Thursday, 28 October 2010

Silly Diet

Dear Diet,

You need to stop being so silly. M&Ms for breakfast and lunch? A bagel stick with cream cheese and cucumber at the last minute for dinner? Your Boss making a grilled cheese sandwich at 2am (the Internet never sleeps) for you because your bank wasn't working to let you buy soup is okay, but standing hopelessly in the kitchen beforehand just staring at goods and not knowing what to do with them is pathetic.

Stop doing this okay?

You're meant to snack and eat at least three meals a day. How do you expect to even get through a dance class without almost throwing up at the end if you don't have the right nourishment within to keep you going?

You're silly and your owner, Caitlin, is also silly... actually I don't know who I'm talking to anymore, but you better start eating like an adult woman, else I'mma smack a bitch. That bitch is you.

You're not in college. You're not allowed to eat this way.

Aching Back.


"Batman FOREVER?" Why that one to the exclusion of all the others?

It was the first Batman film I saw in the cinemas and it was awesome for my age. Jim Carrey? HILARIOUS to me. Val Kilmer? TOTALLY HOT, OMG. Nicole Kidman? SO PRETTY, wow. I liked all the bright colours and the frivolity of this bad, bad world. It was fun. The rest are too serious. I definitely would have been an avid watcher of the campy version of Batman back in the 60s. At least my favourite isn't Batman & Robin - that would have really been a crime.


davidlefool said...

Caitlin broke the bank
with her insatiable

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I agree, that diet is silly. Be determined aching back! Don't take s*** from anyone, you get what you want!

Cadisawi said...

I think my aching back may use this post against me at some future date.

J.S said...
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Jer said...

Happy Halloween Caitlin!! What did you dress up as?

i personally think you would make a pretty good lolita wearing one of these sleazy garments...


ofcourse, while also wearing slutty eyeliner and glossy red lipstick smudged on your in the 1997 movie...

..and then wearing one Wide Eyed Sock on a Failed Mission to Mars Sock on one leg...and a different One Eyed Sock on a Failed Mission to Mars Sock on the other leg.................=/

uhoh =/.... now im turned on...

Why u do this to me Caitlin?!??


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Or out of spite or Jer you could be a self-conscious nun with no immune system so they live in a bubble. Bubble nun. More "Can't touch this" than MC Hammer with wings.

Dune1985 said...

Nice blog. It's interesting and quite expressive. I used to eat like crap too a few years back. Now though, I am Paleo so I can't really sympathize with your crappy diet. If you want to see an example of an optimal diet and healthy way of living then please mozzy on over to This site has ample information that you might find helpful. Now, regarding Batman Forever, it was the first Batman Movie I ever saw on the Big screen as well. Why 'Forever'? Because it's totally Boss. Agree that Batman&Robin sucks, although I like the darker ones as well. Forever is an awesome film, but of course, no where nearas good as Frank Herberts Dune (the original; not the crappy Susan Saran-wrap remake). Sayonara, Rad Chick.

Jer said...

Answer: Cock Robin

Question: Whats that you're putting in my mouth Batman?

i heard this one in the 80's so SUE ME

Chris in the Studio said...

Eating better will give you more energy to do all the things you love like playing twister with campy bat girl and cat woman (in my case).

I don't prescribe to the 3 meals a day thing. I only eat when I'm hungry and it works out just fine though I do require several naps during the day, hmmm, :).
Every one has a different metabolism so just put good healthy things in your system and don't worry about how much or when and soon you will be bataramming with like a champion.

Jer said...

I keep forgetting to mention this Caitlin, but if you have trouble with being addicted to the Internet then search for the leech block firefox add in. It works so well for me in stopping me from surfing when I shouldnt. The problem is if you have other browsers installed then you will inevitably get around leech block and use them to surf instead. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how many calories that adds up to.

I eat what I want whenever I want, but I count the calories and try to stay within my target.

What does your hair look like?

-Nosey Bub

Jer said...

I just reread this "You're meant to snack and eat at least three meals a day." im glad someone is 'meant' to eat that way...just not meeee