matter except to the Regency Era version of me sitting in the corner of my mind pretending she is Jane Austen.

The Book Thief, this book will smash your heart.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so happy I finally read this book after the seeing the film many times and having owned the book for over a year. I was impressed at how closely the film followed the book. I am looking forward to reading more of his works and reflecting on them again when I brush up on more history of that time.

Looking for Alaska, I believe Paper Towns was my favourite John Green novel, though Alaska is most certainly worth the praise that it receives. Quite heartbreaking and frustrating.

Frisco Pigeon Mambo, someone sent me this and it was quite funny. Reading a pigeon's thoughts. I feel like this is one of those books one should read when they are still grotty and 12, however the references are more pleasing when one is older.

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, Michael was reading The Walking Dead and the series was coming out and so I thought I'd check it out. It was OK. A little awkward at times, but still a great concept. I was impressed how the series was able to stretch out the first issue for the whole season.

Jane, I'm not sure what this is.

GQ/Jan, now this magazine or at least, this issue was good! This was the issue with Rhianna on the cover and they had a page about different lunches you could make and I fell in love. Ripped it out of the borrowed magazine and still have it now. I can't wait to follow their lunchtime instructions.

Glamour/Aug, this magazine was lying on the floor of Michael's room. God know's why. Whatever. Anyway, I wanted to see what a Glamour magazine was like and I wasn't surprised. More sex and other stuff that I find completely trivial.

Deathnote #1, I'd be interested in seeing how this story plays out. It's about a boy who picks up a book that's used by those that control who dies, and he starts using it himself, killing off murders he see's on TV.

Detroit Metal City #1, I bought this for my brother's birthday, but wanted to make sure it was OK first. It's quite funny, but possibly offensive to those who either like light music or dark music. I ended up keeping it and sent James a different present. I give it to him sometime... but I also think I may have left it in New York. Hmm...

Paper Towns, I read this after purchasing a copy at VidCon. I loved the passion around the nerdfighters and though I should properly join the bandwagon and read the book. John Green had also helped me out a bit, just by being nice, during VidCon and so it's my only way I can repay him.

Eat Pray Love, I was quite excited about reading this book. I first saw it in my friends room back in April 2009 and found myself quickly reading through the first few pages and enjoying it. I finished it on a plane on the way back from VidCon, and it was OK. I didn't find her revelations as incredible as others might, because I already had those revelations and I also found her attempt at humour a bit embarrassing at some points. She also seemed to be a bit annoying at times, which means, she must be honest because so many of us are annoying.

And Tango Makes Three, I read this in the Barnes and Noble on 17th St because I know these people! They're charming and amazing and this book is incredible. Recently their work was featured in the Museum of Sex!

the perks of being a wallflower, now being turned into a film. Read this before you see the movie so we can all possibly feel enraged! I'm just kidding, I'm sure they'll create a lovely adaptation. I'm worried about this book. I think I lent it to a friend, it was a used copy, but still, I want it. I could often see myself in the lead character, and I think that's why it resonates with so many people.

Dance Spirit/Feb, oh, you know, just another magazine to make me feel guilty for giving my life's ambition up. I desperately want to get back into dancing, but I need the funds to train and am without right now... still. A great magazine for the younger crowd because DANCE magazine was always far too serious for me when I was younger.

Nylon/Feb, you can't call this a teen fashion magazine, despite the teens in it, because I don't think they could get away with putting ads for cigarettes in it. That's the only thing I don't like, that they've left American Spirit or whatever it's called place ads in it's magazine. I think that's very wrong of them.
Anyway, I love Nylon. I had the Nylon front desk experience before they put a lock on their front door (surely not because of me! haha) and it was amazing. The two girls were so nice and an excellent representation of what the magazine claims to be. I'll subscribe again when I can afford it.

TeenVogue/Mar, I like Teen Vogue. Fashion-wise I find the pieces in this magazine more inspiring than those that are selected for Women's magazine. The articles can actually be quite lame, though, which is disappointing and it's the only magazine that I could possibly trade in my desired life for a life of high-consumerism purely just to fight against the large majority of pointless articles. I'm sure it's not the topics or the age-target, but just the format. The best teen fashion magazine out there though, I've checked. This does treat their audience fairly seriously and is doing it's best to not be totally disney-fied.

Empire/Feb, I think this was a good issue, though maybe it wasn't from 2010. It was an inside look into the films coming out with some amazing pictures from behind the scenes of some classic films. This is a magazine I would subscribe to if I could.

Will Grayson Will Grayson, my very own Advanced Reader's Copy! I was so excited and made John Green feel awkward, because plenty of people get them, but it still meant a lot. I owned Paper Towns but hadn't read it so Will Grayson was my first John Green book (with David Levithan, yes, of course.) It was brilliant and the references were intriguing, and I started another list, but was soon swept into the story once I things started to get really shocking!

Real Simple/Jan, I would borrow these from the lady of the house and indulge in neatness and organization and recipes. I still have some recipes and they are really, really good. I don't like the consumer side of the magazine, but I do appreciate the constant quest of organizing every single possible thing in the Universe.

The Iliad, an epic chore. Yes, there are some really beautifully written passages, which is why the book is totally dog-eared, but it really was a challenge to complete it and I still think Achilles is a whiney bitch.

Have you read these books? What are your thoughts on them?


Victoria said...

As a booklover (no kidding, my yt username is ThatBookGirl) this post simultaniously made my heart sing with joy and created an intense desire to raid your bookshelf.

davidlefool said...

The Amazon thing seems to work this way:

It's easy to build Amazon affiliate links or banners and earn money. When you add these links or banners to your web page, and visitors to your page click on the them, you earn up to 10% of all purchases made during their shopping session.

Nothing wrong with doing this on yer blog of course. Caitydork has to eat like doze rich folks do too y'know.

taktin said...


It's clear you have excellent taste in other people's words and that you also manage time very well when you want to. I can say neither about myself. I am however having trouble seeing you as a wallflower. Honest certainly; a bit crazy, perhaps, and definitely capable of beating up several football players at once, but 'wallflower' will require a little elaboration on your part. I have never looked into anything else on the list except the Iliad, which I've long forgotten everything about except it being riveting. Something like Teen Vogue I would just feel (and be) pederastic checking out. Which is honestly a little unfair. Recently, when I was mingling with a bunch of kids getting snacks from a vendor right outside a high school, I alone was looked at funny and called 'sir'. So much for having been a wallflower my entire life...

Anonymous said...

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