Thursday, 18 March 2010

10 Quotes Of The Last Decade

1. "Knock the fuck on, Jaci!!!" ~ Anna
During a touch football game during theatre rehearsal (wha?), Anna burst out with that. I found it hilarious and will continue to pipe it to her for as long as she lives. Yes, I plan on being that annoying.

2. "I feel bad..." ~ Me
Not that this is something I should try to remember, but I definitely spent good part of the last decade uttering those words. So much that Luke started to predict and mock me whenever I said it or looked like I was about to.

3. "Sorry..." ~ Me
Another word I said far too often. Sometimes instead of thank you's, I'd just say, sorry. I felt like such a bother for everyone. It started during Year 11 when I was faced with these talented and confident girls that I just didn't really gel with... mainly because I have trouble gelling. Everyone got annoyed at me at some point of the year for saying "Sorry" too much. "If you say, Sorry, one more time..."

4. "Best Summer Ever!" ~ Molly
Even when it wasn't Summer. If Molly liked something. It was Summer 2007/2008 all over again... at least, I think that's when she started saying it. I really don't know. I just find it funny.

5. "I love URL Life," ~ Molly and Natalie
During May 2008, we all experienced this strange life of not really working but just being at places for Internet stuff. It was easy, it allowed for a lot of fun times and it was very easy to enjoy.

6. "Have you seen the size of my Penis?" ~ Harry and somewhere else...
I believe this comes from somewhere else, but Harry and the boys would say it often... and I even wrote it on this postcard I'm sending to him when he gives me his UK address. I love it. Because I don't have a Penis.

7. Anything from The Simpsons
Molly thinks that I quote the Simpsons too much, and she's right. I grew up with the Simpsons, saw a lot of re-runs due to crazy Australian TV and our lack of getting new episodes quickly. It just seems sometimes that there is a Simpsons quote for every occasion, and I often remember what they are... Also, my guy friends from school were really big Simpsons nerd, and sometimes I thinking they are funny, is actually just them being really good at remembering quotes correctly and having good timing.

8. "Awesome" ~ Everyone, especially NerdFighters
Sometimes you can't really describe or comment on something better than saying, that was awesome. I try to stop saying it. I try to find a different word, because I abuse the word awesome, and often use it for things that were certainly not awe-inducing. It's been around for a long time, but it really seems to have reached its high point throughout the 2000s.

9. "You're doing it, Peter! You're doing it!" and anything else from Hook
I hear quotes from Hook in my head far too often... and its not even from the 2000s, but its something I said a lot.

10. Anything from any Disney or Childhood Cartoon..., "See you around, Zag!" from Ferngully... The Emperor's New Groove, or hey, throw in some Judd Apatow movies and That Crews's romantic comedies, "Slappa Tha Base!" and maybe some other TV shows... like, The O.C... "Cohen!" and ooh, and The Beach! Anything on my YouTube page also circled around my head a lot...

Also, a lot of these movies and films weren't from 2000, but nevertheless, they live on.

I wish I could remember some of the fun things my friends have said that I've wanted to remember from time to time... but that would take scouring through many a notebook, and I should probably save them for some other work sometime.

However, that is the fun thing about quotes. Unless you are the kind of person who memorizes a list to bring out when asked... Quotes just appear. Like a sensory memory to flow along with the right moment. Just try to quote things right. That's all that matters. I have failed and will fail on this many times, but do try.

The Dark Bedroom and The Ne'er Up Before Twelv'r.


Simon said...

"SeaWorld Yes!"

J.S said...

"Homer: But if I die during the operation, will you do one thing for me?
Marge: Ooh, anything sweetheart.
Homer: Blow up the hospital."

aaww, memories..

Dizzknee said...

Yeah, I think I quote The Simpsons and Seinfeld several times a day, every day. It's true that there probably is a quote from Simpsons that fits almost every situation. It's also great that so many people are big fans of both shows, so sometimes, just the quote is enough to bring that shared understanding of the quote and it's context.

I also use awesome way too much which kind of dilutes its meaning, and lately I have definitely tried to limit my usage of said word.

I also tend to quote the UK Office a lot, but that's only understandable to a select few in my life.

-Earle : )

Chris in the Studio said...

Quotes are a f#$%$@@% blast! :)

favs, for today

1: "Bitch Please" (snl, Candi)
2: "Don't get your knickers in a huff"(me)
3: "Fucking piece of Shit" (Caitlin,Tatiana)
4:"Fuck Censorship" (Jipsi)
5: "Don't feed the Trolls" (a lotta people)
6: "Your moms all up in my business" (LL cool J, )
7:"I have to be nice to people all the fucking time" (Caitlin)
8: "I'm not a nice person" (Caitlin)

Actually there are a # of quotes from your blogs and videos that I could mention here as memorably entertaining. It will be interesting to see the ones your remembered by. :)

Jaz said...

I definitely agree with number 7! (I grew up in Perth). I've noticed with Simpsons quotes, there seems to be an obscurity:hilarity ratio. If someone actually picks up on it
of course. I get a lot of blank looks.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Awesome! I decided that "awesome" was losing it's impact due to overuse so to prevent this I made up "awesowonderilliant" to only be used in uber-awesome situations to have some level of impact as it wasn't often used.

There is always a Simpsons quote. I saw them so often my mother has banned them from being mentioned at dinner time as she's sick of it. Every day out with friends can be improved with a "I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN!" or "Homer, there's no easy way to put this, but we're going to have to saw your arms off." "They'll grow back, right?" "Oh... yeah." "Whew."
Yay for constant repeats!

jmarbas said...

Homer to bart: "You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try."

If I had listened to Homer when i was younger, I wouldnt be in the mess that i am in now.

Caitlin: "Aside from us all establishing that Im a very evil person I think that weve all established that Im a HUGE slut too...."



dont be silly Caitlin =P you're not an evil person

Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin. I met you in San Francisco. I guess you don't remember me. Thought I'd say hi.

J.S said...

"@Anonymous" well it's pretty hard to remember someone when you´re "Anonymous" but I´m just saying..

ADB said...

Hehe, I quote allsorts of stuff that few people get :(

For example I am playing Command & Conquer 1 (Nintendo 64 version) again right now and I can totally quote some of the level intro's (Seth: "From god, to Kane, to Seth. I am his right hand..."). I can easily quote the intro to Tomb Raider 1 (the game) too, but I won't bother boring anyone with it.
Films are easy to quote, especially ones I have seen lot's of times - Robocop 1 & 2 spring to mind ("I'll buy that for a dollar!", "Bigger is back... the 6000SUX" (the car advert)), as does Ghostbusters 1, the Die Hard films, plus some Sci-Fi classics (Forbidden Planet (original version with Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis), War Of The Worlds and, of course, Star Wars (episode 4-6).

Heck, I'm starting to ramble. If none of this makes sense, it's because I'm writing this at 2:47am (UK time) and I'm dead tired. Why aren't I asleep? I had some work to get done ready for tomorrow. But I can hear my bed calling me, so I will go now.

I look forward to your next blog.

jmarbas said...

awwwww...I just joined your BlogTV broadcast and said "Hello" and then you...left!! hahahaha

was nice talking to you... =/