Thursday, 23 April 2009

Boom Goes The Rocket!

Well, hello! As you may have noticed around the Internets, for the past two days I've been helping out Rocketboom by dabbling as host of Rocketboom. Yeah, I know. Super scary huge shoes to fill.

I, like many of you, was shocked to hear that Joanne was leaving and was even more shocked when Andrew asked me if I would like to help.

Trust me, I suggested every one to fill that lone seat before me, but I do enjoy the show and think every one that works at the Rocketboom office is amazingly talented, clever and intelligent and do hope that some of that rubs off of me while I can still hang around.

The last thing I ever said to Joanne was while she was in between shooting interviews at ROFLThing. I was like, "Hey, it's professional Joanne!" and she was like, "Ha, professional Joanne? I kind of like that" and then I was like, "She spoke to me!" and ran away and cried into my screen-printed Joanne pillow.

And it was beautiful.

If I don't remain Rocketboom host, hopefully I'll still be able to talk about Space & Science every now and again. Honestly, when I read those stories and scripts I'm always gasping and am amazed at the discoveries. I wouldn't really get to learn about what was happening in those fields if it wasn't for Rocketboom and I did oh-so-love learning about Space in Primary School :P and deeply regretted opting out of Science in Year 10 at High School (when my favourite teacher left to be an artist, all my faith in learning about it died).

Some of the constructive criticism I already knew:
  • Enunciate each word - I've had that problem forever. Maybe I should see a speech coach or something. I'm fairly sure it has to do something with having a lazy Aussie-accent type mouth, but I know I can change that
  • Make over - I've never been a fan of make up (wore it all the time for concerts and dance competitions and theatre since I was 3 years old) or ever cared about my hair (use to just wear it in a bun for ballet all day), but if I keep getting Melissa Joan Hart comments I will have to either decide to care about it or kill myself. Honestly, there is no alternative road. Look different or die. I do NOT want to be MJH at all. It's such a terrible curse... Don't worry, even I can't tell if I'm joking or not.
  • Be yourself - I don't even know who that is. But I will try to develop my own flavour. But I'm pretty boring. I love to be dreadfully serious or a class-clown prat. Let's see if I can actually learn some grace, hmm?
  • Lose weight - I'm not sure if this is actually constructive. I am surprised by how many people think I am fat. It's quite shocking, actually, because it just goes to show you how the definition of fat has changed in people's mind over the years. I'll aim to be healthier and stronger anyway.
There were a lot of other suggestions, like growing up. I am 20 years old and am still hoping to continue aging so either way, eventually your wish will be fulfilled.

Tweet at us at rocketboom and thatgirlonline

And here are the episodes in case you did not see them or just want to watch them again because that map is just so bloody fabulous.

This is a really amazing opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things and myself, but don't forget that I'm still hard at work as the Chief Creative Officer at Hitviews - an amazing place that will guarantee you don't get forgotten as the online UGC world tries to become a 2nd Television.

Love, Caitlin.


Anonymous said...

Caitlin, you are exposing yourself to a new audience and they are doing the inevitable comparisons to your predecessors. Its human nature. I would take early criticism with a grain of salt. You're certainly not fat!

Jim said...

Yep, not fat. Move things around, though, so your head comes up to the arctic circle on the map as with your predecessors.

Remember how ST:TNG season 1 was lame in comparison to season 2, and so on until the end? (Oh, wait - that's before your time ;-) - but still, the first season was roughest.) You've had a great 2 shows thus far! I went back and watched some earlier shows from your predecessors and yep, it's good to have you on.

As for makeup, I think it's nearly mandatory on TV. Something about not being able to see the ordinary shadows around the eyes. Don't stress over it :-) And for Pete's sake, don't extend those eyelashes until they endanger the camera lens like Jennifer Love Hewett on Ghost Whisperer!

Chris in the Studio said...

