Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Plane Thoughts: JFK to LAX to BNE*

*The following entry is from my iPhone Notepad. I would go into more detail about my trip to Australia, but I'd rather save it for my journal.


See you next time, City

  • This is the nicest Frequent Flyers Club I've seen in a while; apple juice and portobello mushrooms and roasted pepper wraps with shrimp curry sandwiches and apple juice.

  • Usually these "clubs" are just a "big toilet and musty armchair club", but the British Airways/One World club at JFK was finally worth that gold QANTAS frequent flyer card.


I like aisle seats, but I do love the view!

  • Song: Quasimodo's Dream by The Reels - Dad use to play this song a lot and when it came onto the earphones of the QANTAS radio I freaked out as all the childhood memories rushed forward to play behind my eyes.

  • Happy-Go-Lucky reminds me of my friend Emily. I admire those traits she possesses but also know that I am no where near as compassionate enough as this unusual lady is. I possess one of personality quirks they show in the film, and it was interesting to watch it and go, "I know that...oh, oh dear... I really shouldn't do that anymore." I wont tell you what it is.

  • Like the QANTAS HQ person said, there are many seats available on this flight, but she said there were none from LAX to BNE, so how in the world did the Gate Master (as I am calling him now) get me on this flight?

  • I don't mind sitting at the very back of the plane; more leg room... but there are far too many off-putting smells...and the nice girl sitting next to me (she really is nice) just spilt balsamic vinegar all over me and my new UNIQLO top.


Pacific Ocean Sunrise

  • Well, we all just made it. I love flying but a large part of the LAX airport sucks. And hey, look, a spare seat between me and a young girl; leg room!

  • Wait a minute... Someone at the ticketing office tried to squeeze over $1500 out for me for a "booked-out" flight but there are empty seats everywhere! There are even a few rows of four occupied by only one person... and look, that guy is lying down! Thank goodness the Gate Master let me on.

  • While watching Revolutionary Road (what a crime to watch films on a tiny square screen!) I was filled with hope instead of sadness**.

  • iPhones or anything with a Bitten Apple on it seem to be the fashion icon that cigarettes were then*** Just like one would constantly light up anywhere at anytime to take the edge off real life, we too light up our screens and thumb away at our day or plug up our ears instead of constantly facing the moment; the dullness of everyday life. Why do we try to speed up time? Shouldn't we be always trying to wind the clock back on anything and everything but our faces? See each second tick? Or is it easier to make things go faster when you feel like you are a part of the "hopeless emptiness" of life?

  • Song: Blue Note Trip by Various on In The Winelight.

  • What a beautiful descent into Australia. Often you hear the engines revving up and down as it the humongous aircraft tries to hit its mark so that all the passengers and crew do not perish upon landing, but this pilot was able to get it spot on. For miles we simply glided down towards the run way, we didn't tilt, we didn't shake... the air was so still and calm and it was the most marvelous landing I have ever been a part of. I wanted to clap to congratulate the pilot. If anyone else wanted to do the same thing or realized the amazing achievement he had just pulled off, they didn't show it.

Thanks, QF108!



"Christ! $16.40!? For a single!?"
"It's gotten worse..."
"Excuse me?" I could tell the train station attendant was pissed at my muffled comment.
"The fair gets worse every time I come back,"
"Hm. Oh." She said shortly in a high pitched voice that I could tell translated into: Fuck. You.


I didn't mean any offense, it just made me nostalgic for the days when they use to boast about the fair only being $9. $13 if you were traveling from Beenleigh.

"From the city to the airport
In 20 minutes flat,
From the city to the airport
For 9 bucks max!
Air Train, woo woo!"

Oh, those were days.

The weather here feels like... nothing. In New York it's always some kind of weather; something to talk about it. It's either a hot bath or very cold. I wouldn't mind the cold if it were not for the winds... This weather this morning simply feels like...nothing; very little breeze, little humidity; it's 7:30am in the morning.

There is a little sweat condensed on my back, but mainly from wearing too many layers and carrying heavy bags. I kind of like the feeling though. It's making my bra itch a little bit, but it reminds me of school or something; that comfortable discomfort.

