Thursday, 23 December 2010


I must distract myself!

One of my first entries into the Notepad App on my iPhone was made one thousand and thirty-two days ago on February 25th, 2008 at 11:30 PM.

The note included one word, Laurick. UPDATE: LAURICK IS LORICK, fashion designer.

I obviously was trying to remember this name, this thing, to investigate at a later date. My whole life seems to revolve around investigating things at a later date. Always tomorrow and never now.

Anyway, enough self-pity, who or what is Laurick?

Typing 'Laurick' into Google didn't help. Only last names of lawyers, students and a model.

Typing 'Laurick' into Wikipedia didn't make it any clearer either. Wikipedia simply suggested that I was possibly trying to find someone named Laurich. Either Hildegard Laurich, a "German classical contralto singer", or Tom Laurich, an Australian rower.

I can't see myself wanting to research a rower further and unless I was listening to some music that I wanted to remember, I'm sure it's not Hildegard either.

Laurick Zerbini?

The Laurick Name of History from

I thought I would find out while writing this blog and I haven't. I resolved to ask Twitter. Maybe someone there will know. I have a feeling it might have something to do with a fashion label on Gossip Girl, but I've obviously got the name wrong because "Laurick+Fashion" doesn't turn up anything either. Does anyone know what I'm thinking of?


Ohhh I'm about to read the book thief too. Did you like it?:) Aww are you back in Oz for good? I am so glad you are blogging lots again. I love reading them :)

I really enjoyed The Book Thief. I found the ending very painful and found myself wishing very hard for an ending that did, thankfully, come true. I cried so much for the last fifty pages or so. I was half way through the book when I started reading yesterday evening. I went to sleep at 10. Started reading just before 8 and was puffy, red-lipped and red-eyed, my green eyes glowing out of my face just after 10 AM that morning.

They say a good book leaves you broken-hearted at the end... and this book certainly did.

I'm hopefully not in Australia "for good" as I'd never want to be anywhere for good, but I don't really feel willing to leave for a while.

Are you coming back to the US?
By Captain Kundalini on HayleyGHoover on 12/20/10

I do hope to return to the US, but only for projects and not to live, at least not for a while. I hope this can work out. I hope I can work in the US again.


Greg said...

There you go. You just spelt it wrong.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I do that too. I once wrote down "mahedosat" and I googled it years later and nothing came up. I thought it was a cryptid (it was written next to other cryptids) and I actually got a famous author and expert in the field (Loren Coleman) to tell me himself that he had no idea.

But yeah, I figured you might have misspelt it so a round of applause to Greg for the possible answer!

Anonymous said...

Laurick is the last name of my grandfather; immigrant from Hungary. His English was poor so they spelled our last phoneticly. He had 10 sons and raised his children near Pittsburgh, Pa. Consequently, there are now a large number of us Laurick's all over the country.

Sally said...

You know what book left e unable to breathe because I cried so much? Handle with Care. Such a good book, but it made me want to punch Jodi P in the face :(

Anonymous said...

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taktin said...

I don't know what a Laurick is, but what do you think of this video?