My constructive points:
1)Breath before the wordy segments and slow it down a touch. Joanne used to talk very quickly and that does not have to be replicated. Analise the videos and take note of the tempo's your doing that really work and trash the quick segments that don't for your own style of delivery.
Joanne is gone, Caitlin is here. Keep it Caitlin.
2) Image and Style: Don't change who you are with your clothes, just
exagerate and animate it to be who you want to see yourself as with the help of a stylist. Not for every episode but just a one time visit perhaps that you can learn from. The same could go for make up. Hire an artist to come one time and consult. Video tape it so you know what to do and try different things until you find something that works for you and the show but keep it natural.
3)Sound: Levels, sometimes its not so much your diction as it is the level of a portion of phraze. I don't know what type of equipment they have but if they have eq and compression it will help on the mic input. The breathing will help also because you won't be pushing sporadic levels out and losing key consenants.
4)The lighting is better on the 2nd show but not perfect. Take the time to play with it until everyone is happy and remember what you did so you can quickly replicate it for each show.
5)Camera angle: Your head is to close to the top of the screen. There should be a little more space and angle it down toward you ever so slightly.
I understand that you want to get the button thingy in the shot but that is secondary. Do some close ups so you can whoo the rocket people with your eyes.
Last but not least: If your not having fun.....:) remember this is fun and your doing what you love. Enjoy it!
I could go on but you know what they say: to many drummers spoil the beat. Do they say that?
As for the fat comments, its not even worth noting. Ignore it. Its you tube.

Chris in the Studio said...

Sorry for these longwinded comments Caitlin but I was just lmao when thinking about makeup.

yeah baby, you I love the doom fairy.
he he he

Gabriel said...

Hello. I just know you from the Rocketboom videos and I think you're doing a great job so far.

It's got to be very difficult jumping into that after your predecessor left such a mark. Kudos on your cojones.

There will always be haters and no matter what you do there'll be criticism, so just do what you feel works and what you like.

I really do hope you stay as host.

Regarding MJH... yeah, a little bit, I'm afraid.

Looking forward to watching tons of videos of you as host and following your blog (oh, and twitter too).

glebd said...

Fat?! You've got to be kidding me. People don't know what they're talking about. You're good as you are, you have to like yourself. Don't worry about it, be healthy and everything will be fine. You're off to a good start!

JoMiMo555 said...

Hey, first of all congrats on the gig! I think I speak for many of us when I say you seem very natural at it! I hope you can stay around for a while.

As far as con crit goes, (sorry, as an actor I've heard that term far too often so I've decided to be "hip" and shorten it) if you are concerned with enunciation, I've always found it helpful to run through some of those old speech exercises. This website lists some that I use whenever I give a speech or performance:

And as far as the comments about losing weight, forget them. Don't pay them any mind at all. Kids will bully, and since there's no getting in trouble with it over online, that's where they vent the most often. And in this stupid culture we have constructed for ourselves, few comments have greater emotional resonance with women than "You're fat.".

You very much shine at the role, and no matter how long at lasts (fingers crossed it's awhile), then soak up as much as you can. It seems like it would be a great learning experience!

Keep on keeping on!

theJDman said...

I just found this Blog and want to make a good impression(and this question will certainly not do it), but what is all this about that Sabrina girl? Last I heard she was doing TV Movies with Joey Lawence(which by the way is one step away from VH1 reality shows). You look more like that girl from You Tube. I'd go on but I need to start shooting Fat People to help prevent global warming(was on the news earlier). Later...

monitor. said...

You're fine. I really enjoyed those last two posts so I was hoping for something permanent.

Brent said...

I, like many others, was completely surprised to see you take over the hosting duties on RocketBoom. There was a bit of speculation and talk about the very same thing in your BlogTV chatroom during the weekend, but it was dismissed as wishful thinking and a bit demanding on your already busy schedule. I checked out RocketBoom's blog on Saturday and noticed that the previous host, Joanne Colan, was leaving. I never thought that it would be YOU replacing her!

I have witnessed your previous hosting abilities before (FizzTV and Pop17) and I always found you to have a warm, natural & witty screen presence.

Andrew Baron made a very wise decision to bring you aboard and we are all very lucky to see you on camera again!

chez bez said...

Well, while I tend to lurk more often than comment on big blogs such as yours, the "fat" thing inspired me to come forward if only for a sec.

I'll just add to the chorus of the sane and say that you are beautiful and not at all fat. People are either jerks or just watch way too many skinny models and don't know normal. Lose whatever you want for yourself (I'm running to lose a few myself), but know that you're absolutely just fine as you are.

Rocketboom is such a cool thing. Congrats on the gig. You're quite awesome at it.

Chrisindarwin said...

