Monday, 10 January 2011

Things I Like

I found some crumpled pieces of paper amongst the belongings I brought back from America. After smoothing out the wrinkles, I saw that I had compiled a list, and suddenly a faded memory of sitting at my desk at work one day, writing things down that I liked because I kept forgetting what I did like... and it felt like I was forgetting myself.

EDIT: Before you throw up while reading this, scroll down to see my thoughts.

Things I Like

(in order of how I wrote it down at the time)

Banksy's art, Dali, Picasso, Monet, Gogh
Chinese food (weird transition, right?)
Big windows
Coke Cola (not anymore, I'm trying to resist it)
Fairy lights
Cleanliness (and my room here now is proof of that! Success at last!)
Uniball Vision Elite Pens (Yes. I did actually write this. My favourite kind of pen, so much ink...)
Ryan (judging by the people listed here, this must be early 08? During the days of Brooklyn hangouts and Rock Band sessions and me being a total loser, ugh)
- then the pen changes colour... -
Clean clothes
Black nail-polish
Colourful "
Dark blue
Red hair
Bright eyes (not the band)
People who are smarter than me
Wearing clothes for the first time
A messy appearance
Art galleries
Central Park
Local beaches in Qld
Summer, Autumn, Spring
Winter fashion
Funny people
The Beatles
The Killers
Faith No More
The Smiths
David Bowie
Alternative music
Strings (guitar, violin, cello)
Walking the streets of NYC at night
The smells of the good kebab vendors on Broadway & Houston
Female cab drivers
French pubs
Bike riding in Paris
Reading: history, science, fiction, modern, classic, philosophy, bios
Cook books
Friends over for dinner
Making lists (O RLY?)
An empty inbox
Long emails from Emma
Flirting through text messages (kind of, sort of, don't like to do this anymore)
Liking boys secretly even though I know they'll never like me back
A crowd of people whispering quietly
Going to class
Taking notes
Coffee and baguettes or croissants and au lait chocolat
French pop music (whoa, way to be a young adult, Caitlin)
Germany (though I've never been)
The mystery surrounding olde missing people
Last Words 
Arts and Humanities courses at NYU (at least I like the look of them, since I've never applied)
iPhone Apps and Widgets (mmm, interest for these is close to zilch now)
Listening to new music that I like
Letting other people talk
Watching people interact, especially if they are courting each other (oh whoa, creep-o)
Basic Psychology
Rock Band
Staple-like stores in clothing, bath/beauty, stationery (Muji, perhaps?)
Outdoor music concerts
Buying tickets to events
Running late
New Opportunities
Reading plays
Acting workshops
Film and the art behind it
Being an extra on set and watching the crew move together like one living organism (whoa, romanticize the industry much, Caitlin?)
Actors (err, not really...I'm clearly growing up)
Oddball people on the street


Well, if that wasn't a big pile of adolescent crap, I don't know what is. It started out kind of sincere and then I think I became self-conscious of the list-making and over-thought it. Blargh.


Anonymous said...
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Sean Sedgwick said...

I came here to tell you how silly it was that you think this list is stupid, but then I realize had I done the same thing and read the list back I would feel the same way about it and I've now decided that somehow this comment was more appropriate.

I still love you!!

Sidsel said...

I know the feeling, but on the other hand, should you just pretend to not like weird/artsy things? It's like using plain language even though you love words - just because people will accuse you of talking out of your ass or trying to sound smart.

aleks said...

"Alternative music" + "Montmartre" :

Devon said...

Check out Brian Eno, I think you'll enjoy him.

Axel in Montreal said...

That is interesting, whatever you may think yourself, Ma'am. The one probably universal item is "People who are smarter than me" - has something to do with Darwin (whether or not you intend to reproduce - you know, the peacock's tail is seen by everyone, not just prospective mates). But I do not understand how you reconcile a messy appearance with new clothes and cleanliness. Whatever. I shall heat up a croissant and make a café au lait in your honour.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Hell yeah for pens, red hair and strings. Hoorah for success at cleanliness!

Your list didn't strike me as adolescent, some are quite nice things to like :)

Jer said...

"Flirting through text messages ....."

WOW Caitlin! we have sOooOOoOoOoo much in common...

I too like flirting with sexy, attractive austrailian females list blogs through comments...

...hmmmmm interesting...

Doctor Catsburger said...

Darn, I didn't make the list :)

Jer said...

oh. i forgot to mention one tiny thing in my earlier comment.

Your last vid is crazy. it made me LAUGH MY ASS OFF as i watched it over and over again on friday and now my coworkers know that i surf the net at work


thanks A LOT

SteVeo said...

Love it!

Simon said...

cool list
some of those things feel weird. They seem alright, like I should also like them, but really I don't...

Julie said...

French pop music - So Frenchy So Chic, yes? :) And... :)