Wednesday, 10 March 2010

If I Don't Make It To America (RADA)

...then remind me of this.

The ending of my VISA is looming ahead and my heart pounds at the thought. I mostly would love for it to renewed, but I also can't help making plans for what I would do if was not to be realized.

I have Three Plans, The American Plan, The Australian Plan and The United Kingdom Plan.

I'm not going to give away these ideas here, not yet anyhow, I am instead going to record a goal that I may forget if my browser happens to crash... and since I have well over forty windows open in each of my browsers (Firefox and Safari) that is most likely to happen. So for now, I am dumping, and I recently organized my blog posts, so this seems like a safe place to... place it.

If Britain was the closest I could get to New York again, then I believe I would investigate the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

I've heard stories of a number of people going there for short courses or the Summer, and I definitely could see myself doing something similar. It'd be lovely to do something like that now, what with a large majority of my friends or gallivanting around the Northern Hemisphere now, but there is very important work to be done here in New York, so, it would have to be 2011, if the VISA is not renewed or (even better) if it is renewed and I somehow magically work hard enough to earn a trip to study in the UK.


A one-week course from 10-5 each day in April.

I've done plenty of Intro to Film/TV courses and though it is mostly inspiring and you'll learn a number of new things. It's not something one should revisit as much as I have (due to sheer lack of confidence to move on to the next level... but mainly because there are hardly any good classes that aren't "an introduction." So, it is also always kind of boring.

You usually get handed a shoddy script from something made-up or out of a text book or something the teacher has auditioned for and you spend a few days or hours learning some pointers and then you go for it, and then you get all these strangers telling you that you did good or badly and pointing out the tiniest things you did that they really loved or just didn't like.

I've always found these courses the most helpful when you're watching. Sure, you learn by doing, absolutely, but sometimes you are kind of nervous and it is hard to give your best. When you're able to sit back and watch the other actor lose it in front of the camera, sometimes the best lessons come from those moments.
Especially if the person is really bad or especially good. You never really learn much from someone who is just okay. Other than hoping that you can give more than they did.

So, I would apply if I had 700 pounds lying around. No one should ever stop reintroducing themselves to their chosen craft... just don't do it as often as I do. Yikes.


This is an eight-week course from June to July that excites me quite a bit. An in-depth dip into the works of Shakespeare and this,

"Each participant is allocated, for the duration of the programme, a personal tutor, with whom they will meet for one to one feedback. There are classes in voice, speech, sonnets, verse and language and style.

Alexander Technique is taught as a basis for comprehensive physical skills work that includes movement, stage fighting, period dance and improvisation."

Personal Tutor? AWESOME!
Alexander Technique? My favourite!

You are required to auditon, unlike some of the other courses, which takes place in-person in New York. It also costs nearly 5000 pounds, but it does seem brilliant.

Maybe I'll be able to work towards it and save my pennies... if I get in, of course. Imagine me now, pulling on neck-tie...


Quite famous and has been around for over 30 years and consists of a full 25 day immersion into "developing the actor."

You work as a company, and aside from the acting sessions are, "Supporting the acting sessions, there are classes in speech, physical performance, sonnets, text, stage combat, period dance and clown."

You have to have full monologue prepared and ready to show to the class and the complete works of Shakespeare (check) and a full-length practice skirt for the ladies.

One of the great experiences would be staying in their dorms in London. They might be a bit unsightly for all I know, but why would you care when you were acting all day anyway and either crashing in bed, exploring bloody London, or getting pissed with your over-sexed classmates anyway?

No? Yes? Is Australian theatre life different to the others around the world? Surely not ; ) Not that that's a priority of mine, I can be a really boring drunk depending on how I feel... and I certainly wouldn't want to waste over 3000 pounds on a hangover.

I really liked how simple the site was and I liked how it wasn't overflowing with possible classes. I love workshops and I love the complete devotion to certain fragments that build up the acting world, but mostly its overwhelming. "What do I choose!? What do I spend 500 dollars on!?!?"

Alright. That's one part of the United Kingdom Plan recorded for me to see one day in the future.

The Wobbly Cranberry Sauce and The Niggling Feeling In The Belly!


Greg said...

Don't wait until your visa runs out, or doesn't. Do something.. anything.. with your acting now. It doesn't need to be a lot, or take up loads of your time, but do something. You seem to need it.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Good luck! :) I'm sure you can grow and develop as an actor and achieve many things in the future, then we bloggers who follow this blog can go "we were there when she started out."

davidthecamel said...

That really is some shockingly expensive stuff. Think how many cuddly stuffed penguins you could buy for that kind of money.

Chris in the Studio said...

Buzz Words and bullet points:

Recovery, Forbearance, Fortitude, Strength, Force, Raw Power, Victory.

Dizzknee said...

It's great that you're thinking about these things earlier rather than later with regards to your VISA.

Now, of course I want for you whatever makes you happy and whatever you feel is the best use of your considerable talents. But having said that, I do believe that you belong in front of the camera. I've been saying that for years now, but I really believe it. Perhaps confidence is the only thing preventing you from furthering that goal. I don't really know.

So if that's a path you want to continue to explore with more acting classes, then I think that would be wonderful. I'm sure the more you learn, the more confidence you'll gain.

You see, film and television is a medium that I work in and am very, very passionate about. My thought is that if you were a part of it, this industry could do nothing but benefit from your amazing talent.

- Earle :)

mattjeh said...

The UK would be lucky to have you. If there is one thing I've learnt, you should always do your best to follow your dream, and, you lose your hair quicker than you thought you would. That last one probably doesn't apply to you so much.

Ever thought of visiting Wales?

jmarbas said...

"there are classes in speech, physical performance, sonnets, text, stage combat, period dance and clown."


I would like to take classes in clown, please.

well actually i could teach them.....By having a camera record my __LIFE__ =~(

Seriously though. Passion is good. Inspiration is good. Dreams are good. You know that James Bond song: "You only live twice. Once for yourself, and once for your dreams..This dream is for you, so pay the price.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice..."

Eventhough those classes seem kinda expensive we know you'll eventually find what youre looking for cause your pretty smart.

I have one question for you though: How did you know I was an oversexed classmate!!?? =//

JoMiMo555 said...

Hey, wow you have some really good ideas here. I am in absolutely no position to give advice, but I'm going to try to anyway.

And that is that no matter what, don't wait around for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy, and do it. Because everything else is all just background noise.

Simon said...

The RADA option sounds interesting. Combined with a bar tending job and trips around Europe, it could be a hell of a year.


davidlafool said...

I sometimes imagine you in a one-gal show where you run through a massive rambling comedic monologue, with many quirky changes in facial expressions and tones of voice. Sort of an extended version of how your vlogs go.

davidlafool said...

You express personality and connect with an audience so well, I think you'd be great like that. Happy days.