Hi Caitlin, Don't change a thing it is refreshing to hear a very clean/neutral? sounding Aussie accent in this crazy world of the internets.

Adam said...

I always enjoy your videos scripted or not. You always seem so happy. I gotta say though before i start the comment in the second video "no one wanted to pay for a hole" made me think of the immortal quote.

"Dale dug a hole. Tell 'em Dale"

Also i can't believe you said you were boring! Whats up with that? You are seemingly the most excitable and happy person on the net.

You did a great job look forward to more in the future.

MntlWard said...

Hey Caitlin! Have you started dance class yet?

Anyway, what I noticed about your performance in the first vid:

Enunciating a *little* better might be a benefit if you're going to continue this kind of thing, but I understood everything you said.

You are not fat, and I don't know what losing weight would do to improve your work with rocketboom or any similar work.

MntlWard said...

Oh! I forgot to ask about the Melissa Joan Hart references.

So...what's *that* about?

Anarina said...

You did great! Seriously, it's awesome! Go Pluto!

james said...

Ahoy Ahoy,

I recently concluded 4 weeks of travel, and I see you have taken on another project. Discussions of space and science will definiely earn you bonus points in my book. Keep it up and you will be well on your way to earning a free latte or maybe keychain.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I loved the Rocketboom videos you posted! (: Very enjoyable.

flinty said...

Hey Caitlin, who says you are fat, heck you look skinny in the second rocketbottom video, eat girl :)
PS: u r pretty

Xarlaxas said...

Well, I'm a bit late to the commenting but I thought that I would add my two cents as well to help combat the pockets of resistance to your new position at Rocketboom!

Joanne had a very different style from you, which was good, very professional and all that, but the way you present Rocketboom is so wonderfully perky and enthusiastic it makes me want to give you a hug! So, keep it up, you're adorable. :)

I don't think you need to worry about make-up either, you're pretty!

Same thing with the fat comments: you really aren't fat at all, personally I think you're very attractive so you don't need to worry!

Hope to see you doing more Rocketboom soon!

TexSpence said...

Caitlin -
You know what THE problem is? You are now being paid to be funny. Because of this and the myriad other demands placed on an architect of future life (and really – what does that mean? – I’m over 40 so have lost touch with this new language your using) you stand a chance to of leaving behind all that brought you here. For reasons like those – and others - I have to go on get-aways to places that
1) do not know me (and for me that is easy - I don't have a super popular presence on the web)
2) where the only thing expected from me is what I expect from me; 3) where I can get out and scream at the top of my lungs without folks looking at me like I'm a loon. I've said it before, but have you checked out the NY outback? Go further up the Hudson and you will find some real beauty that runs at the earths pace - not the crazy - go for broke and do it balls to the wall pace that typifies some of the folks you now are surrounded by.
Above all - don't forget your friends. You have taken a ROCKETBOOM ride to the top and all for little ol' Caitlin from Brisbane. The folks you hang with now have been running at their pace for quite a while - don't let them drag you down - you can stay above the fray - just be yourself. You’re beautiful and funny - I'd hate to see all that disappear behind a 5th Avenue makeover that is as real as that restaurant at the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Peace out – You Aussie Beauty you.
A Fan - TexSpence

Anonymous said...

Caitlin... Phil Plait is all up in your grille! You better rep'esent!

Steven said...

I say NO to the make up, (your so cute without it), I say NO to loseing weight, (your so cute the way you are), and I say NO to changeing your accent, wow I love the way Aussies talk.

Leesa said...

Looks like you are getting your feet wet. Just learn all you can - you will improve with time.

You are creative and fast-witted, and it will shine through over time.

David K said...

Rocket Boom is how I found you on Viddler and I was fascinated...=P. so finally upon doing a little random research I found your other work.

Great Screen Presence. Good luck on finding your way in the entertainment world. Step 1: You are engaging to watch. Step 2: work on the skill set. Which is exactly what your doing so, Your Good.


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Well I don't think you're fat at all. So ner to the shallow randoms who are saying such terrible things. If there's one thing that I can't stand it's people complaining about their unfounded imaginary/delusional weight issues.

Australian accents rock. There's got to be a way of preserving them while being clearer.

jmarbas said...

omg. This is the FIRST time I am seeing these two clips and am laughing my sweet ASS OFF =D meh I think you did a great job. I think you are a natural in front of people...