Thursday, 28 May 2009


For the last couple of weeks I have been researching the art of creating habits and keeping them.

All the websites dedicated to organization say the same thing: start small to work to that something big and it all seems fairly simple. It just comes down to your own will power.

I know that I want to be more active, get more projects done, work towards those little goals that lie under the large umbrella that is my dreams, and write more. Write, write, write.

I'm so concerned with forgetting my memories that I start to get really depressed when I say to myself, 'You need rest, it's 2am, you can't write tonight.'

I also had to make a video for work today and I just looked awful. I had applied light makeup, brushed my hair and seemed fairly pleasant looking in the mirror, but the lens was picking up puffiness and lines and dark circles. With a turn of my head, I instantly saw myself at 40 years old and was horrified.

"What is happening to my face?" I asked out loud, in horror.

"Stress, tiredness," Jake replied simply.

Stress. Feeling tired. Well that seems fairly accurate. The last couple of weeks have been quite stressful, dramatic and uncomfortable. I wasn't able to get to sleep before 2am on most nights. And though for the past 2 days I've been getting out of bed around 7 and 8, I still haven't gotten to bed early enough.

Emma Watson, who I simply adore, goes to bed at 9pm when she is working. I would like to try this. I doubt I'll even be able to do it. If I did decide to try it, that would mean that I have less than 3 hours to get home, have dinner, do something creative and fulfilling (other than constantly loading tumbles) or just watch some content. That's nutso. NUTSO.

Oh lordy. Now it's 7pm! I got caught tumbling again. I'd have to go to bed in TWO HOURS! The sun will have barely set.

I will try to post something more enlightening each day from now. But I'm sure all who follow me know me well enough now, to rip out my promises and let the wind carry them away.

The Beaded Bracelet and the Fizzing Can of Sprite.


JoMiMo555 said...

9:00 P.M eh? I'm still in class at that time :P

I do wish you luck and wish I could offer some advice, but sadly I have pretty much the same problem. I average about 3 hours of sleep a night. It's very hard for me to find an off switch for my mind. If you manage to figure out a way to make it work let me know!

Greg said...

Caity Caity Caity... Going to bed at 9pm is silly and unrealistic for someone with your lifestyle and living arrangements... and you know it. Just try to get to sleep at a consistent time EVERY night before your workdays.. and wake up at a consistent time. Hopefully you'll get at least 6 hours of sleep that way, and you can catch up with some extra on the weekends. Also, try not to hurry in the morning - it will make you stressed and grumpy. Wake up early enough so that you're not rushing to get ready, and so that you can actually enjoy some coffee or tea, or even some breakfast.

Brent said...

I doubt very much that the lovely Miss Emma Watson could ably handle your very busy and demanding work schedule. A 9 PM bed schedule usually means that she would have to be ready and wide-awake for a 6 AM movie shoot.

You, on the other hand, is one of the driving forces behind Hitviews who brings their work home with them (not too difficult since it's the Internet). I'm pretty sure that Miss Watson would envy you.

Chris in the Studio said...

Stress is a Killer.
Restrain it with substance abuse.

I kid, I kid

Go ride a bike or something. :)

MntlWard said...

It isn't all that unusual to have less than three hours to do things between work and going to bed at a decent hour to get enough sleep for work the next day.

But if your day has to start between 7 and 8 AM, then a decent bed time could be as late as 11 PM to midnight, and you should get plenty of sleep.

By the way, when Emma Watson is working (maybe even when she's not), she has an assistant.

sdddlt said...

Changing sleeping patterns is just a matter of motivation. These days I'm not that excited about getting up early and going to work, so I stay up late most days - it's 1 AM right now. But not too long ago, I happily went to bed as early as 7 PM and woke up at 2 AM, just because I was properly motivated. Unfortunately the wind carried that away...

Anonymous said...

Your so cute, i felt the same at your age-young. I'm forty five now, in my second childhood-no lie.

I read IT in PASSAGES 2 a fun read with lots of great research, I like Suzie Bright and of course you've read Nancy Friday. Well maybe not because your a kid. But Suzie right? she's contemporary. These are all books that are people studies with stats. and all. So try to be happy,happy happy as you can and are today. As you will tomorrow when your forty and still one of the worlds most beautiful, vibrant women.

Gosh your cute, fun, kind, strong, charismatic, smart, beautiful etc.etc.

paul AKA swoon

Lupus said...

"3:03 Pm"

# I know how is like "OMG i can't sleep before 2AM!!! o_o"

# I like a lot Emma Watson, too. (:

# (Portuguese is my primary language, i'm stil learning English...)

I really think what go to bed at 21 for sleep, and wake up 6AM is a very good ideia, in so many points... (kinda hard to explain xD)

So, good luck with that! ;*

SRJ said...

Not sure if you saw this but you were in the UK National Press

Faz said...

where there is a will, there is a way

jmarbas said...

you are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. Dont forget that. I mean physically and emotionally and your personality as well. If that makes any sense. DONT let other people run your life. Be independent and live your life the way you think is best for you. I know this from experience. Take this from a tired 39 year old. Dont make the same mistakes as me!!! Cheers :) oh and btw youre living in fucknig new york ;) ofcourse your life is going to be crazy living it to please others....bwahahahah....DONT DO IT!!! im a littl tipsy...but not drunk

Claudie said...

Hey there, I also used to have trouble sleeping early. Take Melatonin a half a milligram sublingual (one that melts under the tongue). You should be able to find this at the vitamin section of any big store or order online. Another tip, cut out all caffeinated beverages and replace with decaffeinated green tea and decaffeinated coffee. If you're looking for health advice in general (nutritious food info vitamin info) go to drhoffman.c om. Taht's the doc I go to. He's a leading M.D. and is an expert in complemantary medicine.

Ted Paxton said...

From RB: "Both Caitlin and I both really want her on Rocketboom but, unfortunately, we have not been able to come to terms with her company, Hitviews. We went out of our way to try to work something out, even going as far as taking the show down for an entire week recently (an unprecedented move) and have gone without our staple news programming for the last two weeks in hopes of working out a deal."

Damn, what's the deal? You got a big head already?

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Who goes to bed at 9pm!? Going to bed at 9pm isn't needed nor necessarily good. Find a sleep pattern that works for you and doesn't involve being nocturnal. As cool as being nocturnal is you probably shouldn't try to do that. Only vampires and small furry animals should be nocturnal.

Good luck with making successful habits that allow you to do things! I personally need to get into the habit of studying for semester 2 exams more often, any good website suggestions?