At one point, while writing this down, I suddenly felt pressed down. As if my body knew, which I'm sure it did, that it was no longer flying.

The platform moved slightly as the train approached.

From then on, the trip was a whirlwind and I knew I wouldn't breath until I returned to New York City... which is a pity, because the air isn't always exactly pleasant...


I can't believe I actually typed all this into my iPhone. What silly, unnecessary thoughts. This is what happens when you fly alone. Which makes me wonder what it would be like to simply travel alone and put all your comments and thoughts into a tape recorder... I wonder if I could ever be bold enough to do that?
I don't know... Sounds like a prelude to Krapp, 39 to me.

**The sadness came later and is lasting.
***I'm referring to the time period in which the movie is set, 1950-something, and wow, Caitlin! What an unoriginal, uninspired thought!


David said...
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Simon said...

Isn't it amazing that we can fly anywhere in the world in 24 hours in comfort?!

I have to fly a fair bit but I will never take it for granted - however I will reserve my right to bitch about cramped seats!

Thanks for the pictures - Simon

Anonymous said...

I wish I traveled as much as you do Caitlin, especially with OZ and NYC being the places you travel between.

Comforting discomfort, I've felt that every time I was on the train from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to my city Groningen. It's a 3-4 hour train ride but without any connections so I can just sit with my iPod on and stare out of the window enjoying the view of The Netherlands where everyone is still asleep missing the beautiful sunrise (5:30 AM) up till when everyone's cranky cause they're late for whatever they're late for (9:30 AM).

As tired as I am during those hours, struggling to digest what I've seen on my travels with every musical genre imaginable in my ears, I enjoy that part of traveling. Maybe _because_ I'm alone and nobody has the faintest idea that all that's written above is in my mind.

thatgirlonline said...


I do agree that the digital world has made certain people fairly lazy and that nothing is more greater and satisfying than real film, books and putting pen to paper. Instant-gratification is no good at all. But I do not think you should assume that everyone who has an iPhone is not intelligent. Technology does not affect your intelligence immediately and does not have to effect it at all. It all depends on the person who uses it and how much they give their lives to it.

I already gave to much of my life to technology, and apart from certain pleasure, like blogging, photo sharing and the amazingly creative people that post their art online, I do not intend to give much of more it. I want my life. I want my pen and paper and my book.

stellacat said...

Everytime I've been on an international flight, we've clapped at the landing, no matter how smooth or rocky it is. I've only been like four or five times in my life to Italy from America...but yeah...every time. We clap...and holler for happiness at being back on the ground.

JoMiMo555 said...

I travel alone a lot, and while there is that initial twinge of discomfort of solitude, I've come to embrace it. What better time is there to be the REAL you? You're able to think your own thoughts, and be your own person however briefly.

And then the plane lands, and we must put our masks back on. But there's always the next trip:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Caitlin, you make me want to go back to Australia so bad. Reading your adventure and seeing the photos (and the outrageous price for the train) reminds me how wonderful Australia was when I went there last July.

I'm truly am jealous that I'm not an Australian

Brent said...

I, too, travel a lot... by foot. To the store, work and back home again. It's an ancient form of transportation that is eco-friendly and economically smart. It will never go out of style!

It's an absolute treat to live vicariously through your eyes and to experience the places you visit and live. I thought with the week-long draught of 'No Caitlin' postings on the Net, that you decided to leave all of your e-gadgets at home, but I was wrong. That is good too; for now we can read & view your thoughts and pics of home and abroad.

Two blog postings today and it's not even Christmas!

Adam said...

The insight you have into the smallest things makes me wait and hold my breath for the day you write a book because i will be the first one in line to bye it. I imagine it would be a scary task to undertake and possibly take such a long time. I do however imagine that writing is the place you will find your soul.

The way you talk writing is the way my grandmother talks about my late grandfather. Not physically there but the memories are real enough to keep that warm smile of hers. The bonus for you is that if you just reach out you can grab it and bring it back to life.

Can i also say that one day out of sheer coincidence i am positive that i will bump into you when you are in Australia.

mikehedge said...

wow totally loved this blog!!! Cait !!!! we should shoot a film that you write (and act in)

you are a really talented writer.

<3 Mike