Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I can't find my journal. This makes me nervous. I'm sure I've probably misplaced it, but since I have a tendency towards paranoia, I sometimes wonder whether someone has taken it for some late-night reading... But why? No, Caitlin, you've just misplaced it. You probably hid it somewhere and have now forgotten where your hiding place is.

I miss my journal because apart from updating on foursquare of places I've been too or taking pictures, I don't really feel like I'm recording my time here well. I could say my last days here, but I don't think these will be my last days in New York.

Last night was amazing. A friend of my friend had reserved seats for him at Whiplash, the free show that plays each Monday at the UCB Theatre and I couldn't remember the last thing I had seen at UCB (something with Jake probably, but what? Who knows?)

I sat down with a PBR and expected to be tickled but not really impressed, but wow, I didn't know how amazing these comedians were going to be - and how could I? I hadn't read the line up.

I have not yet seen enough stand-up shows to start commenting on acts without sounding like a total fraud, but of all the performers (Hannibal Buress, Louis Katz, Sheng Wang, Louis C.K., Seth Herzog, Jessi Klein and Donald Glover) that entertained us that night, Sheng Wang, Hannibal Buress, Louis C.K., and Donald Glover had me laughing the most.

I was so surprised when they announced Louis C.K. and the audience was too, because I don't think a lot of people knew he would be there, and he was amazing. I loved how casual his performance was, with his notepad out and his tangents, but that made it all the more special.

His bit about technology that went viral online stuck with me for a long time and this time he helped me confirm that shutting down more of my online accounts is definitely the way to go. He also made me miss my journal, since he himself has decided to stop writing on the computer because he finds it too distracting, and I do too. I can't get anything done without getting hundreds of completely pointless things dones before.

I've been up since 8am and yet I have hardly accomplished anything except for minor Social Network activities. It's pathetic and frankly, alarming, and I don't want my life to be caught up in it all that much.

"Fuck you, just a little bit, sweetheart, fuck you."

- Louis C.K.

Sheng Weng had me shaking with laughter, he was just wonderful, and Donald Glover was such a surprise because I think I had just seen some clips of him at Ad Week and, of course, from some episodes of Community. Not to forget where I first saw him, on YouTube in the comedy troupe Derrick Comedy. I remember subscribing to them back in 2006. Look at well he has done!

Afterwards we met my friends friend and had a drink and some of the comedians who had performed were there, including Donald Glover, at one point I felt like saying, "Great show/set" but without any introduction or anything worth his time to say afterwards I didn't bother. I probably should have. I should have just committed to being a fan, maybe if I was positive that I remembered him from Derrick Comedy, which I wasn't until this morning, I could have been like, "YouTuuuube!" but ah well, no loss for him, I'm sure.

A lot of the comedians seemed to touch on getting older and being more responsible, and though I myself have no inclination to get responsible by having children, waking up early in the morning does make you feel like a responsible person who should at least own a pet or something.

That's how I felt this morning after I had grabbed some breakfast and spent a good 15 minutes at CVS making sure I bought the cheapest deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and moisturizing lotion. The act of being awake and being cheap somehow brought on this idea that maybe a pet could further my progress. I've decided, for the animal's sake, that that was a terrible idea.

However, responsible I am clearly not, I am so behind on everything and writing this silly blog doesn't help.

Here's an abrupt endi-


EarleWidrich said...

Yeah, I tend to find comedians funnier in person then on t.v. or whatever...even though I haven't been to a show in a really long time. I missed Gervais when he came here as well as Conan. Oh well, maybe next time. The last comedy show I saw was Jon Stewart (spelled it right this time), and he was hilarious. That was a fun night.

Anyway, I'm sure your journal will turn up, and I like the new blog design.


Greg said...

If I were you, I would start searching for the journal somewhere in Germany...

Regarding the early rising and responsibility... I remember back when I was in college (the first time), waking up over an hour early once, and eating breakfast, drinking some coffee, and reading the newspaper before class. That one day, I felt completely grown up and responsible. Of course I never did it again, and went back to waking up 10 minutes before class (on the good days). But there it was.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I remember waking up early once and skipping the hours of pointless social networking. I got things DONE before the time that my day usually STARTS. Being responsible was weird :\ The day just kept going on and on... I managed to fit both work AND procrastination in all to one day.

Ah, Donald Glover! I too am a fan. He has come so far from his humble youtube roots :) DerrickComedy's feature film "Mystery Team" is brilliant! You should've gone to say hello to him.

Greg said...

Find it yet?

sdddlt said...

Greg seems very interested in your journal... just like me. I don't have a pet by the way.

Anonymous said...

Why do you like making going up to someone your a fan of, or someone who's work you respect, more complicated than it needs to be?
You don't have to have an entire conversation planned out to go talk to people youre a fan of.. geez. Otherwise you're going to be writing or saying that alot more.
Just go up to whoever it is next time and stop overthinking it so damn much. haha

Jer said...

Caitlin, I have a comment to make about your abrubt en