Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Social Network & Aphrodisiacs

This week I felt like I spent a lot of time horizontal.

I finally deciding on a school only to find out it will be almost impossible to study and survive and that I'd have to wait until January to apply and by then my VISA would be over so I'd only be able to apply as a Student and I could only work on campus.

I decided to just go back home.

My application for a Green Card is preliminary, anyway. The lawyer wanted to see a bio and my previous application to see whether it would be worth our (read: his) time.

My travel plans also changed. I can't afford Canada. My Mum was right. But Emily in Santiago is still a-once-in-a-lifetime thing, so, yes Santiago.

I saw The Social Network twice. On Thursday with iJustine and MGM - who were in town for a panel for AdWeek and DeStorm shortly before he moved to Los Angeles.

I really enjoyed this film. The Tilt-Shift used in, what I like to call, Part Two, of the film was awesome to see on the big screen, since I've only seen it on Vimeo-sized screens beforehand.

Andrew Garfield was a delight and I knew that he was definitely on his way to being a "Star" - later I found out he was chosen to be Spider-Man in the new series of films, so I have the eye for these folks... like all the hundreds of other no-names in Hollywood. Sigh.

I saw it again the next night with Jen with this big crowd of tech nerds. Jen said Twitter or someone was there with a case of beer. Whatever. A girl lost her phone but it was quickly returned. Afterwards I went with Jen to have an egg cream and we discussed the future. She told me it's all about trial and error, but I told her that because I do not have the convenience of being a citizen, I don't have the luxury of wasting time on trial and error.

Leaving for Australia seems more and more like the best idea. I really want to audition for WAAPA. However, seeing pictures of old friends makes me not want to go back... not because there is anything wrong with them, but because there is something wrong with me.

There's a quiet fear of feeling like a failure for returning, a fear of once again feeling like an outsider. To return when so many of my friends are overseas...

On Saturday I went with Dr. Johnson to St Marks at what became my favourite Japanese restaurant, too. Afterwards we bought cheap bottles of shots and cans of coke and mixed them with our drinks while watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas at midnight at the Sunshine Theatre. Afterwards we went to a bar... though I do not remember it.

On Sunday, slightly hungover, we had Big Daddy's for breakfast, though it was probably well after 2 by the time we at there... maybe even near 4! I saw my nails and they were dirty. Fingers get so dirty in New York.

Afterwards I met Molly to go the Museum of Sex, which was interesting and funny and I felt a little immature. The Anime of the threesome was kind of hot in a very... juicy way... I mean a sexist way. Yeah. Ugh.

Afterwards we went downstairs to this Aphrodisiac bar and we each chose a drink with different qualities. Mine was apparently good for productivity and it tasted nice too, but I didn't see any grand leaps in productivity that night or the days that followed.

We meandered around Eataly and the Madison Square Market and decided on Tapas for dinner at this restaurant on 19th that I had always wanted to go too, because of the beautiful chandeliers hanging up all around. Music began to play and people danced and danced, almost a little too wildly.

I vowed no more late nights! My vow was quickly broken.

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